5 Best alternatives to Kickstarter for Crowdfunding

In the world of digital marketing, crowdfunding is a very popular way to gather money for any specific cause. Using crowdfunding one can raise his cause and the fund along with it, with the help of social media. Crowdfunding reaches and brings people from different parts of the world, from different backgrounds and unite them into a network where any of them can donate money for the cause the fund is raised for. To ease the job there are many some online professional services available, along with them even a normal person like you can start fundraising via crowdfunding.

Kickstarter is in service from the start of digital crowdfunding, and it is one of the most renowned crowdfunding platforms, especially in North American countries. Though Kickstarter is now available with their services around the world. Kickstarter is very famous as many of the starts up companies and even many Entrepreneurs have raised money with the help of Kickstarter for their project funding. Kickstarter’s main purpose is to help the innovators to bring any creative projects into reality, via using the facilities of the information technology.

According to reports, Kickstarter received over $1.5 billion+ total pledges from more than 7.8 million individuals since their day one, and they have helped more than 200,000 projects already. These projects include films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism projects, and company products and services.

Why one should look for an alternative to Kickstarter?

Though Kickstarter has achieved a lot of success in the crowdfunding service provider business, in this competitive global market there is no business without competition at all. Many competitors bloomed in this marketplace who provides more intuitive service, better solutions and even provide better packages, hence many of them come with bunch of power packs which make them worthy alternatives to consider for. Especially, if you are going to put your time and trust with a service, you must know about the viable alternatives to make a firm decision. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best alternatives below. Before choosing any, search further about them, in their websites and in communities forums to know all the pros and cons about them.

1. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a popular and dependable choice according to the reviews and community feedback, Indiegogo is a multinational crowdfunding site where an individual or an organization or a venture can raise fund for making a film, music album, art, or can raise fund for charities, small startups, gaming channels, scientific project etc. Indiegogo is a USA based company.

Indiegogo started as an indie website, and since then the service helped loads of creative people to fund projects or ventures and also since then Indiegogo kept up growing, and now they work with almost any kind of project one can imagine.

It is easy to sign up on Indiegogo, creating a campaign or contributing to any ongoing campaign is also very easy with Indiegogo. Normally Indiegogo charges their client 9% of the amount of the funds raised. In some cases, Indiegogo takes only 4% of the raised fund to generate an incentive for the client to reach his/her goal fund amount.

Official Website

2. FundRazr

FundRazr is a Canadian company and it also has a working Facebook app. FundRazr app was released in 2009, the app itself is enough to understand the core business and services of FundRazr. Via using the FundRazr app, one can set up crowdfunding pages on FundRazr’s Facebook wall or also can embed pre-existing fundraising apps on any user’s Facebook page’s wall.

With the dependable services of FundRazr and their embedded fundraising apps, any type of project or ventures can raise fund for serious needs. Various kind of positive and serious causes like a medical facility, memorials projects, and animal care projects, rehabilitation projects, and even personal own campaign or sports campaigns can be funded via using the service of FundRazr.

FundRazr charges a 5% commission fee on the fund raised, whether the goal is reached or not, so it is a good deal for everyone. The amount is lower than many other competitors in the market. Though FundRazr charges an extra 2.9% on all the transactions made between the starting point to the ending point of the fundraising campaign.

According to the experts, FundRazr is not a good option for those ventures who are going to have a lot of small donators, instead, FundRazr is a good idea for those projects which will have a small number of big amount donators. Also withdrawing fund multiple times within the fundraising lifetime is not a good idea and that way a huge amount of fund can be lost due to the commission rates.

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3. Pozible – Crowdfunding Artists & Communities in Australia

Here comes an Australian crowdfunding platform called Pozible, it is a good platform for creative projects and new ideas; new ventures and upcoming startups. Pozible also features a community-building tool and it is very useful to build and raise money as well as a community, which will be proved very useful in future. So not just raising fund but also raising a customer base or fan base can be done using the Pozible, it is an innovative and unique approach by the company.

Pozible charges around 5% standard fee on the fundraised for all kind. They also charge an additional 2.4% commission on the online or card-based transactions made in Australia and 3.4% on international credit card transactions.

Pozible accepts Stripe, Bitcoin and PayPal all the sort of payment methods, for ease of use.

Official Website

4. Ulule – Crowdfunding

Ulule is a Europe based crowdfunding platform proving it very helpful for people who are need of crowdfunding. Ulule puts their effort to discover original products ideas and services ideas so that they can help the deserving people. Unlike many others, Ulule tries to provide their service to unique and original projects/ventures so, that the upcoming startups can step forward in the limelight and get recognized in the industry in this hugely populated crowdfunding environment.

Ulule has a couple of prerequisites and service resolutions, so they do not provide service to all applicants, many people find it as an annoying thing and as a drawback, but the truth is Ulule funds any only if their objective and resolutions are met. So, if after the help of Ulule the project’s funding goal is not achieved, then it can be said that the project has no market yet.

Ulule charges a 5% fee only after the funding goal is met, and if the venture failed to hit the target, then Ulule does not charge any commission at all. The standard transaction fees are 3% for all.

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5. Fundable | Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

Just like Kickstarter, Fundable is also a rewards-based crowdfunding platform. Fundable is an equity crowdfunding platform too. Fundable is an expensive service, as it Fundable charges $179/month to run a single campaign and raise funds.

Fundable has the policy of not charging any commission if the target goal is not met. Though on successful goal achieving Fundable charges a small amount like a 3.5% fee on the fund amount.

Official Website

Wrapping up- Kickstart Crowdfunding alternatives

All the above-discussed sites are unique in their way and feature something different than the others, now while choosing the one for you, you can talk to you financial partner for better solicitation, you can also follow up with the community feedback and at last, you also have to trust your instinct and business sense.

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  1. There are a lot of alternatives to kickstarter now a days. I usually recommend to create same campaigns on several crowdfunding sites for more chances of donations. It’s a good strategy to raise funds without doing any promotion.


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