7 Similar Games like PUBG battle Royale for mobile

PUBG is and has been one of the most sought out games in the gaming industry ever since the date it was launched, its craze was such that people were addicted badly to it, and many are still the same. But, as we all know that a change is necessary, and also a plethora of games are available and a lot of new games are being added every day, so it is not at all justified to remain stuck to a single game. Moreover, most of the players have also complained that they did not like the battle royale experience in it, and found it quite boring. Therefore, in this article, I have included some of the best alternatives to this addicting game called PuBG Mobile.

Best PubG Mobile Alternatives 2020

Below given similar gaming apps to popular battle royale PUBG game are listed keeping smartphones (Android & iOS) in mind and placed randomly in the as per the popularity.

Call of Duty: Mobile

It is one of the very worthy competitors to the PUBG, and it has a lot to offer to you. First, of the ball, it will deliver you an exciting battle royale experience, a major missing in its rival.

Furthermore, it boasts of Battle royale, quick matches, deadly five on five multiplayer, and also the Sniper shootout. And all of these are sure to give you goosebumps during your entire gameplay.

When you take part in the hundred people battle royale, you will be guided by maps and you must make each and every step with utmost care as one single mistake can cost you your virtual life, and you should emerge victorious at the end of the day.

Call of Duty Mobile best PUBG alternative

The graphics in this game are stunning and better compared to its rival, so be ready to feel the adrenaline rush while playing it. All the modes, the entire gameplay is just unique and yes, the big size of almost 2 GB and amazing engineering makes it possible. Last but not least, the in-app purchases range from 10 to 7900 rupees in it.

Get it on Play Store or iOS (Free to play)


Just COD and PubG, the Fortnite is also available for both PC  and smartphones (Android & iOS) including PlayStation & Xbox One. Indeed the graphics are this best Pubg alternative is cartoonish but that also has its own flavor. It is because you will get colorful characters for example a Golden skin one which looks really awesome.

Based on Unreal Engine 4 and comes with endless possibilities to create and explore different scenarios to win.  You can build your own building to have cover and strategies.

Well, almost similar to PuBG mobile this game lets you start the game by jumping along with your squad from Aircraft or bus to start collecting gears and fight. So team up, try it now.


Get it on Play Store or iOS (Free to play) 

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

It is one of the most sought out and played multiplayer FPS shooting games. Marked as editor’s choice on Google Play Store. You can become part of the iconic multiplayer battles in it and kick the hell out of the opponents to lead yourself and your team to victory.

You can play in both solo and multiplayer modes in it and let truth conquer evil in this virtual world. And yes, keep in mind, the more you progress in it, the difficulty level also increases at a very similar pace.

Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS best PUBG alternative mobile

The graphics are just superb and for some time you might feel like being in a movie theatre. Moreover, you also have the liberty to customize the controls and then master this game. Overall, it is a good package and you should try it.

Get it on PlayStore or iOS (Free)

Garena Free Fire: Wonderland

Another worth considering the replacement of PUBG is Garena free fire -10 minutes Survival Shooter. It has been marked as Editor’s Choice Play store. This survival shooter game in which the algorithm of it place you in some remote island at every 10 minutes and you have to run against 49 other players to survive. Just like PuBG, the players are free to jump from a parachute and can choose their starting point.

Furthermore, drive vehicles, ambush, snipe, explore maps, and more to full fill the mission and come out as survival not dead.  Create squads of up to 4 players; 4v4 game mode is available, realistic graphics, and more.

Garena Free Fire Wonderland min

Visit Play Store or iTunes to download this free game.

Gods of Boom- Online PvP Action

This is the alternative to PUBG mobile in our list for users who want lite and easy to play battle. Well, do not go by its small size of 76 MB, rather it is something to be vaunted about, as it has a lot to offer in such a little size.

First of all, the graphics are cool, and you will most probably have no complaints regarding the same. You can enjoy multiplayer action on the go, and even customize your hero in the best possible way of your choice. Moreover, you will get regular updates in it, and everything changes to offer you an impressive rather than normal casual experience.

Gods of Boom Online PvP Action best pubg mobile alternative

In the multiplayer battles, you get to play with and against some of the best gaming geeks across the globe, so it is indeed a very big platform to showcase your skills in front of the virtual world. If you happen to be making the in-app purchases, then get ready to shell off 30 to 7900 rupees.

Get it on Play Store or iOS (Free to play)

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Out of the other popular PuBG mobile alternatives, this one is a slightly different battle royale game. Those wants Minecraft like graphics this one is for them. It provides you with the platform to be the last man standing while you are lost on a beautiful island. You can choose your favorite player from a large number of options and then embark on your journey to the mysterious island.

You will be loving the team player spirit in it, and a huge set of weapons to choose from and with their aid, blow out all the heads and conquer this island and be the lone survivor. Though the size of this game is just 106 MB, it still delivers you with astonishing gameplay and the graphics are also something you can boast of.

pixels unknown battle ground

The controls are easy to learn but difficult to master and all the environment of this game, from vehicles to weapons, the guide map, and much more are all set to bring a smile to your face while you are playing it. If you happen to be thinking about the in-app purchases, then they are of the range of forty to eight thousand four hundred rupees only.

Get it on Play Store or iOS (Free to play)

Rules of Survival

One more challenger for the throne, but does it have something special, let us check it out. The battle royale here is a rather dangerous one, you will get the opportunity to be part of a crazy three hundred people battle royale.

Yes, you read correctly, a three hundred people battle royale, out of which only one rough and tough guy will survive and will be the one. So, if you have the confidence that you can overpower them all, then the stage is yours, conquer it by your strategy and abilities. The map, safe zone, weapons, vehicles, and so on all are set to keep it glued to it.

Rules of survival best mobile pubg alternative

Furthermore, the size of this game is approx 3 GB, and it makes this game great, but since it is too big, you really need a high-performance phone to enjoy it at its best, otherwise, it will not run properly in your device. When it comes to the in-app purchases, this Last man standing beauty has got them in the range of 70 to 6900 rupees.

Get it on Play Store or iOS for free.

Thus, these are the seven best alternatives for PUBG that you can try out Bullet Strike, Hopeless Land, Survivor Royale, Last Battleground. Most of these games will give you an outstanding battle royale experience, less or more like PUBG. And also, after going through this article, you might have found the best game for you, therefore just download it and let the fun begin.

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