10 Alternatives To Commercial Nail Polish Removers

Removing nail polish is quite easy and an effortless task that doesn’t need to face someone much hassle. With the right nail polish remover, you can easily remove that old coat of your nail polish in a risk-free, affordable and in an easy way. If your nail polish remover has got finish you can also try other alternatives at your home which will prepare your nails for the next colour.

Nail polish remover is basically a powerful solvent that easily removes the nail paints from your nails, surrounding skin and cuticles. The main ingredient in a nail polish remover is acetone and so you can easily and effectively remove your nail polish by applying a few drops of acetone in your nails. But Acetone causes much damage to your nails so if you can substitute your acetone base nail remover with some other alternatives that can give you healthier and stronger nails.

So from the next time onwards when your nail polish remover gets finished you don’t need to panic anymore. Some of the healthy alternatives of nail polish remover are given below that does not need much hassle and you can effortlessly remove your nail paint from your nails.

Here are some healthy alternatives for commercial Nail Polish removers:


To remove your nail polish in a risk-free way you simply need a little quantity of toothpaste. Just apply a small drop of it on your nails and start scrubbing it with an old toothbrush.

Toothpaste works amazingly to clear your nails without causing any damage to your nails because they lift and pull the colour from your nails very easily. Applying this method is not only safe and easy but also gives your nail an extra Shine and also minty fresh smell.

toothpaste as commercial nail polish remover alternativew

You just need to soak your nails in liquid water for some minutes and when the nails become soft, then scrubbing your nails will become much easier. Now take a toothbrush with some toothpaste in it and then brush it on your nails like you brush your teeth.

You must make sure that you Scrub your nails until it forms are nice foam. When you are done with scrubbing just wash your hands with soap and warm water to wash off the toothpaste and then you will get clean and fresh hands.

Nail Polish

One of the quickest and hassle-free ways of removing your nail paint is by using nail polish on top of your previous colour though it is also like painting your nails once more. You simply need to apply a fresh coat of your new nail polish above that previous colour which you want to remove from your nails.

This method will make your nails soft and the two colours get melded together. After applying another coat you need to wipe off your nails with a clean cotton ball or pad and then the previous layer will come out naturally when you remove the top layer of your nail polish.

Nail Polish remover alternatives

You can simply do it with clear nail polish by applying a basic top coat and then it will work effectively to remove nail polish of any colour. You simply need to make sure that you wipe off that nail polish before it gets dries up or you can also avoid fast drying nail colours. If that doesn’t work you can add one more extra layer to the previous one so that it gets removed very easily. You need to use fresh and new nail polish for trying this method and to get effective results.

Hair Spray

Acetone effortlessly removes nail polish very effectively and this is the reason it is the primary ingredient in most of the nail polish remover. If you are curious to know how it works you can find many household items that can remove your nail polish without using a nail polish remover.

You can easily use any household product that contains sufficient alcohol will help in removing your nail polish because it actually functions as a solvent for removing nail polish by dissolving the nail colour and the ingredients that are present in the Nail Polish.

Hair Spray as  Alternatives Nail Polish Removers

This method will make it very easy to rub your nails off that previous colour if you are running out of a nail polish remover in your house. You can even check the list of ingredients that are there in hair spray bottles. since most of the hair spray bottles contain alcohol and so they can easily dissolve your nail polish without much applying effort.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol on your nails can clean your nails from nail polish because it is concentrated alcohol and so it also works as a solvent. This is what one searches in a nail polish remover while removing their nail polish without using any commercial remover. Since rubbing alcohol is a natural substance so it doesn’t contain any harsh Chemicals like the commercial nail polish removers.

Rubbing Alcohol to remove nail polish as alternative

If anyone suffers from any nail infections then rubbing alcohol on that part will give them relief because it is antibacterial. Though Acetate and Acetone work as a very effective solvent and so rubbing alcohol and any other alcoholic products will also become suffice with some little extra effort. To get effective results you need to soak your nails in lukewarm water for a few minutes and then using a cotton ball or cotton pad wipe off the alcohol to remove your nail polish.

Lemon And Vinegar

If you want to avoid any commercial nail removers because of its harshness, you can switch over to natural methods like using a mixture of lemon and vinegar to remove your nail polish. The acidity of the citrus fruit and vinegar works as a natural solvent in substitute for the alcohol that is used in most of the commercial nail enamels.

You just need to make juice out of a lemon or even a half and then mix its juice with the vinegar in a container. The proportion in which it is mixed does not matter because you are not going to have it or anything.

Lemon And Vinegar Alternatives Nail Polish Removers

Just take a bit of each and then mix them together nicely in a cup or any bowl. After mixing it you need to take a cotton ball and then try to rub your nails with it for removing your nail polish. If you are really struggling to remove your nail polish because of its stubbornness then you can soak your hands and fingers in lukewarm water to make your nails soft and it also gets dissolves very quickly.

The Flosser Method

It is quite surprising that you can remove your nail polish by using a fancy flosser stick. Though nail wraps are an amazing way to get beautiful nails, one has to face many problems while removing it and can also put your nails at a greater risk of getting scratched and damage.

Instead of facing so much of problem using a nail wrap and causing pain to your nails you can use a flosser for a safe process. The taut floss works perfectly to get under those nail toppers and can remove them very easily and the relative softness of that floss also keeps your nails protected from any damage and stretches.

The Soaking Method

Removing your nail polish without using a nail polish remover is very easy. All you need is just a bowl or a cup containing warm water and a clean dry cloth. You have to fill that container with some water so that you can soak your fingers in it for some time.  After soaking your nails in that hot water for at least 20 minutes or more, then if you find your nail polish is hard to remove can try scrubbing nails with a brush or a clean cloth.

You should remove the nail polish after it becomes soft. After soaking your nails in warm water and removing your nail polish you need to clean your hands with a towel and then apply any moisturizer or any nail oil to your nails to make your nails soft and Shiny. After removing your previous colour you can apply any other colour according to your wish.

The Forethought Method

This is another risk-free and easy substitute for removing your nail polish. Though you cannot apply this method for any kind of styles or nail polishes. For trying this unique method you need to paint your nails first with white glue of a single coat. When the glue gets dry, then you can apply your glitter polish.

When you get ready to remove your glitter polish after that you can also remove that bottom layer glue easily and the top coat glitter polish will also get removed along with it. You can easily peel off that glitter nail polish whenever you want. It is a very risk-free and quick option to remove your nail polish without using any commercial nail polish remover.


Since most of the perfumes smell so good that they really don’t come to our mind as a substitute to nail polish remover and most of them are containing alcohol. Using any perfume is one of the most hassle free and easy way to remove your nail paint without using any commercial nail remover. They are also wonderful as an alternative to commercial acetone-based nail polish remover because they are containing alcohol.

To get the best results by using perfume on your nails you need to soak your nails in lukewarm water for sometime and then directly spray some perfume on your nails. You must do it from close proximity so that it can coat your nails instead of getting vanished into the air. .After spraying the perfume on your nails, you can then wipe off your nail polish with a clean cotton cloth. Then you can apply a moisturizer or some oil to your nails to make it soft and shiny.

Hydrogen Peroxide And Hot Water

Since hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic so it is great for removing your nail polish very quickly. It is also one of those products that are used very often and you can easily find it somewhere stored in your house. Since oxygen is released naturally by this product so it helps in removing the product. Before using this product you need to dilute it with water because it is very strong.

To make a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water you need hydrogen peroxide, lukewarm water, nail file and a bowl or a cup. Now you can mix one part of hot water with two parts of hydrogen peroxide for making this solution. When the solution is ready you can soak your nails in this solution for a few minutes and then wipe off the polish with a clean cotton cloth. You can also use a nail file to rub off any nail polish that is remaining after wiping off your nail polish.

Given above are many alternative ways by applying which you can remove your nail polish very easily and in a harmless and risk-free way. So you can avoid those Acetone-based nail polish remover for this natural homemade tricks which are also safe and affordable to use.


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