8 Alternative Carbohydrate sources for low-carbs diet

Carbohydrate is one of the most important food substance which is needed for a complete diet for anyone. But, the diet plan works differently for everyone, as the body type and the metabolism quality is not the same for everyone. To maintain good health and the nice shape of the body, everyone should consider their diet as one of the main points to focus on, no matter how hard exercises a person does every day. Physical exercises, running, swimming, aerobics, or going to the gym are really helpful for maintaining health and shape but if you do not focus on the diet plan of yours, you are not going to get the desired result. Especially the people whose metabolism rate low (which is the case with most of the people now a day), need to follow a low-carb diet to maintain the shape and good health along with regular cardio exercises.

In this article we will be talking about the foods which are good sources of low carbohydrate or saturated carbohydrate because even on a low-carb diet you just can not forget the carbohydrate intake totally, you have to consume carbohydrate but in a controlled rate. Remember, even on a low-carb diet an average human body needs 20gm to 50gm of carbohydrates on daily basis, otherwise the deficiency can be created within the body which will cause harm to normal health and body.



In meats, one can have lean meats like chicken breasts, pork, Sirloin of beef, and any kind of fish. Fishes have very little amount of carbs in them so ample quantity is needed if you do not like having other meats. Having Beacons as breakfast or boiled chicken breasts with boiled egg whites for lunch is a very good option. Sirloin steak and Grilled Pork are also good as lunch.


Eggs are not only a good source of protein but also a good source of saturated carbs. The egg-yolk or so-called the yellow part contains much amount of fat and direct carbohydrate while the egg-white contains a moderate amount of saturated carbohydrate which is good for health and perfect for anyone on a low-carb diet.


Leafy-Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like Spinach, Lettuce, Celery, and Kale contain a little amount of low-carb substance within them. As leafy green vegetables are a very important part of any type of controlled diet, this kind of carbohydrate is not going to hurt your low-carb consumption rate. Kale contains around 8g/100g carbs while Lettuce contains 4g/100g carbs and Spinach contains 7g/100g carbs within it. Spinach and other leafy vegetables are often packed with lots of minerals also, in a low-carb diet leafy veggies are inevitable.

Other Vegetables

Vegetables are often considered by any vegan but most of the non-vegetarian people do not like them, but if you are on a low-carb diet then these vegetables on the list are very good options for low-carb and saturated carbohydrate. Broccoli, Bell Paper, or the Capsicum contains around 7g/100g carbs. Asparagus contains 5g/100g carbs within it, Mushrooms contain around 3g/100g carbs. Zucchini, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Green Beans, Tomatoes, contains a moderate amount of low-carbs within them. Even Radishes and Carrots do contain good quality low-carb with many other vitamins and minerals.



Groundnuts, Hazelnuts, Cashew nuts, Gram seeds, etc are a good source of low-carbs, also easy to digest can be consumed as snacks between meals and also strength the fiber of the body which helps in gaining muscular look. Even nut butter like peanut butter also can be consumed as low-carb food.


Low-carb Oil

Oil is something that should be consumed at a very limited rate as oil tends to make a person fat and also slows down the metabolism rate of a person. But, consuming oil is also very important as it contains some very necessary vitamins and minerals. In low-carb diet Rapeseed oil, Coconut oil and Olive oil are especially good. Vegetable oil consumption should be limited and mustard oil and mustard sauce should be avoided completely.



Most of the fruits contain very little fat so, in a low-carb diet, fruits can be consumed with least worries, but if you are looking for fruits with carbs on them, then go for Apples, Blueberries, Strawberries, Banana. Mango, Jack fruit, etc. Fruits like Watermelon, Rock-melon (Cantaloupe) Avocado, and Peaches also contain carbs in them. Peaches contain 9.g/100g carbs while Avocado, Cantaloupe contains 8-8.5g/100g crabs. Watermelon, Strawberries contain 7.5g/100g carbs in them. Even Cucumber also has some carbs on it. But you also should keep in mind that most of the fruits have fructose in them which will be raising the blood sugar level, which is not acceptable on a low-carb diet, on the other hand, fruits are much more expensive than any other carbohydrate-containing foods.


Dairy Products

There are many dairy products available but always go for the Unsweetened dairy products only as they will not contain any sugar in it. Though packed food contains preservatives within those, so going for non-packaged dairy products would be better if it is available around you. Dairy products, especially Milk itself, is a complete food, it contains a lot of fat within it, so go for Curd, Yogurt, Cheese, Cotton Cheese, etc.



Now having a good diet will need you to spend more on your foods, which may not be easy for everyone, there are some alternatives I wanna talk about which are cheaper and can be consumed even on a low-carb diet, but in controlled rate. Like potatoes, corn, etc. But if you are having such food on diet then the amount served must be limited like having a single medium-sized baked potato or 50gm of corn would be enough.

Cracked Wheat or so-called uncooked cereal which is called Dalia in India is a very good alternative source for saturated carbohydrates, which can be consumed without any worry in a low-carb diet. Also, Oats are a very good source of saturated carbs but comes a little costlier.

Cornflakes with a little milk and Banana is also a considerable food for low carb diet, especially as Breakfast.

Normally cooked Rice, cooked Bread, the packaged Bread, Noodles (Pasta, Chow min, Maggi, Spaghetti) are considered as normal sources of Carbohydrates. But in any low-carb diet, such food should be avoided.


Wrapping Up

Replacing your food choices with healthier option is not just enough for a strict diet plan, as we consider the option of dieting for a good shape of the body, after all, so for the best result you have to eat simple recopies of the above-mentioned foods, which means you should avoid spices as much as you can, even spices like salt and sugar has a very negative impact on our health on a long term.

Also, planning the amount of food in each meal and the no and time of meal is very necessary; because normally if you are having an irregular timing of meals then your body will tend to gain much more fat and carbs from the food you consumed while in a regular timing of meal that tendency of a body is reduced to minimal. So, having 4 to six meals with regular timing is strict to maintained in a low-carb diet, along with some cardio exercise of course.




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