8 Best Alternatives to The Mobile Legends Gaming App in 2020

Mobile Legends is one of the cool Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) based games out there. Now, the question arises that are there any alternatives for the same? Well, the answer is yes, there are. So, all the gamers who were fans and players of this very gaming app, you guys should bring a smile into your charming faces. Without any further talk, let me showcase to you the best replacement to Mobile legends gaming app for Android and iOS.

Best the mobile legends game similar apps

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game

It is one of the most played and sought Mobile legend alternatives out there as online multiplayer arena battle based games for you all to enjoy. This 470 MB size game will push you to your limits and you will be forced to bring out the hidden wild gamer inside you to claim your supremacy in it. You can become part of the epic and traditional five versus five players battles and then with a superb team spirit and sharp strategy lead your team to victory, and make the opposition taste defeat. It comes loaded with many weapons and machinery for your aid, ranging from – tanks, guns, etc. But, let me clear it to you, that it is not posted able win this game by mere weapons, you will have to use your gamer brain and then make your plans accordingly and devastate the enemies, no doubt that all the killing weapons act acts like catalysts and promoters, but your crazy gamer brain is the main reaction in it. The in-app purchases range from 95 to 9100 rupees.

Arena of Valor

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Brave Legends

Brave Legends counterpart to The Mobile legend comes with many amazing heroes and you can collect and arrange them accordingly to form a dream team. And yes, just like the iconic movie Jumanji, you can have a glimpse of all the attributes of your virtual hero with a simple touch. It will display all the unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and much more so that you can form your dream team in the best way possible. Furthermore, you can also upgrade your heroes in many ways and every time try to bring the best out of them. Before entering the battle arena, do practice a lot, and then get ready to conquer everyone out there. With powerful heroes, weapons, skills, you only need to unleash yourself virtually in the battleground and eliminate all the merciless enemies out there. There are a lot of rewards waiting for you in between the game, and you will have many accolades to your name as you progress further into this game. Moreover, there is a lot more, including the deadly Boss battles, so are you ready? If yes, then you can grab this 92 MB size beauty for yourself. If you are worried about the in-app purchases, they range from 85 to 8300 rupees.

Brave Legends replacement for The Mobile Legend

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Heroes Evolved

It gives you the feel of play high-intensity density MOBA in your laptop or PC right in your phone or tablet. If you are crazy for heroes, then you will be delighted to know that this Mobile legend similar game – Heroes Evolved has got over fifty distinct and awesome heroes; including the legend – Bruce Lee. One of the most astonishing features of this game is that most of the battles are of the short time interval so that you can play more and more addictive matches in it for hours. It backpacked with quite a few modes of gaming so that you can keep yourself glued to it all day long. You can either join a friend’s army or create your own clan and then invite all your wild gaming friends to it. The controls are easy to understand but a bit difficult to master, and you must practice a lot in order to do the same. The graphics are very good, all thanks to the gigantic 1.2 GB size of the game and creative designing and engineering team. When it comes to in-app purchases, they range from 90 to 8800 rupees.

Heroes Evolved game

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Heroes Arena

It is another alternative game in our list in 98 MB size that loads quick and fast, and you will definitely like that. Albeit, the controls look easy and they are also, but if you want to master them, then get ready to sweat a lot for the same. You can form a clan of your own and then invite all the players you wish to, and go head to head and face some of the badass dudes out there, who are surely not going to regret kicking your ass virtually, so you must do the same before they do it to you. All your matches are saved here, and then you can have a glimpse of them afterward to know about your shortcomings and then correct them, and you can also share your epic matches with everyone you want to. It also comes loaded with powerful machinery and weapons and you should make the best use of the same for destroying the enemies. Weapons along with a strong plan, the never-ending ending team spirit will ultimately lead you to the path of glory in it. You can choose from over twenty heroes to represent yourself virtually in the game. If you are thinking about the in-app purchases, they range from 90 to 8800 rupees.

Heroes Arena alternative

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Onmyoji Arena

Are you all set to enter this wonderful MOBA and become its part? If yes, then you are most welcome by the OnmyojiArena but do remember that once you step inside then there is no looking back and you must get the job done. The intense and terrifying five on five dual is all about determination and your will. You must take yourself and your team to victory by defeating the enemies, but it is not going to be that easy, you must play it giving your best and with full team spirit. It is all about your skills, perfect timing, believing in your team, and above all believing in yourself, that no one is you, and that is your ultimate power. One of the most amazing things about this game is that it also features a deadly and never before three versus three battle, yes, you heard it ring three-team team battle at the same time. It is going to be a pool of blood and a violent one. But, no matter whatever the situation is, you must fight and lead the team to glory, and then feel the air, that smell of victory. The graphics of this Mobile Legend alternative game are just fantastic, and you will definitely appreciate them. The size of this game is 2.6 GB, and that is huge, no doubt in it. The In-app purchases will make you poor by 70 to 6900 rupees.

Onmyoji Arena best substitute to The mobile legend game

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This Mobile Legend game substitute is one of the most decorated MOBA and you should not miss it. It has a huge collection of forty-ninety nine heroes, and you can grab them all, and represent yourself virtually as one of your favorite ones. The epic 5 versus 5 battles are just waiting to be mauled by you and your team. You must form a strong team of five players and then take on powerful opponents of five players and prove that you are the best by knocking them out virtually in the worst way possible. You will get awards and bonuses from time to time as you progress further to the game. The weapons and machinery available are also of great quality and it will pierce through your opponents. So, form a strong team, grab your favorite hero, load yourself with the deadly weapons, and then with true team spirit and will to succeed kick the hell out of all those that step in your way. This 1.5 GB size game has got magnificent graphics for you and you will indeed like them. If in-app purchases are in your mind, then let me clear it out, they are of the range 65to 6800 rupees.

Paladins Strike

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Paladins Strike

It comes packed with over fifteen heroes that are waiting to be yours. So, you can collect all of them and then choose your avatar in the game. The 5 versus 5 battles will definitely boost you up and will always keep you glued to this game for hours. You will be living in the fantasy world and never wish to come out of it while you are playing it. Furthermore, MOBA is all about online multiplayer action, so you can enjoy it with your near and dear ones any time of the day or night you wish to. You can either join a team or create your own and then invite your loved ones into it. But, this is not over, the real fun starts after that after you are done forming your team, get ready to battle. Yes, you will have to form the best strategy along with your teammates and then work according to it with full team spirit. And do keep in mind that you will be facing some of the rough and tough competition from the strong gamers across the globe, therefore be prepared in advance. The graphics of this 521 MB game are indeed praiseworthy and in all probability, you will have no complaints against them. The in-app purchases will reduce your bank balance by 10 to 6700 rupees.

Paladins Strike alternatives

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MARVEL Super War

I guess that most of you might be a Marvel fan, and if you are one of them, then you are all set to love this game. Well, this is the first MOBA game on the phone and tablets and you can enjoy it to the fullest. So, are you ready to take it? I heard yes, then welcome to the Marvel family. You can collect from all your favorite Marvel superheroes and then step into their shoes virtually and become part of this legendary game. You can set a never spider-Maner Man versus Iron Man or Captain America versus Hulk, and so on. What will be more blissful than, you and your loved ones form a team of five of your favorite superheroes and then take on a team of other superheroes heroes, it will be all goosebumps, just like a dream come true for all the lovers of Marvel franchise? If you happen to be a MOBA fan plus a Marvel admirer, then it is just like adding fuel to fire. When it comes to the graphics, they are just outstanding, and you will definitely like them. If you are bothering about the in-app purchases, they are of the range 80 to 7900 rupees.

MARVEL Super War alternative games

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Closing thoughts on Mobile Legend Alternatives

Thus, these are the eight best and popular alternatives to the Mobile Legends gaming app. All the above-mentioned apps will offer you some of the best MOBA experience and you will definitely like it. I hope that this article was helpful for you and as of now you might have found your favorite alternative gaming app, just grab it and let the fun begin.

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