5 Best coffee alternatives to drink

Matcha tea Coffee substitute

Coffee needs no introduction at all. It is one of the most commonly used drinks consumed by millions of people every day.  Coffee is immensely popular, and it is everything for most people around the world. People consume coffee for multiple reasons. Having a cup …

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11 Best FaceTime Alternatives for video call or chatting 

Best FaceTIme Alternatives for iOS and Android min

If you’re switching from iOS to Android, finding a replacement for FaceTime can be a challenge. Although on Android, there are dozens of video chatting apps, only a handful can compete with FaceTime. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the finest FaceTime alternatives from iPhone …

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Best Telegram Alternative app for Android and iOS

Signal Messaging App as best Telegram alternative min

Telegram has risen to new heights in the last several years. Most of the well-known applications got struck hard due to security issues involving chat and media sharing apps. It was advantageous for Telegram because the bulk of the causes for its ascent are the …

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6 Free alternatives to MS-Excel Spreadsheets

Free alternatives to MS Excel Spreadsheets min

Spreadsheets are the most important part of any business especially the finance department, even an individual sooner or later needs Spreadsheet to work with them. However, even though tools providing spreadsheet facility comes with vast functions but we are usually limited to a minimum. The …

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