4 Top Free Alternatives to the Baidu Maps

Baidu maps offered by a Chinese Search engine called Baidu just like Google Maps. However, recently it banned ibn India along with others and if you are looking for som best similar apps like Baidu Maps then here are some options. Anyways, nothing is permanent in the virtual world also, just like the human world.

Best Baidu Maps Replacement Apps

GPS based navigation apps are really useful when it comes to travel in an unknown area or place. For example, a delivery boy comes straight to your house door, but how? This all is because of the navigation system aiding. In today’s world, we really can understand the value of such applications however the Baidu Maps is not the only app to do such there are dozens of similar apps on Play Store and iOS app store. Although because of Android and iOS popularity we generally use the default navigation application that comes with them such as the popular Google GPS based Maps and navigation solution. That’s why we are here with some well-know Map & navigation applications, so try them rather sticking to a single one.

In this article, We have listed some of the best and popular Baidu alternative apps in 2020.

Google Maps

It can be considered as one of the hottest alternatives to the Baidu Maps app in this category, as this app is perhaps one of the most downloaded and used apps worldwide. It comes backed with the realistic maps and locations of over two hundred and twenty nations, and it is indeed very praiseworthy. It has got almost everything that you are willing to find out, and believe me it will never disappoint you. You can also get real-time information regarding the traffic, signals, rush hour, and much more. You can plan your journey according to it in the best way possible. It also comes backed with superb technologies that cater to all your needs, it listens to your commands and gives you the best results. Furthermore, you can also search for the best restaurants, cafeterias, particular places, etc. Moreover, you will find the address and map of almost all the places that are available in your town or any other town of over 220 countries. The in-app purchases are nill, yes you heard me right, it is absolutely free.

Google Maps best alternative to baidu amps

Install for Android | iOS (free)

Here We Go – City Navigation

It is another powerful navigation app and you can surely look forward to it as your alternative app. This app makes navigation easy and simple for you. It comes loaded with maps of over one hundred countries and has the necessary details regarding most of the cities and towns. You can track the location simply by using this app. Suppose, you have boarded a cab, then you want to go to your location, but you are not aware of the path or road to be taken, and neither is the driver of the cab familiar with them. Then at that very point in time, this app can come handy and help you out in the best way possible. Not only this, but you can also take the help of this app whenever you want to search for any particular location. If in-app purchases are bothering you, then let me tell you, that this app is free from them and is completely free.

Here We Go City Navigation min

Install for Android | iOS (free)

Waze – GPS, Maps &Traffic Alerts

One more beauty which is fighting hard to win your heart and emerge as your dream Baidu Maps replacement app, let us figure it out. It provides you with relevant information about the traffic, police, signals, and much more, while you plan your journey in it. It also gives you the information regarding the best and alternative routes that you can take to avoid traffic and in order to save time and most importantly never ever remain in a hurry. Furthermore, this app comes loaded with beautiful technology, which allows you to listen to your favorite music tracks via popular music and podcast apps. It also gives you the nearly accurate travel time of your journey and the most possible time when you will arrive at your destination. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they are nill, and you get this app for zero rupees.

Waze Live Navigation min

Install for Android | iOS (free)

MAPS.ME – Offline map

This is another Editors’ choice Baidu app replacement application that can offer maps without the internet connection. Just download once and you follow it to reach your destination. Just like most of the navigation systems it also gives alert where to turn and where not. Use it while driving, walking, or cycling anywhere in the world. You can also save your favorite places on it while planning the trip so that you wouldn’t miss that when you are actually there.  Apart from it, the developer has a collaboration with the best travel content creators to build a travel guide for you; book hotels via Booking.com  on the app; search for nearest restaurants, cafes, ATMs, and public transport and more…

MAPS.ME – Offline maps min

Install for Android | iOS (free)

Start navigating with Baidu Maps like Apps

Thus, these are the three of the best and popular alternatives to the Baidu Map app. If you do not want to be lost in traffic and also to save time and reach out to your destination in time and also safely, then you must have one of the abovementioned apps on your smartphone or tablet. After going through this article, all of you must have found the perfect app for you, just download it and start using it to the fullest.

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