8 Best replacement to the UC BROWSER

UC Browser is one of the popular browsing apps however after a few parts of the world have banned it. This now makes us find the perfect alternative app for it. Hence, we have come up with some of the best substitutes for the UC browser web browser.  Let’s see what are those…

Best UC browser alternatives for Android & iOS

Microsoft Edge

One of the best replacements not only to Chrome but also UC browser is from Microsoft. The browser interface is quite intuitive and has the ability to sync history, password, and other data across the supported devices. It comes with useful inbuilt tools such as tracking prevention, AdBlock Plus, and InPrivate mode.

Play store or iOS

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Those are so much concerned about their privacy then the should look DuckDuckGo Browser. It has the speed you need and other interesting features such as Tap Fire Button to clear all data, automatically block hidden third-party trackers, search privately without being tracked;  force sites to use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection and gets a Privacy Grade (A-F).

Play store or iOS

Google Chrome

The first contender in our article is perhaps the Orcas of this ocean, and no doubt that it is the most popular and favorite web browser for Android and almost every Android user has it. It is very simple and has a very user-friendly interface which is sure to receive your praises. If you happen to run short on your data pack, then also you can enjoy browsing with it and make the best possible use of the internet with the data saving technology present in it, which allows you to save big amounts of data while browsing and it is indeed awesome. It records and keeps in store all your search history and all your favorite items so that you can easily find them whenever you try to search for them. Furthermore, you also get many other advanced features like- this beautiful browser protects you from all the malicious and bad sites by giving you warnings before you proceed to log in to such sites, and also you can completely go hands-free in it, all thanks to the Google’s voice search which empowers you to speak anything and Google will follow all your commands and then give you accurate results. Moreover, you can translate everything in this browser to your favorite language and enjoy it to the best. And yes, if you have not yet downloaded it, now is your time to become a proud member of the 5 billion-plus strong family.

Play Store & iOS

Mozilla Firefox Browser

This beauty can also go head to head against any of its contenders and still stand class apart with its unique and magnificent set of characteristics. It will not only allow you to browse at supersonic speed but also maintain your privacy as well. One of the most astonishing features about this app is that you need not be worried about the security and privacy at all, as everything is automatically planned for you. The only thing you need to do after downloading it is that just go on and browse as much as you can, complete all your important stuff, enjoy social media, stay connected with your family and friends, play games, watch videos, and so on. And yes, you can also adjust the privacy and security settings according to you if you think that there is anything missing or needs modification, yes, you have the liberty for that too. It makes internet browsing easy and fun-filled as it stores all your search history and also all your favorite search items to make things easier for you and moreover, it also keeps a record of all your passwords and important bookmarks so that you can access them all with a single click whenever you wish to.

Play Store & iOS

Opera Browser with Free VPN

Is privacy and security your primary concern? If your answer is yes, then this app is perhaps the best alternative app for you. As the name suggests, it supports a free VPN for all of you to secure your privacy and make browsing safer than ever before. With the help of this browser, you can now block all those irritating unwelcomed ads while browsing and also get rid of the cookies. Once you use it for a while, this browser will analyze everything that you search in it, and then display the news feed based on all the stuff of your interest and it is really a thumbs up feature. After long hours of browsing, your eyes are sure to strain and feel sleepy, so Opera has worked very hard for the same, and come up with the night mode technology, which adjusts the light of the screen to the best way possible so that your eyes feel minimum pressure and strain, and you can enjoy reading and viewing each and everything in it. Furthermore, you also get a bunch of other features that are very useful, so all you need to do is download it and let the fun begin.

Play Store & iOS

Web Browser and Explorer

It is another beauty and this tiny sized web browser has a lot to offer. It comes backed with an incognito mode, which enables you to browse the web privately without your browser history is saved on the server. It comes loaded with a flash player, and the process of copy and paste is also very easy and simple on it. It loads very fast and you can feel that as it opens upright within the blink of your eye. You can choose from a variety of themes or even customize your own. It keeps a record of all the history of your web search, so it makes things easier for you to load all your favorite web pages instantly. You can make bookmarks of all the important stuff and then load it with a single click in the future. Moreover, the interface of this web browser is very simple and user friendly and you can make the most use of it.

Play Store & iOS

Brave Privacy Browser

It is one of the bravest browsers out there and yes all of you can try it. You get rid of all the ads and any other type of disturbances that disturb you in between your web browsing. You get an ad blocker absolutely free in it and you can use it to block all those ads. And yes, all the private tabs are waiting to offer you some of the best private search atmospheres. The data and battery saver mode empower you to make the best possible use of this browser even if the juice in your smartphone or tablet is very less and you are almost out of data. It is a completely free browser, and also a private one. You get a fully safe and secure experience of browsing. The battery and data saving modes as I mentioned earlier are always there for your aid.it is backed by HTTPS to further enhance your security. It also has a script blocker of its own and also a cooking blocker. Last but not least, you can view your complete browsing history in it.

Play Store & iOS

Indian Browser

Those are looking for a made in India app and you can feel proud of the same. The user interface is simple and friendly and you will like it and most probably have no complaints against it. It is a 5 MB tiny size small app and will never lag while you use it. Due to its small size and creative design, it offers you fast browsing speed and you can also enjoy social media to its best in it. Even if you happen to be on cellular data, then also you can get good speed in this browser, so you must give it a try. Furthermore, it also offers you good security, and your privacy will be maintained in it and all your passwords and crucial data are also safe and protected in it. Moreover, it is a complete make in India app, so you should definitely give it a try.

Play Store  


Thus, these are the six best and amazing alternatives to the UC Browser. Some of the apps mentioned in this article are not as popular as their rival, but they have their awesome set of features to offer to you, plus each and every app in this article has something special and distinguishing thing about them, which you are surely going to love. And, I hope that after going through this article, you might have found the perfect alternative for you.

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