4 Best free Windows 10 operating system alternative options

When it comes to search for a free option to replace Windows 10 or its earlier operating systems versions, the only option is Open source. Yes, the Linux Distros are free to use, distribute, and are not anymore just a command-line OS that is depriving of apps. They are thriving and slowly-slowly capturing a huge share of standard Desktop or Laptop computer users. Moreover, as we know Microsoft has already dropped its support to Windows 7, thus a lot of PC users now looking for some best alternative to Win 7 instead to switch for Win 10. Also, if you are worried about data collection or hate the feeling of being tracked and to keep your all data with your self. Then you must have one question “What can I use instead of Windows?” Then here are some good substitutes.

Free & Open Source Windows 10/7 replacements

As we know the Windows in the market for a very time now and with a huge user base, most of the companies develop their software for only it. However, it is true you can’t use Adobe or Microsoft Office and other similar software on Linux, yet there you can use their substitutes or software equivalent to them in open source. The best thing, for all this at least you don’t have to pay a single dime.

Zorin OS for Win 10 users

I know most of you would already know about this open-source distro if you have ever searched for the best Linux distros. However, if you yet don’t acquaint with Zorin OS, then you should go and download it. It comes with different interface options. Where you can use it either with Windows 10 like start menu or docker which is a charm of macOS. With fluid and colorful interface it will never let you feel that you are using some free operating system. 

Although it is an open source, the developers also offer a paid version at just 39 dollars. Now, you would say why should I pay for Linux, it is because the premium version of Zorin OS comes with a lot of applications. It includes business and media apps, more than 20 games, Ulitmate Lite edition; plus three desktop layouts macOS, Windows, Linux & Touch desktop.

Zorin OS to replace Windows 10
Zorin OS to replace Windows 10

Apart from this they also offer a Lite version for old computers getting rotten in your garage.

  • The minimum Zorin OS requirements are CPU 1 GHz Dual-Core – 64-bit, RAM 2 GB; 20 GB & Display of 800 × 600 resolution.
  • For Lite version: CPU 700 MHz Single Core – 64-bit or 32-bit; RAM 512 MB, 8 GB HDD, and Display of 640 × 480 resolution.

Linux Mint to replace Windows 7

We placed it in second place, not Ubuntu because of the interface which looks like Windows 7. Well as we know it is based on Ubuntu, thus lots of applications are also available along with tons of documentation and community guides. This Linux option available in multi Desktop user interface options, however, Cinnamon is the best. Colors, icons, and other smooth edges and all look quite attractive.

Therefore, it is not only a good alternative to Windows but for Ubuntu too. In fact, you can install a large number of old and new programs on it as compared to Ubuntu. But whatever the technical limitations of Ubuntu are there will also apply to Linux Mint as well.

Linux mint a perfect substitute for WIndows 7
Linux mint a perfect substitute for Windows 7


Well, the list couldn’t be completed without mentioning it. Ubuntu has been in the Linux world for a very long time now. Yes, its interface will not be familiar for existing Windows users at all but believe, you would not take much time to learn- how to use it.

The installation of various open-source software is also relatively easy due to its Snap Software center. Hundreds of projects are there to become a part of your OS and enhance productivity. Also, in 2020, Ubuntu has got quite a momentum and lots of users now have started using this Linux distro.

Ubuntu instead of Win 10
Ubuntu instead of Win 10

Well, all of the above mentioned Windows free alternatives are based on Ubuntu; one of the reasons behind this is online tutorials and other resources availability. That not only help the users to solve different problems in case they get stuck somewhere but also let them explore and learn new commands; after all Linux is still a world of extreme possibilities.

However, the system requirements of Ubuntu’s full-fledged Graphical user interface is not meant to run on some old and rusty systems. It needs some hardware that can match today’s world demands. It requires:

  • 2 GHz dual-core CPU or better
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 25 GB HDD space or more as per the need.
  • USB support or DVD drive

Deepin OS

This is one of the perfect Linux operating systems to replace Windows 10 or 7. It is a very strong contender on this free operating system list not only because of the interface but also the ease of usage it provides. Well, being developed by Chinese developers, there are many people who are quite skeptical about the data and privacy. However, the Deepin creators cleared that there is nothing to worry about that. But what I would like to say about this Debian based operating system is you must try it once. Moreover, if you are terribly worried about the data sensitivity then don’t forget Windows is also not heaven as well.

Deepin the best windows 10 alternative
Deepin, the best windows 10 alternative

It has its own App store with a wide range of open source applications. In addition to that, all the day to day needed software to help us be productive are there on the OS.

Here are its system requirements:

  • Intel Pentium CPU IV running on 2GHz or higher
  • 2GB of RAM or more
  • 25 GB or more free Disk space

Closing thoughts

Well, all the above mentioned free Linux operating system to replace Windows are well stable. Apart from them, there are many others like React OS, Elementary OS, MX Linux, Manjaro, and others. But what is the point of mentioning all of them?

If you are just a regular user of a computer system who is just looking for alternatives to full fill all his day to day computing and entertainment demands along with a chance to learn something new the above are the best choices. However, the Linux world is always opened to possibilities… You can try whatever you want. If you have any thoughts or would like to tell us which one is your favorite OS, then please let us know through comments.

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