13 Good Nintendo Switch Dock Alternaitve options

Many of us are fond of using cute little, portable, and mainly easy-to-use gadgets and accessories. Not to forget, the challenging part is finding the perfect match for your devices with all the little details is its durability and maintenance cost. When choosing such handy products,  Nintendo Switches are favorites. Nintendo is a  multinational consumer electronics company known for its good video game gadgets production to make consumers’ experience easier and serve its best switch accessories.

Finding the most suitable switch replacement dock is a bit tricky. What consumes more time in selecting the appropriate switch dock is its compatibility with the console, working without causing any damage to the console. Bringing ease to your challenging task, fortunately, we have these top products by Nintendo switch replacement dock.

Buying the new Nintendo switches will work as a miracle replacement for your dying switch docks. Or in case you want to try some new exciting products by Nintendo. All you need is to traverse through these top recommendations.


13 Top Nintendo Switch Replacements Dock that made to the list

Finding a compatible match is what all of us want.  If it is under one roof, you might save your precious time. Here you go, with all the top-listed switch replacement dock you need in 2021. You will find a complete guide on where to purchase these switches? How to use them? You have chosen the right website for your rescue. Good going, pal!


1. Nintendo Switch Dock Set

The switch system of this product is identical to the functionality that of the Nintendo Switch system. When you need to maintain multiple switch docks in your home, it is easy to use switching from one Tv to another. Nintendo Switch box set does not include the console or controllers.

What does it have?  It consists of a Nintendo Switch dock, Nintendo SwitchAC adapter, and high super high-speed HDMI cable. The warranty type of these products is limited.

You can find this on an eCommerce website such as Amazon. It costs approximately $75.00

Nintendo Switch dock min


2. BASS TOP Portable Dock Replacement Case for Nintendo Switch

What is more appealing than a black-colored gadget with lavish covering and desired switches? Then come to Nintendo’s controllers. This case is especially invented to replace the original switch dock. It goes like, you first have to take out the circuit board chip from the original Nintendo sock and install it to this replacement case.

It is the most portable among all switch replacement docks which you can carry in your pocket anywhere. You can buy it on amazon costing $12.99. You can have a lot of fun by DIY your mini version Nintendo switch dock with this anti-scratch replacement case.

BASS TOP Portable Dock Replacement min


3. Switch Dock, HYCARUS Switch

A Special design for Tv Dock charging station Adapter. Which has 4k HDMI and USB 3.0 inputs. What is more about this, A switch docking station with multi-angle adjustment and robust heat dissipation features? The switching is just a one-touch away, this functionality of this switch is useful while switching between game screens without affecting the tv screen.

Talking about its features, one of the unique ones is that it allows charging while playing games, and not only that, it also allows the change between type c interface charger. You can purchase it on Amazon at $24.00.

Switch Dock HYCARUS Switch min


4. HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed

Purchasing products of style and attractive appearance does matter. Then this is the one for you. Available in black color, Mario packing, Mario +Analog Caps, and Pikachu also in Zelda packing and weighing ten grams with compatibility on gaming insoles. Nintendo licenses it. It can be charged while playing.

This item’s dimension is .69 x 3.9 x 0.98 inches. The fantastic part of this product is it is foldable with portability. Having adjustable angles and rubberized grips for stability.

HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch min


5. Nintendo Switch Dock Portable Switch Charging Dock

It is so comfortable when we get to switch between different activities at a time. This dock allows you to switch between Tv switch docking stations. It is the replacement for Nintendo Switch with a 4K HDMI USB 3.0 Port and 3.5 Headphone jack.

If you are worried about 3rd party docks bricking your switch, I suggest you mod your original port to the smaller shell. They sell the empty shell here, and all you do is offering the original dock’s circuit board to the smaller surface! I did it, and it will take about 20 mins to do!

Nintendo Switch Dock Portable Switch min


6. YEZRO Nintendo Switch Dock Portable Switch Charging Dock

If you search for a good low-budget quality Nintendo switch, try this switch charging dock manufactured by YERZO. It is a package of three good things that are 1. It is a replacement for the official Nintendo Switch dock. Its weight is just 48grams, making it more portable and lightweight than the original Nintendo switch dock.

An ideal replacement it is.2. No scratching of the screen as it is not covered with something that might potentially cause harm to the screen. 3.The ventilation won’t be blocked, and avoid overheating as the console sits on the unit’s top. If you are looking for something you could carry while traveling, this suits you the best.

YEZRO Nintendo Switch Dock Portable min


7. Defway Switch Dock, Portable Switch Charging Stand

People who love traveling would find this product handy. Using the original Nintendo Switch Dock is a bit bulky job when using, not so portable. This the second most portable dock you are looking at. Defway Switch Dock is a must to carry around while out of the house. It has the same capabilities as that the original dock does.

Furthermore, this multitasking dock allows you to switch the video on and off if you want to stand to play in tabletop mode while the switch charges. You can buy this for a pretty good deal on amazon. The package includes a USB-C port to charge your system, An HDMI port for video, and a USB 3.0 port to have the connected controller and other accessories. It does an excellent job pg outputting video and charging switch while keeping it upright and in one position.

Defway Switch Dock Portable Switch Charging Stand min


8. FastSnail HDMI Type-C Hub Adapter

It promises a flow of plug and play, with ease to use under $24.99 when purchased on amazon. It is an excellent replacement of the original dock with an exclusive 1080P HDMI Type C adapter. This product made it to the list; a particular cause is the dissipation of heat not so good in the Nintendo dock switch, making the console hot and might cause permanent damage to the console.

You won’t be facing such a problem with the HDMI adapter. Here you will need external power to the HDMI adapter. Perks of this product are that you can enjoy the large screen which works for the Nintendo switch.

FastSnail HDMI Type C Hub Adapter min


9. Rocketek USB C Docking Station for Nintendo Switch

This will be the best pick for you if you urge to have a Quality guarantee. When purchased on amazon, you will find an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

The issue of overheating the port after heavy use won’t be a problem with this switch.

You can enjoy your games without the heating problem as it keeps the body of the Nintendo switches out of the docking station. Of course, it offers you a portable design, folding stand, small size, and lightweight docking station, allowing you to carry it anywhere wherever needed.

Rocketek USB C Docking Station for Nintendo Switch min


10. MENEEA Replacement Dock for Nintendo Switch (with Chip)

Working for the newest firmware 6.0, It is easy to carry the portable device. A replacement to original docs of the Nintendo. It will be more protected if you bring a case while traveling. More fantastic quality and cost a bit more than usual this is an eye-catcher if you want to play video games with ease and without connecting the original dock.

The heating issue is solved here, too, with air holes allowing it to cool quickly and enjoy your games without hassle. Although it also comes with additional power supply ports, it is recommended not to connect the switch console with the dock when updating the latest firmware.

MENEEA Replacement Dock for Nintendo Switch min


11. StarPlayer Docking Station for Nintendo Switch HDMI Dock

The name itself suggests that it has this complete replacement for the original Nintendo switch dock. The new design of the dock station is worth purchasing. It has an ergonomic design with two heat-dissipating holes to prevent the console from overheating. It also features two sticking points to ensure your Nintendo Switch remains stable on the dock and protects the Type C port.

It has this feature that changes Tv mode and console mode quickly. On Amazon, you can get it at a pretty good deal. In this, you will have to purchase a USB-C charger and HDMI cable as they do not come with the dock. It is compatible with the new version 6.1.0. It does not require any update. But, it is recommended to use it with the original adapter. It works similarly to the standard switch dock, so it is user-friendly. If there is an issue, you can follow the user-manual.

StarPlayer Docking Station min


12. Fyoung Type-C HDMI Adapter Hub Dock Cable for Nintendo Switch

Ranking 12th on the list, you will find its customer reviews are 3.9 out of 5 stars. The ratings are that its advanced heat dissipation extends this product’s life and worry-free gaming experience. It has a connector type of USB type C with HDMI. It comes with a support of a 4k/30fps video display.

The unique feature of this product is its mirror display to you HDMI enabling TV for larger viewing. It works for 4.0.1 firmware as well and suitable for MacBook Pro. There will be no issue in learning this product’s functionality as it works like the original docs. It is portable, and you can take it with you in a pocket.

Fyoung Type C HDMI Adapter Hub Dock min

13. ikedon Switch Dock

It is different from any other switch replacement docks as it is manufactured using sturdy ABS plastic with an attractive matte black finish. Nintendo is gearing up with its product and replacement switches. The front part of the product is transparent. It looks lavish with the LED lights. It has these anti-skid rubber legs preventing it from slipping or tipping over.

It is less than two punches in weight which makes it another portable switch. On purchase of this product through Amazon, you will have to pay $29.99. It allows you to switch screens in one click. This switch dock has three adjustable angles allowing you to play with ease in any environment.

ikedon Switch Dock min


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