10 Best and popular replacement to Craigslist Website in India

Craigslist is a very popular website that has a lot of services to offer. No doubt that most people use it, but it also has its own set of cons. Let me discuss some of them with you, some of the users have complained that they have been cheated on this platform while buying or selling small to big things, for instance – different items have been delivered, price finalized in the mail is not considered, and so on. And some of the items listed on this site for sale disappear after some time, so you have to be quick in buying them too. The jobs portal is also not that much clean, as some of the fraud people are also running their fake profile and portraying themselves as employers, as reported by some of the job-seekers who searched from this site. So, one must be very careful before finalizing anything and should make a careful inspection of the same. Now, all these things have led to the rise of an alternative article, therefore, without any further delay, let me start the show.


Best Craigslist alternative sites  for you all:


It is a popular and famous site to replace Craiglist and most of you might have heard about it before. It is one of the best e-commerce sites and you can consider it to be your alternative website. The alternative is quite simple and you will get familiar with it after a few days usage. You simply need to register yourself and then begin your quest. You can either buy any item from it or put your own item for sale. The entire process is clean and easy. You need to take some pictures of your product and then write some description of the same and then put it on for a sale, and yes, do not forget to mention the price for which you want to sell your item. Unlike its rival, the deals here are clean, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Link: ebay.com



The interface of this site is simple and sure to grab your attention. Being a Craigslist counterpart, it comes with a lot of services and options for you. If you want to search for jobs, then it can help you out in this regard. Accounting, Construction, Education, IT, Labour, Legal, etc are some of the types of jobs that it has to offer. Furthermore, it also has a lot of more services for you, ranging from – Services (Household), Dating, Pets, Rent, etc. And yes, you can also buy and put your items for sale on this very platform.

Link: classifiedads.com 


Ads Globe

This is rather an online newspaper dedicated to ads, but you can get your job done here. Let me explain to you how, it comes packed with a lot of ads, ranging from – Jobs, Rent, Buying, Selling, and much more. So, you can easily get what you want from it. In case, if you want to sell or offer any service, then you can simply post your own ad on this very site, and afterward, all the potential customers will approach you. When it comes to the interface, it is not at all hard, rather it is friendly and simple.

Link: adsglobe.com/india



Hoobly comes packed with a lot of stuff for you all to enjoy. You can buy a wide range of clothes for men, women, children. You can also buy electronics items and gadgets from it. This Craigslist alternative website list contains items of household importance, then again this site will not let you down. Jewelry, Musical items, vehicles, and much more are just waiting to welcome you. Moreover, it also has the option with which you can purchase pets, it is a moment of bliss for all the animal lovers out there. You can also search for some of the potential jobs for you, including – Education, Healthcare, Babysitters, and so on. Last but not least, you can even post your own ad if you have something to sell, or some service to offer.

Link: hoobly.com



First of all, let me clear it out that it is restricted only in the US, so if you happen to be a citizen of America, then this site can be of great help to you. You can either search and buy products or services or you can post your own ad for anything that you have to offer to America. It comes backed with a lot of categories, including – vehicles, jobs portal, numerous services options, and so on. One of the most astonishing features about this site is that this site claims that once the deal is finalized between the buyer and seller, then further meeting of seller and buyer takes place in a local police station, making it more and more secure.

Link: Geebo.com



One of the most amazing things about this Craigslist replacement site is that it has its presence in a number of countries, which include – USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Korea, Portugal, and Kuwait. Furthermore, you can also view the cities, states, and specific areas of all the above-mentioned countries where this site is active and if you are also living in one of those areas then you can utilize it to the best. You can buy all the items listed on this site, and also put on sale all the products or services that you have to offer.

Link: Bookoo.com



This app is quite popular and needs no introduction, as it is used a lot and senior Bachchan keeps on urging us to use it. This site has a lot to offer to you, let us figure it out. The interface is simple and attractive and you will definitely like it. You can search for jobs, and the process is clean and real, but do remain careful. You can also buy a lot of items and services from it and also search for some of the most sought out things, like – restaurants, gyms, doctors, and much more. And if you own a small too big business which produces goods or offers services then you can also tie-up with this site and list your brand in it.

Link: Justdial.com



One more popular and amazing site in our article, let us check it out. You can buy a lot of things from this site, and it comes loaded with a lot of stuff for you. Cars, Mobiles, Real Estate, Jobs, Bikes, Electronics, Furniture, Clothes and accessories, Books, Sports, Health and Fitness, Pets are the products and services that it has to offer to you. There is also a wide range of other services that you can get here. You can view all the products before and go through all the details of the same before finalizing your choice. Furthermore, you can also put your own ad if you have any product or service to offer, and afterward, customers will be getting in touch with you.

Link: Olx.in



The favorite e-commerce app of masses is here. It will give you one of the best buying and selling experiences here. You can buy from a wide range of products of numerous categories and yes, you are almost sure to get anything that you want to buy from here, as it has got a huge collection of many products. After all, Jeff Bezos is the richest person on Earth not just for any small reason. When it comes to selling, you simply need to create your account with Amazon, and after that add all the products along with the images, description, price tag, and then start selling. Furthermore, you need not worry about shipping and all, as Amazon will handle all that, you only;y need to relax in your home and sell your products and make dollars.

Link: Amazon.in



It is also one of the most used and trusted e-commerce apps for many people. Again, it is one of the best platforms to buy or sell items. First of all, if you happen to be a buyer, then you can buy almost everything from it, and yes it has a plethora of products to offer to you, so you are most probably going to find what you want from it. For all the sellers out there, you simply need to create your profile on this site, which displays after you click on the option of ‘Sell on Flipkart’. After you are done with your profile, you can simply start listing all your products with proper credentials, and then all the interested customers will get in touch with you, and you can make your dollars.



Thus, these are the ten best and popular alternatives to the Craigslist website and you can look forward to them. I hope that as of now you might have finalized your perfect and best alternative, so now without any second thought head to your favorite site and start selling or buying or any other thing that you wish to do.

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