15 Best Alternatives to Heavy Cream

Pureed Tofu cream alternative to heavy cream

Heavy cream is a dairy ingredient which helps in adding flavour, richness and body to many dishes including casseroles, soups and desserts. There are various alternatives to heavy cream available in case you are not able to use it because of some health issues or …

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9 Best Substitutes to cow milk for healthy body

Best Substitutes to cow milk for healthy body min

Cow Milk is a fundamental part of eating routine, however here and there it very well may be excessively difficult to stomach. High in fat and with a carbon footprint to match, cow’s milk is neither the greenest nor healthiest milk available; that’s why people …

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10 Best Diary Milk alternatives for toddlers

Soy Milk diary milk altenative

An infant living on breast milk; young children, teenager or an adult, for all of them, milk is a good source to full fill the nutrient requirements of the body. Here are some good milk alternatives for toddlers and adults. Dairy Milk is a common option …

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