8 Best Replacements to the QQ PLAYER App to use in 2020

Everyone loves to groove to their favorite music tracks and feel relaxed and overcome tension and stress. There are many apps that serve to you when it comes to playing your favorite tracks, and if you are some of those people who used to depend on a QQ Music player for their daily dose of music but don’t want it anymore they might be going through different applications available on Google Play Store or iOS. But, you need not worry as I have included some of the best alternative apps to QQ Player for you in this article. Let us now explore them.

The best and popular alternatives for QQ Player App

best and popular alternatives for QQ Player App


This app is quite a famous alternative to the QQ Player app and doesn’t need any introduction. You can enjoy your favorite music on it and it supports songs of multiple languages. You can groover to millions of songs, as the app claims that it comes backed by millions of songs. You can remain assured that you will find your favorite artist and tracks in it and even explore much new and more such stuff, and keep your party strong all day and night long. Furthermore, you can download all your favorite and awesome tracks straight away from this app and then listen to it whenever you wish to. You can do a lot more, you can create your own playlist, make your favorite tracks, and a lot more. It comes packed with a  lot of exciting and new characteristics and you will get to know about them once you start using it. The in-app purchases are nil and it is completely free.


Amazon Music

Amazon Music as a counterpart to QQ Player is also a worthy contender in this battle. You can search and find almost each and every track that you love listening to. Then, you can play it as many times as you want to and get into a different world. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, then you are all set to receive most of the additional benefits in this very app. You can listen to all your favorite tracks without any uninvited ads, which in most cases ruin our taste of music. You can even download and listen to your favorite tracks in offline mode. You can browse as many tracks as you want to until you get your favorite one. Now, let me blow your mind with the fact that it comes backed with approx sixty million songs, as claimed by this app. As of now, you must have understood that if you are an Amazon Prime member, then you are eligible for all these. But, the awesome thing is that you will get a one-month free trial, and in that very period, you can decide whether you need to become a prime member or not.


MX Player

One more beauty in our feather, let us figure it out. MX Player is more that than the QQ Player app and is one of the best such apps available for you. You can groove to all your favorite tracks and not only that, but you can also remain hooked to many amazing web series. It comes back with so many web series, and many of them are being added every week or two, and believe me once you will start watching them, you are all set to get addicted to them. Furthermore, it also offers you some of the most sought out TV shows, like – Kaun Banega Crorepati, Bigg Boss, Comedy Nights with Kapil, etc. Hello Mini, Only for Singles, flames, Charitraheen, and a lot more are some of the hottest and popular web series present in it. Hey, wait, now let me shock you with the fact that it has got no in-app purchases, and all of this crazy stuff is absolutely free.


Music Player

Music Player is not available for iOS users this app is only on Google Play Store with millions of downloads is one of the most used audio players out there and you will definitely like it. Similar to QQ Player, Music Player supports most of the file formats, so you are almost sure to be able to play all your tracks, and keep grooving without any worries. It automatically scans all the songs available in your device, and then you can play all your favorite songs and even make playlists of your choice. It stores all your recent tracks and most played tracks, and also all your favorite ones. You can customize the output of the audio quality to a good extent and then enjoy your songs the way you always wanted to. You can keep all your tension, anxieties, and worries of normal day to day hassles and just listen to your tracks and get dissolved in them. If you are worried about the in-app purchases, then let me clear it out, that this baby has got none, and is completely free.


VLC for Android

The VLC media player is a quite popular and famous music player app and all of you will probably agree to me on this. It is designed in the best way possible, so it has got a lot to offer to you. It supports a lot of video and audio formats, so you can play a lot of stuff in numerous formats in it. The interface is also very simple and you will not find anything difficult or complex in it. One of the most awesome things about this app is that you can even play some of your old school stuff in it, as it supports many formats, so it is quite likely to play all your old fashioned tracks of remote formats. Furthermore, you can also customize all your tracks by adjusting a lot of things in the way you want. As of now, the thoughts of in-app purchases might be giving you second and third thoughts, but wait, do not have such thoughts, as this very app is free from all those in-app purchases and is fully free.


Google Play Music

Those are looking for the best substitute to QQ Player on Android and iOS they should try Google Play Music. It is one of the most downloaded apps out there with overall downloads over a gigantic 5 billion, and yes, it is indeed very magnificent. It is the ultimate music destination for all music lovers across the globe, and it has got something for everyone. It automatically analyses your search results and then displays the music of your taste and believe me it will deliver you almost every music that you want to listen to, the only condition is that it should exist in the real world. One of the most astonishing features of this app is that you can even store your own music from your personal collection to it, and that also up to fifty thousand tracks, and that is huge. It is a powerful tool that has got a lot of things for entertaining you.


Music Player – MP3 Player

The interface is quite friendly and you will have no complaints regarding the same in most probability. In the homepage itself, you will find four categories, namely – My top tracks, Last added, Favourites and History. All of the four above mentioned segments will make things easy and fun for you. And you will no longer need to search for your top tracks, as you will get them by a single click. Moreover, you can also search and play all your favorite tracks by the names of your favorite artists, as it stores the information and track details of all your tracks by the basis of the artists of the songs also. Furthermore, it can play tracks of many formats for you, and you will be able to play most of the tracks that you have on your device. You can also choose from some of the available themes and they will look cool and add more charms to your already charming personality. Sleep timer, Equaliser, Drive mode, Hidden folders, and so on are some of the fantastic attributes that this app boasts of. The in-app purchases will make you poor by 19 to 100 rupees per item.


Dub Music Player – free Audio player, Equalizer

It is one of the best offline music players for all of you to enjoy and have a blast. You can do a lot of things in it and you will be amazed by it. You can create and modify any of the playlists you wish to. It supports many formats of tracks and you will be able to groove to almost all the tracks that you have with you. You can browse all your tracks in a number of ways, like – by title, folders, artists, albums, etc. If you like to switch between themes, then this app will not disappoint you, as you can choose from nine available themes. The interface is user friendly and very simple and you will have almost no issues with them. Furthermore, you can control and make changes in the quality of the sound output to a nice extent, and also be happy with the results. Last but not least, the in-app purchase is 299 rupees.


Thus, these are the eight best and popular alternatives to the QQ Player app and you can try them out. Your search for the perfect and best alternative ends right here, and as of now, all of you might have already chosen your perfect alternative app for you, now all you need to do is download it and never stop grooving and partying.

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