7 Best Replacements to DU Battery Saver App on Android

DU Battery Saver is one of the popular apps to clean background applications in order to save some battery juice. So, if you were also one of the many users of this app, then you need not be sad. Because, today, I have come up with this article in which I have included some of the best alternatives to the DU Battery Saver app, so, without any further delay, let me quickly start this article for you all.

Best Du Battery Save App alternatives for Android phone

Battery Saver

It can be considered as a good option when it comes to battery saver apps. It can come handy whenever your phone is running out of juice, and you need something to protect your phone from turning off. It also gives you the analysis of all the apps that are eating up all the battery of your phone and ultimately draining it. After that, you can simply uninstall all those unwanted apps, or limit their usage. It also cools down the CPU of your smartphone and balances its temperature.

Furthermore, it also comes with an in-built app locker, which will allow you to lock and protect any of your precious apps by a strong password, so that even if your phone lands in the wrong hands, then also, that particular person can steal or view nothing from it. Moreover, it also acts as a junk cleaner that detects and cleans up all the cache and unwanted storage present on your phone. It also comes loaded with a lot of features, like – boosting your phone, etc, and all these features just work wonder for you and your smartphone. This 9 MB small size app has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

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Kaspersky Battery Life

It is also a worthy contender on our list and you can definitely look forward to it. It also scans and analyses all the apps in your smartphone and then gives you all the relevant details regarding each and every app. You can then have a clear glimpse at all those apps that are consuming all your battery, after that you can either limit the usage of all those apps, or you can simply uninstall those apps if they are not that important for you. Furthermore, it displays information like, how much time your phone can last until the next charge, and much more. Moreover, Kaspersky is already a very trusted and used antivirus when it comes to our PCs, so you can have your faith in it here also.  If you are thinking about the in-app purchases, then let me clear it out that they are nill, you have to pay zero rupees.

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Green Battery Saver

With this app, you can save the battery backup of your smartphone to a large extent and prevent it from switching off when you need it most. One of the most astonishing features about this app is that it not only boosts your battery, but also pumps up the RAM of your smartphone and also comes packed with features like – junk cleaner, app protector, and much more. It will showcase to you the time left for you to plug in the charger to your smartphone. It also tells you the remaining time left in your phone for normal to moderate usage. It also stores all the history of your charging and the power consumed by all the apps present in your phone. You can also prepare a schedule for yourself and then stick to it all day long, and this app will perform all the duties that you put in front of it. If you are bothered by the in-app purchases, then it will cost you 130 rupees per item. Last but not least, the size of this app is just 8 MB.

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Power Pro

It is another feather in our kitty, let us check it out. It does a lot of things to ensure that your phone always has some juice left in it before you can plug it into the charger. First of all, it scans and detects all those apps which are almost inactive, or not used often by you, but they are still consuming a lot of power and draining battery. Then, it closes all those apps so that they no longer consume the power from your battery and waste it. You can also uninstall such apps if you no longer need them. Furthermore, it also adjusts various settings and gives you magical results all on its own. The fact that due to moderate to heavy usage the battery of our smartphones heats up and it feels warm, but again this app is here for your aid. It cools your phone down even after moderate to high-end users so that you can just carry on with all your stuff. When it comes to the in-app purchases, this 16 MB small size app has got nil and is completely free.

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Battery Saver – Battery Doctor

One more contender to determine its supremacy and win over your hearts. It keeps its work going on while you are using your phone for normal day to day activities, and it displays all its analysis and report in front of you. And then, you can witness all those real facts, like – which apps are consuming most of the battery of your phone, which apps are silent killers, meaning that they are not used that often but contribute a lot in draining your battery, and a lot more. Furthermore, it adjusts brightness, closes all the inactive apps and prevents them from eating up your phone battery, etc, and in all these ways saves your battery and keeps your phone alive for a long duration of time. It also gives you all the necessary information like the time left for you to plug your phone to a charger, cleaning up junk, boosting RAM, and so on. Moreover, it also resolves the heating issue to a good extent, so that you can enjoy to your fullest. This 3 MB size-tiny app has a lot to offer to you and most probably, you will be amazed by it. Last but not least, the in-app purchases are of zero rupees.

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As the name suggests, it is all about the battery, yes, the battery of your phone and it will do its best to make sure that it remains alive for a long period of time. First of all, it displays the current status of the battery of your device in the form of a percentage, so that you can view it and remain concerned about it. It also analyses and indicates all the apps that are consuming the battery of your gadget the most. Moreover, it also displays the power consumed by all the apps on your phone, and then you can witness the results and take necessary action. It continuously carries on various tasks so that your battery is conserved and the chances of your phone turning off are reduced to a large extent. Furthermore, the temperature of your device is also monitored and any rise in temperature is fixed by this app. It also displays the status of health, in which you can view how well your smartphone is doing. If you are worried about the in-app purchases, then let me clear it out that this 3 MB micro size app is absolutely free and has got no such purchases.

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Thus, these are the seven best alternatives to the DU Battery Saver app, and you can try any of these seven apps. All of these apps are just packed with some of the best sets of characteristics and features and you will surely not have any complaints against them. In simple words, if you are looking for a potential alternative for the rival app, then I hope that your search ends right here.

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