Top 10 alternatives to YouTube for creators and viewers

Best YouTube alternative platforms or websites for creators to create and upload videos to connect different audiences worldwide…

When it comes to streaming videos, the first website that comes to our mind is YouTube. I hardly think there are any odds. Talking about the viewers, it is one of the best platforms as you can find videos of almost all the genres you can think of, from a bunch of small and big creators all over the world.

Just search for anything you want, and leave the rest to YouTube. It is that simple. From music videos to tutorials and from life hacks to recipes, YouTube is the home for every kind of video you can think of. But the scenario might not be all the same for some creators and viewers on the platform.

Talking about creators, there are millions of creators on YouTube, each creating different types of videos and if you are a new crater on the platform, it will take quite some time for you to stand out in such a vast platform. But there are hundreds of alternatives, where you can create your presence and show your creations to people all over the world.

YouTube is the largest platform for streaming videos, and you should undoubtedly have your presence on the platform. But I will discuss the top 10 alternatives of YouTube for viewers and creators, where you should have your presence if you feel lost in such an enormous platform. The below given are not the only website based substitutes for Youtube but also the best Youtube app alternatives because most of them are available on Android Google Play Store or Apple’s iOS app store. 

Let’s see best YouTube Alternatives to watch and upload videos


In the finding of video websites like YouTube, needless to say, Dailymotion will come first in mind. Featuring a similar user interface like that of YouTube, you can upload Full HD or 1080p videos with a maximum size of 4 GB on the platform.

But if you want to upload videos more than 4 GB you should upgrade to get the pro benefits. Dailymotion is a great platform if you want to share vlogs or some tutorials to make it visible to users across the globe.

Youtube’s alternative Dailymotion is strict while dealing with videos uploaded by its creators. The rules aren’t as strict as that of YouTube, which makes it a great platform if you can’t post your videos to YouTube.

Dailymotion features a sleek user interface, which most users will like, and the platform will automatically recommend you videos as per your location, likeness to make you feel like at home while you are entertaining yourself using the platform.


Second YouTube alternative for gamers and they are well aware of this platform, which is meant for live broadcasting of games, and also for recording them to upload them later. Though the platform is meant for gamers, it isn’t exclusive only to the gaming community.

This is a Youtube alternative where creators can even upload some small videos of different activities, tips, tricks, and tutorials on the platform. Twitch is a great platform if you want to learn new and exclusive tutorials when you are free.

Twitch offers a very user-friendly interface, making it the best alternative for YouTube among the users who are fond of gaming. On being a part of the Twitch community, you will fall in love with gaming, and if you are stuck at a level on your favorite game, the large community members on Twitch already have a video to help you overcome the hardships you are facing in that particular level or chapter of your favorite game.


Sometimes none of us has the patience to watch hour-long videos, and sometimes it might even discourage us from watching videos more than 5 minutes long or so. It is where Metacafe, which is even older and can consider a good alternative to YouTube when it comes to video play. So if you want to spend your leisure time by watching some very small yet unique videos, Metacafe is for you. Yes, I would pay extra emphasis on the term unique as the platform doesn’t allow duplicate contents on its platform. It is a kind of real video YouTube alternative.

On Metacafe, you can find each video of a maximum of 90 seconds, and all that comes from varied genres like comedy, small tutorials, creativity, and everything you can think of.

Metacafe can be a great platform if you have the rare ability to show your unique creations or throw light on some social issues within a limit of 90 seconds by using some creative videos. Metacafe is no way close to YouTube, when it comes to features or collections, but is definitely unique for the limitations, and the fact, the contents are unique on the platform.


If you are a filmmaker or fond of watching some entertaining clips with minimum or no distraction like that of YouTube, where video clips are all around waiting for your click, Vimeo is the best platform for you. If you are a creator, looking for Youtube alternative, you can upload a maximum of 500 MB per week, though the limit can be upgraded to 5 GB per week with a Plus subscription, and 20 GB per week with a Pro subscription.

The limit might seem to be a constraint, but that keep the platform free from crappy videos, which eventually helps in maintaining the integrity and quality of the platform. Though you can upload unlimited videos on Vimeo with a Business or Premium subscription if creating new videos and movies is your passion.

Vimeo as substitute to YouTube offers a very user-friendly and easy user interface and if you want to enjoy some quality videos in your leisure time, Vimeo is the best alternative to YouTube that you can use.

Vimeo, just like Metacafe doesn’t have a versatile collection like that of YouTube, but it is the best platform for watching some quality videos from some classy film-makers and producers from across the globe.


If you are a constant learner, and learning new things from the top educators, businessmen, or from the top persons of a particular skill set is your passion, you will fall in love with Ted. Ted is a non-profit organization, which offers videos and talks on a bunch of different subjects like education, business, social issues, science and tech, and everything else you can think of.

The creators, as I already said, are experts in the respective subjects, and you can gather unbiased knowledge from each and every Ted talks hosted by those experts in more than 100 languages.

Ted isn’t a perfect alternative to YouTube, from a creator’s point of view, as the chance of being a creator isn’t open to all. But if you are a viewer, you will really like the platform for the quality and versatility it has to offer.

Ted is a non-profit organization with the goal to spread knowledge, and the best part is, you can even listen just to the audio, or keep doing other things parallelly, while you are listening to the Ted Talks. It is a perfect Youtube alternative for schools.


Music lovers must already know about Vevo, which is a video hosting platform owned by the three big names in the music industry, i.e. Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, and Universal Music Group.

Vevo, as you can already understand, isn’t completely a clone of YouTube, as it mainly emphasizes on music contents from all over the world. Founded in 2009, you can find all the leading music titles on the platform faster than even on YouTube. Just start your party by opening Vevo and play the music loud and clear.

Vevo isn’t as good as YouTube alternatives when it comes to recommending content or music videos, which might be a kind of a disappointment, but not really.

The availability of the exclusive content on Vevo faster than on any other streaming music platform is the bottom line of Vevo, and that is something most music lovers undoubtedly appreciate. Just search for the music videos you love, and hit the play button. It is that simple.


If you are looking for yet another platform to show off your creativity besides YouTube, IGTV is the best platform as you can get access to the large user base already present on Instagram.

Just like YouTube, you can post both short or long videos on the platform, with the only condition, that it should be comfortable to be watched on smartphones or other portable devices.

Being based on mobile, you can easily attain new heights being a creator on IGTV as it is more comfortable to watch videos and socialize, both at the same time.

Talking about the viewers, IGTV is a great alternative to YouTube, considering the fact, you can automatically get the most trending videos on IGTV depending upon your likes and location.

You can even search for videos on IGTV to find the content made by creators all across the globe. Considering the age of IGTV, it is stupid to expect the size of the catalog to be as big as YouTube. But IGTV undoubtedly has the potential to be the next big repute after YouTube.

Facebook Watch

Facebook doesn’t need an introduction. We all know it! We all love spending those happy hours on Facebook when our best friends are online. But Facebook Watch is the new venture by Facebook, which most users don’t know about, though most users love watching some small and entertaining videos on Facebook.

On Facebook Watch, you can search for, and watch different types of videos by different creators on the platform. Facebook uses your location data to better target videos you will actually be interested in, which isn’t unique to Facebook, but you will love the feature.

Facebook Watch is a great platform for creators as well, as you can even earn by uploading videos on the platform. Just like IGTV, you can get hands-on the existing large user base on the platform, and if you have own of page or group on Facebook that is going to give you a head start to attract more viewers within a short span of time.

PeerTube YouTube Alternative

Unlike YouTube, and most other alternatives of YouTube I have mentioned here, PeerTube is a decentralized video streaming platform under the GNU Affero General Public License, which basically means, the free platform will run on a network.

PeerTube being a decentralized platform, the contents don’t stay on an individual server, but it is shared among different servers worldwide to reduce the load, and it is with that goal PeerTube was launched back in 2015.

PeerTube works almost the same way just the way people download torrents. The platform isn’t that popular if compared to Facebook, but it is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to YouTube, which has great potential to reach heights.

Due to the lack of popularity, the number of creators on the platform is quite scarce, as well, but you should definitely give the platform a try if you are fond of exploring new things.

The Internet Archive

Considering YouTube, and the other platforms to be the players of today, The Internet Archive is the player of the previous era, when people never thought of the platforms we are using today. The name The Internet Archive is self-explanatory.

It is the home for different kinds of contents ranging from texts, pictures, videos to software, TV shows, and audio collections. Talking about the video and movie catalog, you can find a number of old videos on The Internet Archive which you can hardly find on the platforms of today like YouTube or so. This surely makes The Internet Archive a storehouse of contents back from the golden era.

The Internet Archive has contents from the time when the number of content creators and viewers were only a handful in number. The Internet Archive is great for some old collections, and you can even upload your own content on the platform to push the limits of the Internet Archive.

The video and movie section of The Internet Archive can undoubtedly be a great competitor to YouTube, when it comes to old contents, but isn’t that good when it comes to the new content and creations. So, The Internet Archive is worth trying out to peep into the old and golden era.

All the platforms I mentioned here, are, in some way or the other, alternatives to YouTube, even though some features might differ. When it comes to the catalog of contents, no other platforms offer such a comprehensive collection of videos, which YouTube has to offer.

YouTube is the most popular platform when it comes to streaming videos, and there isn’t any doubt about it. But all the platforms I mentioned here, have the potential to be the next best platform for streaming videos, but it all depends upon how the developers of the platform promote their platform.

If you are looking for a secondary presence to be an online influencer, I will strongly recommend you to present yourself in at least some of the above-mentioned platforms if you agree with the terms and conditions of being a creator on the individual platforms.

Hope you liked the list of top 10 alternatives to YouTube for creators and viewers. Did I miss out on any other great video streaming platform? Feel free to comment on the same down below.

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