8 Best and popular alternatives to Camscanner app

CamScanner is one of the banned apps in some countries and also was last year in the news for unwanted code within the app. However, it is quite a popular app that people are using for scanning various images and documents. Various users from different categories are using it, like – students, job seekers, employees, businessmen, etc all relied on it in one way or another. Therefore, you need not take any type of stress about your privacy because I have come up with some of the best substitute apps to Camscanner for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Best Camscanner replacement apps

Adobe Scan

The free Adobe PDF Scanner and OCR app is the first secure alternative in our list to replace the Camscanner app. It one of the most trusted and used apps out there, and there is no doubt regarding the same. You can scan all your documents and files into PDF using it and then simply share it with all your contacts with a single click. With this app, you can scan almost everything, no matter whether it is a PDF or a picture. Furthermore, you can make other relevant changes to your photo, like – crop, rotate, adjust colors, brightness, etc. and then preview it before finalizing it. A lot of professional documents need proper scanning and then necessary operations should be performed on the same, and this app does wonders in that case. Moreover, you can also do a  lot more for all your documents, sentences, words, and so on. Overall, this 29 MB size app has a lot to offer to you, and you will definitely appreciate and praise everything that it boasts of. The in-app purchase is 820 rupees.

Adobe Scan

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens as PDF Scanner is a perfect Camscanner alternative that can scan all your PDFs for free. With the aid of this powerful app and then carry on all your professional or personal tasks. One of the most astonishing things about this Camscanner substitute is that you can use it to transform pictures into PDF, PowerPoint files, or Word format files. Furthermore, the trust of Microsoft is also always there for you, and this 43 MB size app will try best to live up to your expectation. It comes backed with awesome technologies that allow you to store all your important professional and useful contacts just a click away. It also supports multiple languages, including – English, Spanish, German, and many more, and all of these will come handy while you collaborate with foreign clients. Moreover, all the documents scanned by this app can be further edited and modified after you save them in One Note or Word. It is indeed very useful for almost all of us, and you can look forward to it. If you are thinking about the in-app purchases, they are nill, and this app is completely free.

Microsoft Office Lens best alternative to camscanner

Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

This app is another fighter to conquer your mind, will it be able to? Find it by yourself. It does its best to turn your phone or tablet into a scanner. Now, you might be thinking what are the things that you will be able to accomplish with the help of this app? Well, the answer is pretty simple, let me explain the same to you. First of all, you can transform any picture into a text file. Have you ever wanted to modify the viewpoint of a picture? If yes, then this tool will also allow you to do so. Just like Camscanner, you can scan all your documents and files of various formats with the aid of this app, and then even convert them into PDF format for numerous uses. It supports multiple languages, and it might shock you that it supports over fifty languages. One of the most amazing things about this app is that it contains no ads, yes it is free from all those uninvited guests. But, do keep in mind, that it cannot scan handwritten texts and the images to be scanned must be of high quality containing rich and in-depth details for best results. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they are nill, and it is absolutely free.

Text Fairy OCR Text Scanner

Simple Scan

This free PDF Scanner App is similar to Camscanner is just another wonderful app that works wonders for you. It can scan files and documents of various formats for you, and then you can make all those necessary changes in your document, modify it in the way you wish to and then finally save it in the form of PDF or image format in your device. You can then simply transfer and share it with whoever you want to. The entire process is easy and simple, and you will not face any type of difficulty and problems while performing your task. The interface is also friendly and you will master this app within a few days of usage. Overall, it is a nice platform for all the professionals and students to manage and boost their performance. If in-app purchases of this 30 MB size app are the things that you want to know, then let me clear it out, they range from 85 to 4250 rupees.

Simple Scan Free PDF Scanner App


This 28 MB size Evernote app is not only just an organizer, planner for notes, and memos app here and it has a lot to offer to you. First of all, let me tell you that you can use this alternative app in two variants – free and paid ones. The in-app purchases for the same range from 60 to 6200 rupees. You can scan anything using this strong and iconic tool and then make the best use of it. It enables you to make planners, generate notes, journals, memos, and much more for all your professional staff. In simple words, it is a type of your personal secretory, you can store all your important stuff into it and then just forget it, as it is there to remind you. Furthermore, you can scan and modify all your business documents, presentations, and then share it with all the necessary people with a simple click. It also comes very handily if you happen to be a student, you can manage all your essential notes and presentations with simple steps and then always remain updated with them. Moreover, it also has a unique set of characteristics to blow your mind.

Evernote Notes Organizer Daily Planner

Top Scanner

Do you want to scan all your documents? Yes, then now you can do the same with the aid of this app. Just like Camscanner, this app also supports multiple formats, so now get ready to scan the document or files that you wish to scan. Once you are done with that, all your scanned docs will be saved into PDF format, and it is not at all over, you can even modify and update the PDF file also. After you are done scanning, you simply click on the send button, and then you can share your file with the people you want to via email. If speed is your priority, then you will not be disappointed with this tool, as it carries on all the process in a very less span of time, and you will surely be happy with the result and the time involved to achieve that result. This app is of 34 MB size and comes loaded with many exciting features. The in-app purchases are going to reduce your bank balance by 85 to 4200 rupees.

Top Scanner Free PDF Scanner App

Clear Scan

Another free Document Scanner and PDF Scanning app in this alternative list is Clear Scan. It is one of the rough and tough contenders and it is here to blow your mind. Again, if speed is what you are looking for, then why go anywhere else, when this app is there for you. The time duration of the entire process is less and you will be amazed by it. It comes loaded with a lot of filter options, and all those options are just going to pump your work performance. Even after you have saved your final file, after that also you can modify it, and it is indeed very praiseworthy. Furthermore, you can add pages, delete pages, edit or modify in the way you want to after editing the final page. Finally, when you are done with it, then you can take out the print of your document or send it via email to the concerned people with just a click. 79 rupees are the in-app purchases for this 16 MB small size app.

Clear Scan Free Document Scanner App PDF Scanning

Fast Scan

Last Camscanner alternative app in this list gives you the liberty to scan files and docs and to do a lot more. After scanning, the results are going to be very vibrant and sharp, and in order for the same, you should ensure that the files and docs you wish to scan are also of high quality having rich details. The final; output will be in the format of PDF or image. First of all, you simply need to scan the file, and then carry out all the tasks, modify your files, and then save it. You can make a lot of changes in your files, before finalizing it. Once you are done with all your stuff, you can save it in the abovementioned formats in your storage. After that, you can share it with the relevant people and get the job done in a simple and hassle-free manner. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they range from 300 to 1400 rupees in this 26 MB small size app.

Fast Scan Free Document Scanner HD PDF Scanning

Thus, these are the eight best and popular alternatives to the banned Chinese app called CamScanner. You can try out any of the following apps and I believe that you will not at all be disappointed by them, rather you will like them. And as of now, I hope that you might have chosen your favorite alternative app, so, just download it, and shine brightly in your student or professional life.

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