Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Blog and Website in 2019-2020

One may be a blogger or Website owner who puts various kind of contents in his/her website, many people do it as a passion, as they love sharing knowledge and many people do it as a business/job for earning money through digital marketing. While the topic of digital Marketing come up in front, we all understand it is all about advertising and brand promotions. The marketing team of any private company spends a good amount of money for their publicity and products advertisements. In the business of digital marketing, you can share your knowledge via your website as well as you can earn money from that flying money around air which is being spent by thousands of companies for brand and product promotion.

Why one should look for Google Adsense alternative?

Now whenever we think about introducing advertises on our website or monetizing our website, the first name comes to our mind is Google Adsense. Google Adsense works good, pays decent, moderate adds in an acceptable manner. But, in the world of internet, there is no monopoly for any company for any specific kind of business, Google Adsense is also no exception. There are many other good services available for introducing adds in your website, which are also dependable, pays good, pays within the stipulated time, and also some of those are even better than Google Adsense in many aspects.

So if you are looking for an alternative solution of Google Adsense, or you are looking for some better options as you are not happy with the benefits or terms & conditions provided by Google Adsense then read this article to the end as we are about to discuss some of the best alternative solutions for this purpose. Also if you are facing a problem with your Google Adsense service, if you got a message from Google saying “Your Google Adsense account has been disabled or temporarily banned”, then you must be looking for an alternative solution otherwise the revenue from your website will be stopped, then this article is for you.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives is the most similar and best Adsense Alternative to Google Adsense for Advertisements on Website. also works flawlessly with other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. is actually developed by a joint venture between Yahoo and Bing. is not just a mere Adsense like service, it is actually an industry-leading Ads service which gives the user the opportunity of innovative digital advertising for almost all kind of products for any type of digital publishers and web page owners and digital marketers along with advertisers. is such big service that they have 600+ employees in operations across the world including offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai & Bangalore.

If we compare based on Revenue, then runs the 2nd largest contextual digital advertisement program internationally. also provides its services towards Yahoo! and Bing’s contextual Ads program. To provide best services to the users exclusively manages the technology partnerships, business operations and client relationships with respect the publishers and also with the advertisers around the globe.

  • take around 2 days on average to give approval to an account. Which is much faster than many other Adsense providers. While Google Adsense takes more than a week to comply.
  • pays an extra 10% over the publishers’ earnings for the first 3 months, to give them a boost so that they can grow their business, even more, also it encourages many publishers to continue the good work.
  • provides targeted text-based ads and almost all kind of video-based, animated, pictorial and display based adds.
  • All of the payments are done via Payoneer. They also use some other Wire transfer methods, which you can explore. used to offer PayPal payment services at the past but they do not offer such anymore.
  • The minimum payment amount is $100 per transaction.

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There may be some recent changes in the recent statistics but, Infolinks is one of the most trusted, one of the most used, and the second-largest add-based monetization network just after Google Adsense in 2019. Infolinks is working with more than 200,000+ online content publishers in around 128 countries in the world. In short, it is helping a lot of people in making a decent amount of money.

The Free to use native ad service which is provided by the Infolinks, works pretty well with all kind of ad and never interfere with the blog’s or website’s user experience by obstructing the content on it or by slowing the web page down. Infolinks also offers very effective contextual adds and also offers video ads, which can be placed on the site as banners.

All the adds and the type of all the adds in Infolinks’ are completely customizable, even an admin with very limited knowledge in theses things also can customize the adds intuitively.  In simple, the adds with Infolinks makes sure that the admin makes the most out of the traffic on the contents.

Now if we discuss the technical part which is integrating the platform on your website is actually quite simple, the services are also open to all the publishers out there, no matter you are a big fish or small one. The Infolinks service comes with the free of cost setup fees, with the most liner requirements for per page views or traffic of visitors. Also, there are no hidden charges or hidden commitments to fulfil later on.

If you are interested then you should know that the advertisers on Infolinks are selected based on their quality, that’s how they become a so popular and trusted service and they work with the giant brands like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor, Hyundai etc.

  • Infolinks provides text-based, video-based, tag-based, search based adds, which are also customizable by the admins.
  • Infolinks pay through PayPal, Online wire transfer, electronic check etc. The minimum paying amount is $50 per transaction.

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Nothing much to say about this Adsense service alternative, as this is a very simple but popular and one of the top-performing Adsense network. The dashboard is easy to use, the service provided by them is pretty straightened but intuitive and innovative. They keep adding various kind of adds and various new ideas to help the publishers grow even more. You can find almost all types of ad-related ideas are being implemented by PropellarAds. Apart from all other add types they recently introduced a new web push notifications type ad facility. This kind of innovations keeps them a step forward from other competitors.

PropellarAds provide device-based apps, so you can choose from various kinds of add types according to your website’s type, no matter it is a desktop site, mobile site or for video content based publications.  PropellarAds is a good choice for blogs with medium size, with both low or high traffic of viewers.

  • The minimum payout amount is $50.; it used to be $25 couple of years earlier.
  • Up to $50 transaction is done by PayPal, up to $100 transactions done via Payoneer, more than that will be done via Wire Transfer. Max payment amount is $500, they will pay you immediately if you cross the $500 limit.
  • They feature Mobile adds, Desktop adds, Pop under apps, Banner adds, Video-embedded adds etc.

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VigLink is perfect for the blog owners through which they can push their traffic towards a product buy link or any e-commerce website. VigLink is not like other Adsense Services, as you do earn money only by affiliated sales through VigLink. VigLink is actually a great solution for those bloggers who talk about some product or service in their blogs, as this way they can add outgoing links which will take the user to other websites, other pages, even on any product buy link on Amazon or Flipkart.

You can also not engage direct outbound links, and can use some money-related terms like product names and all (ex. iPhone, Mac book, Apple Watch, Alexa, Xbox, PlayStation, i3, i5, i7, Ryzen 5 etc) and VigLink will add automatically marketing links or buying links to those words, and this way you may end up with revenueing a decent amount of bucks with the help of VigLink.

VigLink is a very SEO friendly program, the good your SEO is the good your VigLink links will be, as it works with the keywords and tags, VigLink actually makes you boost your SEO techniques as well. You can also use VigLink along with you Google Adsense or Infolinks service to boost your revenue.

  • The types of links VigLink provide are VigLink anywhere link, VigLink Convert Links and VigLink Insert Links.
  • There is no minimum amount of payment as the payment is done on a pre-scheduled basis and the funds are transferred via wired transfer.

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Amazon Associates

Amazon, the biggest online shopping destination in the world has something to offer in this industry too. As they are the biggest one, there are some serious business tricks behind them which led them to success. The thing is, if you are talking about any product in your content which is being sold on Amazon, then you can use the Amazon Associates services to earn some extra bucks.

Amazon Associates are not a one-stop all-type advertisement provider, instead, they allow the bloggers and website owners to put some dynamic image-based ads into the blog, so the products or the brands can be promoted through your blog/website. The point which the users should know that this is not a Pay-per-click or CPM type advertisement program, Amazon will only pay the blog/website owner a small commission if any product got sold from the advertisement link from in the blog.

So, the commission depends on the sales done through the adds from your websites, so if your adds manages to sell a simple USB connector you can make a couple of cents but if the adds manages to sell a Mac book then it could be like $50-$60. The service of the Amazon Associates program is available in several countries around the world. You can also put adds promote some local products and also can get paid for those products via online (direct wire) transfer in any country if you have local traffic to do so.

This is not a complete Adsense Service, but this is the closest service to an Adsense which Amazon got. If you are looking for a full-proof Adsense service or practically an Advertising Network Service then this one is not for you. The rules and regulations are very liner in case of Amazon Associates. So, one can use Amazon Associates even along with the other services of any other Adsense.

  • Amazon Associates provides the services of Recommended Adds, Search-Based Adds, and also Custom Adds.
  • The payments are done in of $10 Gift Certificate and $100 Checks.


Adversal is a cool Adsense alternative service and has many similarities with Google Adsense and but Adversal is a not a cup tea for the new publishers. To use the Adversal services the publisher’s web site or blog needs to have monthly page view of more than 50000, which is not a very feat to reach. Like Adversal there is also one more service out there called Superlinks. Superlinks almost as same as Adversal., they also need to have a 50000-page view in a month to offer their service.

Both Adversal and Superlinks are good for monetizing your website or Blog, also offers good SEO improvements, so if you can manage to get to the prerequisites then you can earn decent money by using Adversal and Superlinks.

As Adversal and Superlinks both need a good number of views, so it is not easy to avail their service but for this reason, they pay well, and much more than most other Adsense services. Superlinks actually do pay even more than Adversal itself.

  • You can have Banner type adds, Pop-under animated or pictorial adds, Ministitial adds are also provided by Adversal.
  • The minimum payout amount is $20 with Adversal. First payment comes after 35 days from the starting date of the service. They usually pay at the end of every month.
  • Adversal pays via PayPal, ACH, Checks and also via Wire Transfer.

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Wrapping Up Google Adsense Alternatives

While reading the article you learned that there are various types of Ad Network or Adsense Services available, which are different in terms of services as well as in terms of need. So, before choosing any Adsense service you must understand your need, the type of your content etc.

Like if you are talking about Space Science or Mathematical tricks in your content then putting Ad networks like Amazon Associate is just a foolish idea.

Also, you should go with multiple Ad networks always, sometimes it happens that for some reason one of your Ad networks stops the service for you, or maybe you failed to fulfil their prerequisites, in this situation if you are using multiple Ad networks, then at the end of the month you do not have to go empty-handed at least.

Also to boost the income using multiple Adsense network is always advised. But, remember what type of Website or blog you do have, what type of contents do you put in the site and also do you even fulfil the criteria of any certain Ad network, before choosing any.

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