Top Spotify alternatives for all music lovers and artists

Spotify is one of the most popular music app or so-called audio streaming service, which comes with a big music library, podcast library, also offers some premium paid services along with the regular services. Spotify contains adds and also features in-app purchases. Though all the feature Spotify has, sometimes Spotify may become a pain for some users to use which is not expected from a premium quality application. Thus, if you are looking for some alternatives to Spotify here are some.

If you are looking for regional songs and music, you may discover it troublesome to find those on Spotify servers. Spotify features almost all languages in their library, but it is quite possible that you will not find any specific Track or Album in their library if it is a regional language.

As music is one of the most common ways of entertainment, as it is easy to enjoy while you are travelling or even working, no music lovers would expect to use laggy services as their form of entertainment, also a piece of music is playing along with unwanted pause and breaks is not acceptable at all. So, here is the best alternative music app which you can use to substitute Spotify. All the apps discussed below are better than Spotify in a various manner, even some of the apps are free from those annoying adds, features a bigger library, and also a longer and more intuitive playlist. Moreover, if you are in love with the Spotify services anyway, it is worth experiencing other competitors as there is no best service in today’s competitive world.

YouTube Music

The Best alternative to any music app

Without any doubt, Youtube’s YouTube Music is the best audio streaming and music platform, it is not just an alternative to Spotify, it is actually far better than Spotify. YouTube Music is the best application in this list and if you are not using it, then you are doing it all wrong.

  • YouTube Music does not only provide you with the biggest library of music in the world but also it automatically modifies the recommended playlist according to your liking and search history. As YouTube is powered and owned by Google, they use the same technology, so no worries about the user experience.
  • YouTube’s one of the best thing its accessibility, as it let you access all the contents like music, audio tracks, podcasts everything for free. Even you will find multiple version of the same song or music from different artists and even the original one, remake one or the remix one. This feature is unlikely something which you will experience with other apps.
  • YouTube features many adds, of all the types. The free version, of course, comes with adds, though YouTube gives their users the power of modifying their viewing preference as well, so if you found an add to be disturbing or inappropriate then you can report and set that specific add off so that you do not see that add ever again.


  • The playlist is powered by Google’s AI, as well as the recommended playlist, so the best user experience is guaranteed, as Google features the best AI for user service.
  • You can access all the content in YouTube directory even with no subscription.
  • The biggest library of songs, music, audio tracks and podcasts.
  • You can also use the webpage version, so it is also accessible via a pc easily and you can enjoy your favourite music without any mobile device.


  • The free version features many adds, sometime it may bother you, but no adds will be played in between a song. So, it is quite manageable if you want to go with the free features only.


A Twin brother of Spotify

If you liked the interface of Spotify but you are annoyed due to the price factor, then Deezer is the best thing for you. They are almost the same, the dashboard, the working mechanics, even the contents all are almost the same. But, with Deezer, you have all the service and content for free.

  • Deezer consists of 53 million tracks, you will find many playlists made by the music editors also you can make your personal playlists. As Deezer is free to use the application, it features adds but not in huge amount, adds do come occasionally. If you use the shuffle play feature you may not like the result as there is no AI system to choose the song according to your search history and likings. But, whole the music library for free and the offline mode make Deezer a world-class app.


  • The Editor made playlists are very good
  • The interface is very intuitive just like Spotify itself
  • Free to use contents


  • The shuffle play feature is really annoying
  • Features add as the app is a freemium application.


The perfect music player and platform for upcoming artists as a Spotify alternative.

An advanced Music app, which you can use if you are looking for something different in taste than all others. Soundcloud is not just an alternative to Spotify, it is also an alternative to YouTube Music and any other mainstream audio app.

  • Soundcloud is one of the oldest platforms on the web on the music streaming segment. You not only can discover new music with Soundcloud but also you can stream your own music creations, and also share music with your friends for free.
  • Soundcloud is a very good choice for music collaborators, audiophiles, and professional and amateur musicians. Soundcloud is actually a good platform for upcoming musicians as well where you can record your music and stream for free to get attention and recognition.
  • Soundcloud also features a huge and well-maintained library of songs, and they do feature many old songs which you may not find in any other app or libraries. As many new upcoming musicians stream their own composed music up here, so you may find many exclusive songs or albums which you may not find anywhere else.
  • If you want to keep up with the trendy music, then Soundcloud is a very good option for you. As it is a community-based service, where the community will keep pushing and feeding the new trends of music and new releases, so you won’t miss any latest song. If you want to know what music lovers are felling about any specific song, or just want to stay in the mainstream of music trend, Soundcloud is even a better option than Spotify itself.


  • Soundcloud has a very active community and this community also features many musicians and upcoming singers, which makes this community a honeypot for music lovers.
  • Not only a great place to discover new upcoming artists, but also it is a great place to showcase your music-related talent, so if you are passionate about music, Soundcloud is highly recommended.


  • The searching and playlist creation features are bit old school, and not intuitive enough as compared to Spotify or any other music app now a day.


A very good app to rely on for discovering new music

A little bit like Soundcloud, BandCamp is also another platform where you can enjoy music also can discover new upcoming artists and their songs. BandCamp is good for enjoying music as well as good for a good service for music fans, amateur musicians, and upcoming album labels.

  • While signing up in BandCamp you need to sign up as a fan or artist or a label, so you can imagine how professional this service is going to be.
  • Here you can try to discover new artists if you are interested in upcoming talents than the present stars. You can also discover some newbie to collaborate with for your new project. You can also discover new labels and albums using BandCamp.
  • If you want to support any upcoming talent you can also tip them via using gift cards, through microtransaction.
  • Those are music blogger then this app is a content mine. You can also discover many indie artists in here.
  • As a professional music streaming service, BandCamp is much better than Spotify. Many new artists and bands got their first public attention nad first official contract through BandCamp.


  • Without any doubt, BandCamp is one of the best places to discover indie artists and in this case, it is better than Spotify and YouTube itself.
  • The service comes for free though it has microtransactions if you want to support or tip some artists on the go.


  • As Bandcamp is labelled for newcomers, almost no mainstream artists do work with Bandcamp.


A very simple music app

MusicUp is another Spotify alternative, known among users because of its simple and easy to use interface. MusicUp is a web-based service and the dashboard is like the legacy radio applications, with options of various playlists. Different playlists are made of songs with different kind of lengths and also do feature songs for different moods. MusicUp also features a Karaoke version, where randomized music will keep playing like an auto playlist.

  • The playlists are designed for various moods as well as for various activities. You will find playlists for “open road”, “work out”, “chill out and relax”, “romantic”, “tragedy and sad” etc. You can also create a user-customizable playlist as well.
  • You can enjoy music with others in collaborative rooms and also can vote for the next song to enjoy together.


  • It got a Karaoke version, which is a unique feature
  • Got the feature of Activity-tailored stations
  • You can enjoy music in collaboration rooms and you can also create your own room to enjoy with your friends.


  • The number of stations is limited.
  • Though MusicUp comes with some unique features, on another hand MusicUp also lacks many common features, in simple word MusicUp is a very minimal application.

Wrapping up

So, here we talked about some of the best alternatives of Spotify, which are best in different segments. Now according to your interest, you should choose which app you want to use. You can use multiple apps for seamless enjoyment, but you should also know what to expect from which app, which music platform is better for what kind of reason. If you are just an avid music listener, then you can use any of the apps or maybe all of them. But, if you are looking for something very specific you should go through the article again to understand and fulfil your needs.

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