11 Best Free and Open source NAS or SAN software


NAS aka Network Attached storage devices helps to overcome storage problems and gives your data a centralized place. A place where people can access and share data 24×7 through the network.  There are lots of companies that offer Software + Hardware NAS boxes which are basically out-of-box NAS solutions, for example, Qnap and Synology are … Read more

11 Best Open source IoT Platforms To Develop Smart Projects

Best Top Open source IoT Platforms To Develop the IOT Projects

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of technology that helps Artificial intelligence (AI) to control and understand things in a much better way. We have gathered some best-known IoT platforms that help you to develop IoT projects in a controlled way. What do you mean by IoT platforms? The IoT platforms are suites … Read more

7 Free and Best Open source VPN Server Software

Free and Best Open source VPN Server Software

The open-source VPN server software is a part of the network to provide a virtual private network that uses tunneling protocol over the internet from a secure communication channel between clients and servers.  The VPN servers provide the capability to a company or a person to use public infrastructure at a lower cost than private … Read more

Top 10 Free Open Source Blogging Platforms or CMS in 2023

Best Open source CMS for Blogging Self Hosted min

Let’s start with a simple definition of a Content management system (CMS). The software either in free, open source, or paid category allows users to write and publish their digital content is known as CMS. Such platforms not only support text but also images and videos to make content more attractive and informative. There are … Read more

6 Best Open source Personal Cloud Software to Setup Cloud storage

Open source Free cloud storage software

The huge content creation of images, videos, documents, and other files from different digital devices increases the demand for storage devices and cloud services. But a storage device without any remote connectivity is less valuable as compared to a cloud storage device. There are lots of commercial cloud storage options available with free space such … Read more

11 Best Free & Open source Video Editing Software for 2023

BEst Open soruce video editing software 2023

Video editing software is the most important in any film or video making that’s why all extreme professional video editing software is too much expensive for a person. But if you are an amateur video maker or just want a video editor that can give you some capabilities exactly like professional video editor Software; then … Read more

7 Best Free & Open Source Status Page Tools for Businesses

Best free and open source Status page for businesses

Check out the list of best self-hosted & services Status Page tools in the free and open source software categories to monitor the downtime of vital resources.  Status page tools are a modern way to keep our customers updated about the status of our services and incidents. In today’s world Status page service in business … Read more

Top 10 Digital signage software free & open source in 2021

Best free digital signage software min

If you want to save some money while setting up Digital signage displays, then here are some best free and open-source Digital signage software solutions to install on Windows and other platforms. Digital Signage is a term used for showing digital media such as advertisements and information on digital screens such as TV, kiosk, Tablets, … Read more

4 Top GUI Framework for Python (free and open source)

Top free and open source Python GUI Framework

As an application developer whether computer-based or phone-based it is very much important to know the different kinds of frameworks on which these applications can be built. Also, it is necessary to know multiple programming languages so that even if one fails in developing an app in one language then he/she can opt for the … Read more

9 Top Clinic management software in free & open source (2022)

Chikitsa Patient & clinic Management System min

During the deadly COVID-19 pandemic period, Clinics and hospitals proved the boons. But because of a surge in cases due to an increase in the number of coronavirus patients, governments have ordered to test rapidly, which has put immense pressure on them. In such scenarios, free clinic or hospital management (HMS) software can be a … Read more

Why Should You Contribute to Open Source Projects? 6 Reasons

Why Should You Contribute to Open Source Projects min

If you are a software developer and still thinking about whether you should contribute to Open Source Software Projects or not, and what are the benefits there for you then this article is mainly for you. Even if you are still a student, and learning programming languages, then also you should consider contributing to Open … Read more

8 Top Free and Open source Desktop GIS mapping software

Grass GIS open source software

What is open source GIS Software? Well, in the term “Open source GIS Software”, opensource refers to a program that is available to use free of cost; along with source code that one can modify either to improve the existing project or creating a new one under GPL. Whereas GIS means Geographical Information Systems, in terms … Read more