Is KissCartoon Legal and Safe? What are the Possible Alternatives?

Kisscartoon is just one of the many amazing cartoon streaming sites available out there for you. This site comes packed with a lot of cartoons for you all to enjoy and the interface is also simple so that you have a smooth experience.

So, what is the problem with this Kisscartoon?

Let me explain this to you, this Kisscartoon site is not legal, yes, you read it correctly, it is not legal. Furthermore, most of the content that this site boasts of is also copied from various other sources, which means it is pirated.

According to some surveys, the site also faces some of the copyright issues and is forced to shut down in multiple regions and areas. Moreover, there are many fake and clone sites of this very Kisscartoon website and are filled with many viruses and other cyber threats, as some of the users have claimed as per online surveys. There are so many similar domains such as,,,, and more.

Therefore, all of the above-mentioned reasons are enough for all of you to look for some other possible replacements. Let me make things easy for you. In this very article, I have included some of the best and popular alternatives to this Kisscartoon. 

9 best Kisscartoon like websites to watch cartoons:

Cartoon Network

One of the most loved and watched cartoon streaming sites is here to consider a top replacement for Kisscartoon is a Cartoon network. Well, no doubt this site has made the childhood of most of us very memorable and a lot of people do share an emotional relationship with it. You can watch a lot of cartoons here, the list is long. Ben 10, Powerpuff girls, Bandbudh Aur Budbak, Teen Titans go, Run Kris Run, are some of the amazing cartoons show that it comes filled with. You can watch them all, the content is huge and you can choose accordingly. The quality of the videos is also nice and you will probably have no issues with the same. Moreover, this is not at all over yet, it also supports online games, yes, you can also play some of the cool online games in it.

You can play games related to your favorite cartoon character or cartoon show, like – Ben 10, Teen Titans Go, Super Late, Tom and Jerry, and many more. Watching your favorite cartoons and even playing games related to them, it is a one-stop destination of bliss for all the cartoon lovers. The interface is user friendly and easy to use.

carrtoon Network kisscartoon best replacement

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Cartoon Extra

The interface is simple and certainly, you will not be having any hassles while using it. It comes loaded with a lot of cartoons and you only need to browse for your favorite ones. The process of browsing is also made easy by this site, as you can browse in the traditi0nal A to Z method or you can simply type and search for your favorite show. Furthermore, Cartoon Extra similar to its counterpart Kisscartoon and lists various cartoon shows by the method of genres, like – Action, Comedy, Drama, Animation, and much more.

So, if you are a fan of Ninja Turtles and wish to view ‘best teenage mutant ninja turtle show’, then this site can be of real help to you, as it comes loaded with many famous and popular cartoon characters and shows. Voltron, Dora, Thomas Tank Engine, Aqua Teen, etc are some of the many cartoon shows in it.

Not only this, but it also features many full-length cartoon based films to entertain you and supply you with your daily dose of entertainment. Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Justice League War, Hercules, are again some of the many popular and sought out movies based on cartoons in it.

Cartoon Extra

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Super Cartoons

One more player on our list, let us figure it out. You can search and watch your favorite cartoons here, it has a lot of cartoons for you all. Furthermore, the way of characterization is also praiseworthy, You can simply click on the Cartoon tab under the menu option, then choose from a vast category of cartoons, it comes packed with cartoons like – Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Scooby-Doo, and many more.

You can simply select the Characters tab under the menu, and then go on to browse and watch your favorite cartoon character from a wide list of choices. You can also watch a cartoon series here, and you can also search for cartoons from many studios.

Walt Disney, Warner Bros., MGM, Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, etc are some of the apex predators that you can search for all your favorite cartoons. If you are thinking about the interface, then let me tell you, it is simple and easy.

Super Cartoons to watch vintage cartoons min

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Cartoons On

The Menu bar of this very site is designed in a very beautiful manner, you can browse and search for your favorite cartoons in a number of ways. Those ways include – By Studio, Characters, Shows, and Series. If you wish to search by series, then you have Justice League, Ice Age Movies, the Legend of Korra, etc and yes, you can watch them all.

Coming to the characters, it has got many cartoon characters, and you can remain assured that you are most likely to find your favorite ones in it, as it boasts of many such characters, like – Bugs Bunny, The Lion King, Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, and much more. If you would like to hit the Studios tab, then you have the options that include – Walt Disney, Universal Pictures, Marvel Comics, Warner Bros, etc. So, get ready to receive an adrenaline rushing and goosebumps giving moments while watching your favorite cartoons in it. When it comes to the interface, it is attractive and simple, and most probably, you will not have any issues against it.

Kisscartoon alternative website to watch free cartoons min

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It comes packed with a lot of cartoons for you all to enjoy. You can search for all the cartoons you wish to watch in a number of ways. Action, Crime, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, are some of the many genres based categories of cartoons that this site comes packed with. You can also search with one of the most common A to Z search methods or you can simply search for your cartoons by typing their names in the search box and then get set go. Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, ’Teen Titan cartoon characters’, etc are some of the cartoons shows that you can watch here. Furthermore, you can also watch full films based on cartoons, popular cartoon series, and more in it. 

Toonava min

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One more rough and tough competitor in our article, let us check it out. Well, it not only allows you to watch your favorite cartoon shows, but you can also play online games based on many popular cartoon characters. You can watch a lot of cartoon series in it as it has a lot to offer to you. Some of the cartoons shows that you can watch here are – Ninja Turtles, Square Bob, Sam and Cat, and a lot more. Furthermore, the interface is also simple and easy, so you are going to get familiar with it within a few days.

Nikolodean kisscartoon alternative min

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Anime Toon

This is another site that is all set to steal your hearts away. It comes loaded with a lot of cartoons for you all to watch. One of the praiseworthy features of this site is that it comes with a beautiful categorization of all such shows in a beautiful A to Z based search pattern. You can search for your favorite or try out new series right from there. Moreover, this is not at all over, it also comes filled with many more amazing things, like – different categories of cartoon series ranging from – Crime, Drama, Action, and so on. And you can also watch a dubbed series here.

animetoon for kids

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Toon Jet

If you like the overall old school concept, then this site is going to be. a delight for you, as the interface of this site, is simple and based on old school. You can watch a huge set of cartoons here and remain glued to this site for hours. Popeye, Superman, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, are some of the many amazing cartoon series it comes packed with. And if you want to further give e review or react about the content of the site, then you must get yourself registered here. But, you can watch all those cartoons without any registration process.

Old cartoons website similar to kisscartoon min

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It needs no introduction as it is one of the most common, yet most powerful tools for videos of all types. It can go head to head and challenge almost each and every type of stuff that you enjoy online, and cartoons are no exception. So, when it comes to cartoons, you can simply watch almost all your favorite cartoons in it, all you need to do is search for your favorite cartoon character or series, and the results will only make you happier. This platform has got almost everything, so you can definitely look forward to it for streaming all your favorite cartoons.

Youtube free cartoons

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Thus, these are the ten best and popular alternatives to Kisscartoon website. If you were also one of the avid viewers of Kisscartoon site and also one of the crazy cartoons over, then I hope that this article would be your final stop destination and as of now, you might have chosen your favorite and a perfect alternative.

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