Best PicsArt app alternatives for Android and iPhone

In this era of smartphones, most of us do spend our time on mobile phones for various kind of works, like Email, Office communications, Schedule management, Social media interactions, shopping, GPS, Photography, File sharing, Video calls, Games & entertainment and many more.

Photo editing is also one of them. So, photo editing can be done only in computers is becoming an old concept day by day. You do not need to be master of Photoshop to edit a photo, or do not even need a pc to do the photo editing jobs. Not at least for basic to moderate level of the photo editing job. Of course, the mobile-based photo editing app made basic photo editing job a cakewalk but for professional-level editing job still using pc and using pro applications like Photoshop, After Effects are the only ways.

The mobile-based photo editing apps are often considered as the photo manipulation app, as this application actually do manipulate photos based on some pre-designed templates, unlike total control over the pics with the legacy mouse-keyboard control because of obvious reasons.

Some of the apps also do provide basic utility stuff like adding filters, cutting, cropping, multi-layer editing-merging etc. So, for basic photo manipulation job to make look good, funny or cool, these apps can be used and millions of people do use these apps with ease.

Here comes the big question, that is:

Which is the best mobile-based photo editing app?

Many of the users around the world would say PicsArt is the best photo editing app, but I would like to differ as there is nothing which can be considered as the only best in this competitive world.

So, here we will be discussing the best alternatives of PicsArt for smartphone platforms Android and iOS, which are also considered as one of the best in the industry.

Photo Editor as Free Alternative

Yes, I know the name is lame as hell, but the application itself is not. This application was developed by the Dev.macgyver, and this application is one of the best Photo Editing application available out there for Android.

Here are some features of Photo Editor as an alternative…

  • As the name suggests, this app really has some photo editing tools like pc along with all other photo manipulation features, which lets you dig deep with the photo editing job of yours. Actually, Photo Editor has the most no of features among all other Android-based Photo Editing applications.
  • Most of the editing tools available in the app can be controlled manually, unlike most of the other photo editing app which works on preset templates only.
  • The colour curves can be controlled by adjusting the RGB level, also you can use the preset templates and also can apply filters according to your need.
  • The colour temperature, white balance, perspective can be increased or decreased.
  • You can select any specific part of the image and can make a clone of it, you can also add another image into an existing image, you can also add text to your desired image also.
  • You can resize and images, hence you can manipulate the resolution of the image, you can also cut or crop any part of the image. You can also add frames to images, can make the corners round or smooth.
  • While saving the file, the user can define the file type as well as the quality to save on.
  • While saving you can also make one or multiple images into a .zip file, also you can save the pic into .pdf format.
  • Using Photo Editor you can make cool thumbnails for your YouTube posts, also you can create some funny GIF files and also can share those directly from the dashboard using Facebook and Whatsapp.
  • This app also lets you view and edit and delete metadata like EXIF, IPTC, XMP files. Photo Editor also supports batch processing.
  • Photo Editor is a free application to use, though there ate in-app purchases available. Do not confuse Photo Editor with the Photo Editor pro from InShot inc.

Link to Download Photo Editor App for Android. This app is not available for iOS so try this one.

Pixlr- Free Photo Editor App

This application is a very famous and popular application among Android users. A person with zero knowledge in photo editing also can use Pixlr with ease. Pixlr is good for basic photo manipulation kinds of stuff, and can also be used to make basic GIF and cool DP for your social media account.

Here are some features of PicsArt alternative Pixlr

  • Pixlr has a very good and well-updated directory of filters and pre-set overlays. Multiple filters can be merged into a single layer to create something new.
  • There are also a couple of tools available for creating collages, you can use the tool and can add pics of your choice to make collage photos. There are various kinds of overlays available for making different types of collages.
  • There are also features for adding focal blurs, colour splash etc.
  • Basic photo editing tools like crop, cut, rotate etc. are also available.
  • Drawing on a picture and adding text to any picture also can be done via Pixlr.
  • The GIF creation is not that feature-rich at all.
  • Pixlr does not support multi-layer composition so, editing multiple images in a single project is not available at all.
  • Pixlr is also another free application with in-app purchases and in-app advertisements

Link to Download Pixlr App Android and iOS

Pixelmator App- Free Photo Editor

Pixelmator is a commercial photo manipulation app for Mac and iPhone user users. Pixelmator is powerful, elegant and easy to use for every type of users. Most of Pixelmator’s features let you focus on editing the contents within the picture rather than designing what is around them.

Pixelmator alternative features to replace PicsArt

  • Cropping, cutting, moving, resizing tools are available.
  • Non-destructively designs can be done, adjusting and editing individual aspects also can be done.
  • Existing images can be used to create a new one. Most of the image formats and even RAW files are also supported by Pixelmator. The users do not even need to pre-process the RAW files in order to use them.
  • Dual texture brush feature is also available.
  • Digital, traditional, artistic pics also can be created using Pixelmator.
  • Small imperfections can be removed, any specific part of an image can be darkened or lightened via using temperature control tool in Pixelmator.
  • The reshaping tool is also very intuitive which lets you reshape any object within the pic.
  • Multilayer editing system available in Pixelmator.
  • You can save your project in almost any available image format out there.
  • Sharing and printing option is available in the dashboard itself.
  • Transferring files from iPhone to your other Mac devices is also very easy, fast and secure.
  • As Pixelmator features almost all kind of features which can be made available in mobile devices and features a very powerful engine which let the app run through all kind of formats and also parallelly work with all kind of Mac devices, so the service does not come for free. You will also avail the add-free experience while using Pixelmator.

Link to Download free Pixelmator for Android and iOS.

Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

Unlike the PC counterpart of Photoshop Express, this one is a free application. But mobile-based Photoshop Express does not feature all the pro-level features like Adobe Photoshop in PC.

Another one the best alternatives to PicsArt is Adobe Photoshop Express, here are its features.

  • You can use the crop tool, rotate tools, resize tool, format changing tool to edit your pics in Photoshop Express.
  • Apart from many useful photo editing features, Photoshop Express does feature a 2GB Cloud storage facility for free. The Photoshop Cloud storage does not shrink your files so you can access the original file which you have uploaded in the server anytime.
  • The photo-sharing feature in Photoshop Express is very good, as you can share pics directly with Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Photoshop Express features a huge library to choose from, where you can find thousands of preset templates to use.
  • You can also access any file from any virtual devices as well.
  • Photoshop Express does support multi-layer editing.
  • Though the app is free it contains a moderate amount of adds, and you can opt for the premium edition also where you will have an add-free experience.
  • Photoshop Express is supported by iPhone also, so it has a huge user community base.

Download Photoshop app for Android and iOS

Snapseed- Free App to replace picsArt

Snapseed is a basic photo editing and sharing application packed with a powerful engine, which consists of powerful imaging filters, various kind of tools, to manipulate and transform images on the mobile devices.

Snapseed app as the best alternative for Android and iOS smartphones

  • Almost 30 kinds of tools including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR editing and RGB control panel are also available on the Snapseed dashboard.
  • Most of the RAW file formats and JPEG and JPG file formats are supported by the Snapseed.
  • Various types of filter brushes are available in Snapseed. Temperature based colour control also can be done Snapseed.
  • Snapseed is a free application for both Android and Mac devices.
  • It is a very lightweight and optimized app which runs on any low-end Android device also.
  • Though you can save your projects only in JPG and JPEG format, this is a drawback Snapseed has. It is meant for basic photo editing jobs only, and also you can share the pics directly with social media through Snapseed.

Download Snapseed for Android and iPhone/iPad

Corel Painter Mobile/ Paint! it Show

Corel’s photo editing apps are little unheard photo editing app, which let the user do most of the Photo Editing stuff which can be done on a mobile device. Corel apps are very good which are engineered by the same team of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite, so the pro features of the application are actually very dependable for even serious type of needs. They offer Painter Mobile app for Android and Paint! it Shows a photo editing app for iPhone/iPad users.

Corel Photo editing apps as an alternative features for Android and iOS devices

  • Multilayer compatibility, precise selection tools, smoothing features, brush tools, RGB control, temperature control all are available on Corel apps.
  • Go with this photo editing solution if you need professional photo editing and manipulation solution for a serious type of need. Otherwise, you can try other solutions from this list.

Get it for Android and iOS

Wrapping up

As the mobile-based Photo editing apps are not meant for totally pro-level jobs, so selecting any of the above as the PicsArt alternative will do the job. Of course, all the apps discussed here have their own limitations and not good enough in comparison with pc based photo editing apps but you can not expect more from an Android or iOS Smartphone.

As with time, the processing power of mobile devices has been increased but the control system still relies on the touch screen display, which is not as versatile as Mouse-Keyboard control, so whatever the PicsArt app alternatives mentioned these are the best you can get on mobile devices.

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