12 Best Alternatives to popular Chinese Apps for India

Lately, we have seen the demand of having products and software that are not Chinese. So, if you are looking for alternatives to some of the most used and popular Chinese apps this article is for you. Here, we have included only some of the most used Chinese applications and their counterpart alternatives. 

Call of Duty Mobile

Alternative to – PUBG

Call of Duty Mobile alternative to PUBG min

No doubt that PUBG has emerged as one of the best games ever since it was launched, and it was even successful in addicting many people. But, COD has also given it a very tough competition and gained almost equal popularity in very little time. In fact, COD offers a better battle royale experience compared to its rival. The hundred player battle royale is far better than that of PUBG and most of the gamers have also given their nod for the same. Not only battle royale, but COD also has a lot of other exciting things in store for you. You can get involved ina five versus five deadly combats, one on one sniper battles.

Furthermore, it also has many other cool features which are surely going to attract you a lot. But, yes, it is a big game, almost 2.5 GB of free space must be there in your gadget. When it comes to in-app purchases, they range from 10 to 7900 rupees. Therefore, you can simply uninstall PUBG, and grab this beauty.

Files By Google: Clean up space on  your phone

Alternative to – ShareIt and Xender

Google file cleaner app min

Do you want to uninstall Xender and ShareIt, but are in search of a potential alternative, then your search ends here, get this monster from Google right now. Whenever you want to transfer or receive any type of files among your gang, then the only thing that is required is that both the gadgets must have this app installed in them. You can share all your photos, music files, videos, professional stuff, entertainment things, and so on through it in no time. One of the most amazing facts about this monster is that the rate of transfer here is much faster as compared to its counterparts. So, what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, you can also clean up your space, as this app frequently suggests you regarding the same by removing duplicate files, no longer used stuff, and much more. Moreover, you can also backup your data to the cloud and transfer and receive files without the need for the internet. Overall, it is a better option than both of its Chinese rivals, and you can remove those apps and download them right now. Last but not least, it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.


Alternative to – TikTok

Mitron India's best TikTok alternative

TikTok is one of the most controversial apps out there, and it has got more than our usual reasons to be uninstalled and even banned. Now, let us come to our point, Mitron has got somewhat similar interface just like TikTok, and you are surely going to find it user friendly. Moreover, the features and characteristics offered by it are also at par with its rival. You can do everything that you did or do on TikTok right here in Mitron.

It offers you the platforms where one can showcase skills and talent in front of the virtual world. Yes, it is not as popular as TikTok and yet the content needs to proliferate, but do remember, if  TikTok from India shifts straight away into this app, then it will have no parallel. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, they will cost you zero rupees, it has got no in-app purchases.

Share ChatMade in Inda

Alternative to – Helo

share chat alterantive to helo app min

This 26 MB small size app is here to blow your mind and yes, you can just kick out the Helo app from your device and download it. First of all, it supports multiple regional languages also along with English, so you are almost sure to find your local or mother tongue here. You can join many of the groups available here, ranging from – love, fun, spoken English, study-related, etc. Furthermore, you can also make many new friends here, and even chat with them.

You can download many short videos for your WhatsApp or Instagram status, or for many other purposes. You are also sure to find many quotes and news on numerous topics, including – Astrology, Entertainment, Fashion, Health, etc. In short, you can do all those things that you did in the Helo app plus much more stuff, isn’t that cool? yes, it is. One of the most astonishing features of this app is that it has got no in-app purchases and is completely free.

Google Chrome

Alternative to – UC Browser

Google Chrome US browser alternative min

I know that most of you might be using UC Browser because of its speed and some other personal reasons, but do remember that it is also a Chinese app. So, any alternative for the same? Well, yes, we do have one of the most favorite and most downloaded web browsers or Chrome. One of the main reasons for switching to the same is that it is one of the most user-friendly apps because we have used it so many times that it has just become a part of our life. If your internet happens to be slow, then you can turn on the data saving mode, and save more than fifty percent of your data and browse also.

Furthermore, you can also download and save most of the web pages, videos, images, files, etc and view them later offline. All your favorite and most searched web pages are just a click away in this very app. You can rely on the smart assistant and go completely hands-free to get your job done. It also comes packed with a lot of other exciting sets of characteristics for you. Hey, did I forgot to mention that it has got no in-app purchases and is free and free?

Norton App Lock

An alternative to – App Lock

Norton App Lock min

This tiny 3 MB size app is here to protect your privacy from the outside world. You can rely on this app for the security of your smart device. I know that our phones and tablets contain a lot of crucial information regarding us, ranging from – personal pictures, bank PIN and passwords, important and confidential files and data, and so on.

So, it is very important to keep your phone safe all the time. You can simply add PIN, password, or pattern to any of the apps present in your smartphone or tablets. In this way, most of the bad guys would not be able to steal or view your private stuff even if your phone gets into their hands. You can set the same security PIN or the different one in multiple apps to protect them. When it comes to in-app purchases, they are not present here and it is absolutely free.

Google News: World and local news

Alternative to – UC News

Google News min

Why use the Chinese news app when you get one such app from Google itself? If you still happen to be using that UC News, then you can get rid of the same, and grab this beauty. This app boasts your day by delivering a punch of news right into your face as soon as you get up. The interface is also very user friendly and it may even keep you glued to it. It arranges all the news in a proper pattern and then you can see the details of each and every news by just a single click.

It covers news from almost all the fields, ranging from – Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Local, National, International; and so on. You can also access tons of your favorite magazines and all the headlines will be right at the front page for you. Let me shock you with the fact that it has got no in-app purchases and is completely free.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Alternative to – CamScanner

Adobe Scan min

I know that Camscanner is one of the most used apps, so here is the alternative for the same. This app will help you a lot when it comes to all your professional staff. With the help of this app, you can convert most of the formats into PDF format. You can scan almost all the formats, and then this app will convert them into the format of  PDF after receiving your commands.

You can also do a lot of stuff after converting the files, you can rotate them, resize them, crop them, etc. This 29 MB size app will impress you a lot, and you b can do almost all the things that you did in CamScanner, and it also has some of its distinct features. The in-app purchases will make you poor by 820 rupees.

B612Beauty and Filter Camera  

Alternative to – Beauty Plus

B617 min

Are you a social media person? If yes, then this app is surely going to fascinate you. And yes, you can consider it to be one of the most potent and somewhat better alternatives to its rival. You can take numerous selfie videos and add various beauty effects and superb filters to the same. Furthermore, it comes packed with over 1500 stickers, and you can make the best use of all of them. You can also adjust the brightness and other features. You can improve the color and tone of your skin and also alter the color of your skin.

Moreover, you can change the shape of your face and also employ many of the available beauty effects. Not only this, but you can also add themes, and music in the background, and a lot more. Overall, this 86 MB size app comes with a lot of essential stuff for you. If in-app purchases are bothering you, then let me tell you that they are negligible, and it is absolutely free.

Amazon and Flipkart

An alternative to – Shein, and Club Factory

You can get rid of both the apps, namely – Shein and Club Factory, and get Amazon and Flipkart immediately. Let me highlight the unique characteristics of these apps:


It is one of the most used online stores. You can browse and order almost each and everything you want. It has got everything from electronics, grocery, household items, and much more. You can order your favorite smartphone or tablet right from your house and you are almost sure to find your favorite brand as it contains almost all the brands and models of smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Apart from this, it also offers discounts and offers from time to time and also gives bumper discounts on special occasions like – festivals, or sale. So, you can get all your favorite stuff with a simple click and that too from your home. Moreover, it also supports multiple payment options, like – Net banking, debit cards, cash on delivery, and so on. This 29 MB size app has got no in-app purchases and is fully free.


This app is available in multiple languages, so do not get surprised if you found your mother tongue in it. It also comes backed with a lot of items in it, and you will be amazed by the powerful and strong stuff that it comes loaded with. You can order smartphones, clothes, shoes, laptops, TVs, groceries, and other household items.

In this very app, you are eligible to get discounts and offers on a frequent basis and it will cost you somewhat less than going and buying from outside, so, what can be better than this? You can also make payment of your products in the mode of your choice, it can be – Cash on delivery, net banking, credit cards, debit cards, and much more. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they are of zero rupees.


Thus, these are the eleven most popular Chinese apps and their best alternatives. If you happen to be using any one or multiple of these Chinese apps, then the time to uninstall them is now. You just need to get rid of all those Chinese apps and install their alternatives, which are even better than them to a good extent. Therefore, it was all for this article, and I hope that this article was useful for you all, thanks for your precious time and feel free to comment.

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