Some Nice Hand Shake Substitutes to greet someone

All of us know that handshakes are the most common and used means of greeting almost everywhere and mostly in the workplace. But, due to the global pandemic, social distancing has become a necessity and will continue to be so, until a proper vaccine against this mysterious virus is made. So, today, I have come up with some of the best possible alternatives for handshakes. Let me start this article without any further delay.

Indian Namaste

The traditional Namaste is one of the best alternatives present here, as it does not require any individual to touch or come in any kind of physical contact with the other person. Moreover, it also reflects our Indian culture and is one of the best ways of showing our gratitude for others. One needs to fold both his/her hands and then gently bow down and the other guy will respond back to you in the same manner.

Indian Namashkaar min

Smile and head Movement

It is another method of greeting someone. You just need to move your head slightly down and then upwards and then back to the normal position and in the meantime do not forget to have a charming smile in your face. This will show your affection and care towards other people and they will reply back with the same gesture. You can show this gesture to a single person or a group of people out there.

Smile and head Movement min

Bow Down

Hey, I am not telling you to fall down, this gesture means that you just bow down a little bit to greet and show your respect. And slight bowing down does not make anyone small or big, it will only increase your respect among masses and then they will reply back with the same gesture. You can also place your hand in your chest while performing it as it will look somewhat better. Indians and Japanese are known for showing respect and care to everyone in such a manner, so this is one of the best alternatives that you can definitely look forward to.

Bow Down min

Greet Via Eyes

This is also one of the trends and good means of avoiding touch in this world of social distancing. You can perform this gesture by simply focussing your eyes towards the person you want to greet and then make eye contact for a short span of time. You must accompany this greeting with a smile on your face and you will get it back from the other side do not worry. Overall, it is a very simple and good way of greeting and you can do it without or with a little practice.

Greet Via Eyes min


Usually, most of the Hellos and His are accompanied by a handshake, but in this case, you just need to say ‘Hello’ and that too from a safe distance. It is one of the best and common ways to greet and you can say it without any fear of being infected as it involves no touch. And yes again, you will get the same gesture from the other side, and it is indeed very cool.

Say hello hand shake alternative min

Thus, these are the five best alternatives for handshakes. We all know that the current situation is getting worse day by day and you should take social distancing very seriously. Moreover, I hope that after going through this article you might have found your favorite gesture, so just use it as an alternative to the handshake.

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