5 Best ShareIT Alternatives in 2021

ShareIT is known as the most famous and most popular data-sharing app. It is very easy to use and applies to both android and iOS Users. Shareit has more than 500 million users and is currently the most number one worldwide as everything has its alternative to share it. Now many other data-sharing apps in the play store have taken place, with a lot more features and better functionality. So, it’s now time to jump to some other alternatives of Shareit.

In some countries, data transfer app like share has been banned, and they don’t have a way to transfer their data quickly and efficiently. So, for those who are tired of watching ads in between sharing your files or want a more secure data-sharing app, you can just go through the list and get yourself the best one.

Best Apps to Replace Shareit app

Best Apps to Replace Shareit app

1. Share – File Transfer

A share is a wonderful tool that helps share apps and data from one device to another in a very convenient manner. You can send data like images, documents, apps, and games with a speed of 40 Mbps. The best part of this app is, you can send unlimited data in just one go and just without the internet. This app is very user-friendly and comes with solid file management and an easy sorting system. It helps you in transferring all types of data that come with smart replication features. It supports more than 30 languages, and this makes it look more convenient to use.

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2. Send anywhere

This is another Shareit Alternative where you can transfer the files easily and in a quick manner. But it is quite better and far easy to use. It is widely recognized for sharing files without causing any damage to their quality. You can send the files to multiple people just by creating links. Sending the files, protect them with the reinforced file encryption. It shares files to the only particular device assigned and does not cross-platform the transfers. This app is the best alternatives to share it.

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3. TrebleShot – File Share FOSS

This app transfers files like magic. It is open-source and a good replacement for the ShareIt app. It is a tool that shares all sorts of data in one goes without even use of the internet. You also get the features to send the files and data just by scanning the QR code. You can transfer multiple files, folders, and apps of different sizes in a very comfortable way. If any interruption occurs during your sharing, you can resume your file transfer from the same point of its pause. It has a very light user interface and works in a very competitive manner. It also shares the backup files and folders from the phones. This app can share the files in just one go to multiple devices. You can also choose the network after getting the speed measurement. It is a very wonderful app that is very helpful in different ways.

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4. Files by Google

Files by Google is a very secure and protected app that helps transfer your files quickly and in a very smooth manner. As a file transferring tool, it also takes care of your free space and provides you with all types of cleaning recommendations. In this app, you can get access to searching any files in a very quick manner. This app also shares files in between devices without any internet connectivity. It also saves the backup files to the cloud and gives you more space for your device. It is one of the fastest apps in sharing files by 480Mbps, and it gets secure by WPA2 encryption. It is a super light application and stores management and helps in transferring the files. It is also one of the top-rated apps for alternative Shareit.

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5. JioSwitch

The reliance has introduced the alternative of shareit, which is Jioswitch. It is a replica of shareit and comes with some better features. This app does not support any ads. It is a very easy-to-use data-sharing append that sends the files in a flash. It helps send and receive all types of files, photos, videos, music, videos, app, and contacts, etc. the app can also get customized according to your profile name. The app transfer files without having any size restriction. It helps in sharing the data by using a hotspot and avoids the wiring system. This app is supported in both android and iOS platforms. It is a very good alternative to Shareit.

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In this article, there are some of the best alternatives that you can go for data sharing. Most of them have almost the same function and same features. All of them are good for transferring files from one to other devices. It also looks after the backup storage about sending the file, which is a very good feature. All these apps can run in android and iOS platform and gives good response.







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