Top 10 alternatives to Dropbox that offer more free cloud storage

While Dropbox is a great cloud storage platform, you can just get 2 GB of storage for free, thus if you are looking for some alternatives with more free cloud storage here are some.

Cloud computing is the new era of computing, which make things so simple, that we can literally do anything and everything on our devices, with just a single account and one or no subscription at all. When it comes to cloud computing, the most common implication of it is cloud storage, which is something that everybody knows about. Among the many popular cloud storage services available, Dropbox is one of the most popular ones, which even offer a plethora of bonus services apart from cloud storage. 

2 GB was a decent storage option a few years ago, but today you can get a few times more than that, completely for free. So if you are looking for a Dropbox alternative, you aren’t from a different planet, as most people are looking for the same thing today. But before proceeding with the top 10 Dropbox alternatives, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. Cloud storage services with enormous free storage will not offer the same level of convenience like those offering smaller storage for free. That is their way of doing business, where you can get more convenience by purchasing some plans that offer more storage besides convenience.

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the top 10 Dropbox alternatives you should try out for sure.

10 Best Dropbox Alternatives For Free Cloud Storage

Google Drive

The first alternative to Dropbox is Google Drive, which deserves its space in the top for obvious reasons. It comes pre-installed with all Android devices, and the free version offers 15 GB of free storage, which might seem to be very small in today’s world of Terabytes, but offers a lot of conveniences.

Besides the availability for Android devices, the Google Backup and Sync can even be connected to your Windows computer and get you to access all the files on your Google Drive. Uploading files is also simple. Just drag and drop a file, or a folder to the Google Drive webpage, or simply paste it to the folder used for Google Drive sync.

Well, just like Dropbox, you can obviously get access to bonus services like Google Docs, similar to Dropbox Paper, Google Photos, and a number of other useful services for basically everything. Most programs, including a few of the most popular ones like WhatsApp, can use Google Drive storage for backup purposes, as well.

However, the 15 GB of free storage will be shared across all your Google apps and services like Google Mail or Gmail, Google Photos, and others. If you want more, you can shell out some dollars to get more storage and better convenience, however, the convenience is not less at all, even in the free version.


Looking for Dropbox alternative which is something more compatible for Windows! In such a case, OneDrive is the best one you can go for. Well, it comes with only 5 GB of storage, but it is 2.5 times the storage that you can get on the free or basic version of Dropbox.

If you are using Windows 10, you just need to sign in with Microsoft or Live account to get hands-on all your files on OneDrive. Besides that, you can even download OneDrive on other versions of Windows, and all other major platforms with good market share. Just like Google Drive, the 5 GB space week be shared across Microsoft Mail and other services offered by Microsoft.

With OneDrive, you can access Microsoft Office web apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., and the chances are high, you will get confused about whether you are using Microsoft Office programs, or the web apps. Yes, you will feel completely at home with the Microsoft web apps that require a Live or Microsoft account to store the files on your OneDrive account. With the Office 365 subscription, your experience will be even better with team collaboration abilities and other features to make you feel privileged.

Mega Dropbox alternative

There are some who are looking for an alternative to Dropbox in search of a monumental amount of cloud storage. Mega cloud storage is just for them. With 50 GB of space on the free account, you can literally backup anything to everything on the platform. No, it doesn’t have fancy bonus features like Paper by Dropbox or Google Docs, but it all about that number. Yes, 50 GB of cloud storage for free.

Just like Dropbox and other popular cloud storage services, you can download the platform-specific client to upload and access file even more conveniently.

Well, end-to-end encryption is the cherry on the cake for Mega. What that means is, you can easily rule out the possibility of your private files getting into the wrong hands. Besides just storing the files, you can even configure the bandwidth and have a lot of control over your upload and download tasks.

Unlike most other cloud storage platforms, Mega has an official client for Chrome, as well as Linux, which is great for Linux fans and the complete open-source community out there. Just like other cloud storage services, you can expand the storage anytime with a subscription.

Amazon Drive

Well, we all know Amazon, and you might even be using a device purchased from Amazon to read the top 10 alternatives to Dropbox, right now. But what most people don’t know about, is the Amazon Drive, which offers 5 GB of free storage to all the users, no matter whether they are Amazon Prime customers or not. In fact, you can even get unlimited free storage for all your photos and videos, on Amazon Drive if you are an Amazon Prime customer, and it is Amazon’s leap to take over Google Photos.

Just like most other popular cloud storage services, the Amazon Drive client app is also available for Windows and Android. I just wish Amazon Drive was integrated with Amazon shopping app so that more people could have traced it out.

Amazon Drive has support for folder uploads, or you can even drag and drop your content right into Amazon Drive and it will start getting uploaded to the servers. The user interface might not be as colourful and breathtaking as Google Drive or Dropbox, but it easy and intuitive to say the least. You can expand the storage to 100 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB, with the yearly subscriptions, if you are quite satisfied with the services.


Out other great alternatives to Dropbox, here is one more i.e pCloud, which is better than Dropbox, not just because it offers 10 GB of free storage, but also for a plethora of other reasons. If 10 GB isn’t enough for you, you can get 10 GB of bonus storage through referrals, which is cool.

Besides uploading through the website or using the clients available for different platforms, it is also possible to add files to pCloud directly from the web with the help of the file URL on the web. Most cloud storage services with decent storage options limit the bandwidth for uploads and downloads, but pCloud never impose any such restriction.

Even though pCloud is free, you can expand the storage to your heart’s content with the numerous subscription plans, and there are even some lifetime subscriptions, where you can enjoy pCloud forever, without worrying about payments ever again.

With pCloud Crypto, you can even encrypt your files on your computer before uploading it to the cloud, which ensures, nobody will be able to see your files once it is uploaded to the pCloud servers. pCloud is very easy to use, and the new users will hardly face any issues getting started with it.


Looking for a cloud storage service to back up every important thing in your life! Go for Degoo. With 100 GB of free cloud storage, with the option to expand the storage with some subscription plans, really make Degoo one of the best cloud storage services, if you are looking for the perfect backup solution. Well, Degoo isn’t that regular cloud storage service with an easy sync functionality to support and skyrocket your productivity. Once you finish your job, just back them up on Degoo with the desktop or mobile client, whichever is applicable for you.

Degoo might not be a great productivity-centric cloud storage service, but 100 GB of free storage for free, is something that most people dream of. Besides that, you can even earn a few more gigabytes of storage with the referral program, and there aren’t any limits on how many devices you can connect to your Degoo account. Sharing isn’t a piece of cake on Degoo, as well, but that might not matter to you at all if you want to dedicate your Degoo account only for backup functionalities.

Another popular alternative cloud storage service with 5 GB of free storage is, which is also a great choice among productive people out there. Besides the most basic functionalities of that includes easy web-based and app-based folder sharing, also makes it a piece of cake to share files securely with others. supports password-protected content sharing so that your private files never fall into the wrong hands. To boost productivity, also supports team collaboration that supports working on a single project or document by numerous users in different geographical locations.

Well, just like other popular cloud storage services, including, you can throw your files to to access it anywhere, but there’s one cool thing about it. You might not want some files to be available on other devices once it reaches the server.

That’s when Sync Vault comes to play. With the Sync Vault, you the files will never be available on other devices except the one, from where you have uploaded or added them to the vault. The business and other premium versions of also comes with end-to-end encryption, which is also a cherry on the pie and increases the security by a notch.


Well, the name is self-explanatory. Just use it as an online box to store all the files that you want to access from anywhere. Box comes with 10 GB of free cloud storage, which can be expanded to around 100 GB or more with different subscription plans, and it also has client apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etc.

Box is also a productivity centric cloud storage service, where you can even collaborate with other users to work on a particular project on a real-time basis. The Box is one of the most popular cloud storage services, is supported by a number of popular apps out there.

Box also supports integration with Google Drive, which makes it easy to store all your Google Docs files on Box, very easily. This opens up the possibility to open and edit Google Docs files stored on Box without any trouble at all. Box limits the web upload to 250 MB; which is a flip side and can be a deal-breaker for some users, but obviously not for everybody.

Box features a robust search tool, which can help you search for things you need by entering the filename, file content, and any other parameter that you know about the file or folder you are looking for.

Yandex Disk

This might be the first time you are hearing about Yandex Disk or Yandex altogether, Yandex is a Russian internet company, which offers mail and search engine services besides Yandex Disk.  With 10 GB of free storage, it can be one of the great alternatives to Dropbox, and you can upload your files to Yandex; access it using the clients available for Windows, Android, and a number of other major platforms. The web interface is very intuitive, and you can seamlessly upload to Yandex Disk using the web interface, as well.

With Yandex Disk, the uploaded files can be stored in private and public folders as per your requirements. To safeguard them or share them easily whenever you need to do that. Unlike most run of the mill cloud storage services, you can even import the photos and videos from your social networking platforms to Yandex.

It also has support for automatic uploads; which can be useful for backing up files to Yandex Disk at the end of the day. Yandex Disk has support for bulk downloading a number of neat other features, which makes it way better than Dropbox if you are looking for more storage.


The last one in the list of top 10 cloud storage alternatives of Dropbox is FlipDrive, and it offers 10 GB of storage for free. With FlipDrive, you can store your files to the cloud using the client apps available for major platforms. It also through the website, if you are at your office or workplace.

Sharing files is a piece of cake for FlipDrive, and the user, whom you are sharing the file with; will not necessarily need a FlipDrive account unless you are sharing a folder. On sharing the files, the other user will be able to both views and edit the file if you give permission for the same.

FlipDrive offers a lot of customization options when it comes to giving permission for the files and folders that you share. It might not be that easy to use if compared to Dropbox; but it is one of the best cloud storage services for storing documents, music, and other small media files, less than 25 MB.

FlipDrive also comes with easy sharing options to share big files by just creating a link for it. To ensure your privacy, FlipDrive app can be secured with a digital passcode on the client end, which is pretty useful, as well.

So those are the top 10 Dropbox alternatives that you should try out. To some, it is about convenience, while for others, it is more storage. So, you should choose the most appropriate one balancing the two. As I already discussed at the beginning of the article; you cannot get both convenience and a lot of space for free. Depending upon what kind of files you want to store; or whether you are looking for a backup friendly or a productivity-oriented cloud storage service, you should even take your decision judiciously to not bite your fingers later.

Hope the list of top 10 alternatives of Dropbox is useful for you. Do you have any question in mind? Feel free to comment on the same down below.

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