Top 10 free alternatives for Internet Download Manager or IDM

If you are looking for a full-fledged free download manager alternatives for Windows to replace Internet Download Manager or IDM then here are those…

Depending upon how active most people are on the internet, we often need to download small and big files from it. Almost all the web browsers, you can think of today, has a basic download manager to handle downloads whenever necessary. But the basic download manager on our browsers isn’t really downloading managers. They have just downloaded handlers, not to mention, they don’t offer a number of ways to manage the download exactly the way we want. Sometimes we need to schedule downloads to a later time, pause and resume downloads, deal with broken downloads and do some other activities with the downloaded files. But there is hardly any browser that offers so many functionalities with the downloads. That’s when a download manager comes into play.

A download manager comes with a huge set of additional functionalities, which can help us pause, resume, or schedule downloads, control the speed of the downloads and do a plethora of other tasks, you can think of doing, with your downloads. Talking about the world of download managers, there are many stars in the galaxy. But finding out the most appropriate download manager isn’t an easy task. If you are looking for a full-fledged download manager for Windows, Internet Download Manager or IDM is the best one you can go for. But unfortunately, that isn’t free, available only for Windows, and has some minor limitations. That being said, here I am with the top 10 alternatives of IDM for different platforms apart from Windows.

Best Internet download manager alternatives

Free Download Manager

Let me start the list with Free Download Manager, which is actually a free alternative download manager for files you are downloading from the internet or local network. Free Download Manager received a major overhaul in its user interface, which eventually made it look more beautiful than the dull old version of the same. With the availability for both Windows and Mac, Free Download Manager can easily integrate with the most popular web browsers. Unlike most other download managers, Free Download Manager also supports torrent downloads, which is something most users will like.

With Free Download Manager, you can even limit or manage bandwidth for the individual downloads to not end up with an overwhelmed internet connection. Talking about the notable features of Free Download Manager, it has the ability to download a complete website, and you can drag-and-drop a certain download link to the download bin for instant download. Free Download Manager is also light-weight and thus, and you can even add downloads to queues so the downloads are carried out automatically by the program.

Supported Platforms: (Free) Windows, MacOS and as BitTorrent plugin.

Download: FDM

JDownloader- IDM alternative

The next feature-rich alternative to internet download manager in our list is JDownloader; which is free & open-source cross-platform download manager that runs on almost all the major operating systems you can think of, which has support for Java Runtime. JDownloader is one of the best download managers you can use, with support for remote management of the downloads, even with the JDownloader Android app. JDownloader has the notable link grabber support, which can be useful to download files, by merely copying a link to the clipboard.

Just like a few other popular download managers, you can preview audio and video files with the play and pause buttons that will appear with supported files on top of the user interface. The option to encrypt the download list to import the same later on can be useful for a number of privacy-conscious users out there. The user interface is also quite pleasing, and the program is light-weight. So you should try it out at least once to find out whether it is going to be the best mate for you.

Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows, MacOS and for Java-based platform

Download: JDownloader

Xtreme Downloads Manager (XDM)

There are users, who search for Internet download manager alternative programs with a minimalistic user interface,  the free Xtreme Downloads Manager aka. XDM is the one that you should use when it comes to downloading managers. The clean user interface is something most users will like, and you can easily resume or pause downloads from the toolbar by selecting the appropriate download from the list. Even with the minimal user interface, you can limit the bandwidth for downloads and can even preview media files to make sure you are downloading the appropriate file.

XDM also has some neat tools to add downloads to the queue, schedule them, and pause or resume the downloads as and when necessary. XDM comes with the inbuilt functionality to convert downloaded files to the desired format without the need of carrying the same out manually. With XDM, it is also possible to configure shutting down the computer once a set of downloads are complete. XDM will automatically capture downloads from the most popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc., across all the platforms it is available for.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10/8/7, MacOS, Linux and portable Java executable file.

Download XDM

uGet Download Manager

The next one in my alternative list is uGet as Internet download manager replacement software. It free and open source cross-platform download manager available for almost all platforms including Android. With uGet, a download can be broken into multiple parts, up to 20, which can dramatically improve download speeds if you are downloading a really large file. With uGet on Linux, downloads can even be initialized directly from the Terminal window, like the wget command, which is something that can be really useful for a big class of users out there. The user interface is also quite pleasing without any distractions at all.

Besides the light and dark theme available for uGet, you can even download additional themes to make the program look as per your desires. Just like other popular download managers, uGet will keep monitoring your clipboard so that you can download contents just by copying the link and click on the appropriate button on the uGet pop-up to start downloading it with just a single click. The download manager is completely free from ads and the speeds were really satisfying with uGet Download Manager.

Supported platforms: Linux, Android, BSD & Windows

Download: uGet

MultiGet Download Manager

The next download manager in my list is MultiGet Download Manager, which is another cool download manager with all the necessary functionalities and is written in C++. MultiGet Download Manager to features a very user-friendly interface and the downloaded items will be categorized automatically depending upon the file type. With P2SP technology, the software can download different parts of the same file from different servers, which can boost the download speed dramatically by utilizing the complete strength of your internet connection, if you are downloading from a slow download server.

If the file is not available from multiple servers or sources, it will break the download into different parts, just like other popular download managers you can find. MultiGet Download Manager also enables downloading from FTP sources, which is another useful feature available within the program. MultiGet Download Manager will also show the parts of the file already downloaded, or left, and the download speeds didn’t disappoint me in any way. As MultiGet Download Manager is written in C++, it is cross-platform and is also light-weight.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, BSDs and MacOs

Download: MultiGet

Internet Download Accelerator- IDM like App

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to Internet Download Manager or IDM, when it comes to the user interface, Internet Download Accelerator is the download manager you should try out at least once. Internet Download Accelerator might not be the most beautiful download manager, but it comes with all the major functionalities that create a difference. Internet Download Accelerator integrates itself with all the major browsers you can think of, which means you can download files with just a single click. Internet Download Accelerator makes it easy to manage the downloaded files into separate categories, which eventually makes it easy to delete unnecessary files and move them to the appropriate location quite easily.

Internet Download Accelerator can even effortlessly deal with broken downloads so that you never end up downloading the same file a number of times. Similar to other popular download managers, Internet Download Accelerator too, breaks the download into multiple parts to increase the download speed. Internet Download Accelerator features a separate FTP file browser to easily download contents from FTP servers. Internet Download Accelerator is free, but it also has a paid version available at just $9.95 and is optimized for commercial uses.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10/8/7 only

Download: IDA


Free Internet download manager next in our list as an alternative is EagleGet which comes with some unique features, most other download managers don’t offer. Keeping the unique features aside for some time, EagleGet features a very simple user interface with some useful tools on top of the program’s user interface. EagleGet integrates with all the popular browsers, and it can easily capture downloads from sources configured with HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and other protocols. The integrated malware checker will automatically check the downloads made by you to keep your computer safe from viruses and maintain the integrity of the downloaded files.

EagleGet comes with ads, which seems to be their way to earn revenue, and you will have to share the bandwidth with other EagleGet users. It is similar to that of downloading a torrent, where the files downloaded by you will also act as a source for other users looking for downloading the same file. It can eventually mitigate the load on the actual server and you can download the files you want at peak speeds with EagleGet Download Manager.

Supported platforms: Windows 10/8/7 only

Download: EagleGet

GetGo Download Manager

Another download manager with a decent set of features is free GetGo Download Manager. It is a free download manager for Windows with a pleasing user interface, and a dark background. Unlike most other download managers, GetGo Download Manager can even help you with downloading files from password-protected links, and you also have the option to organize passwords for several websites so that GetGo Download Manager can handle everything if your internet goes off in the middle or some mishap happens. 

GetGo Download Manager can even save the downloaded files to different folders depending upon the file type, and GetGo Download Manager can even get integrated with the most popular web browsers to deliver a one-click download experience. GetGo Download Manager has support for themes and skins so that you can modify the look and feel of the program as per your wish. GetGo Download Manager also comes with a browser, which can be handy to download videos if GetGo Download Manager can’t detect them on any of the regular web browsers that you use.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10/8/7 only.

Download: GetGo

FlashGet- a free alternative

If you are looking for a feature-rich download manager with a good set of features, FlashGet is the one worth trying out. FlashGet Download Manager should be your ultimate solution for downloading every kind of content you can think of, including torrent links, which sound great. Even though FlashGet don’t come with malware checking definitions, it can be configured to scan your downloads with the help of the antivirus or anti-malware program installed on your computer.

It is also a piece of cake to change the look and feel of FlashGet Download Manager using different skins. With the ability to download all kinds of contents, FlashGet will automatically provide you with the option to download a file using the tool, even if you are going to download some content using a magnet link. FlashGet Download Manager offers an easy option toggle browser monitoring, which can be useful to prevent FlashGet to have control over your downloads. This can be useful if you are downloading some documents really fast, and don’t want FlashGet to interfere with the same.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10/8/7 only

Download: FlashGet

Download Accelerator Manager

The final one in my list of top IDM alternatives is Download Accelerator Manager, which also offers a decent user interface, which will not create a problem even for the newbies. Download Accelerator Manager is a light-weight download manager with all the necessary functionalities that you will ever need from a download manager. With Download Accelerator Manager, you can efficiently add downloads to the queue, or schedule your downloads to download them as per your needs. The user interface is very similar to IDM, and you will instantly feel at home once you get your hands down on this program.

Download Accelerator Manager features a very useful Media Grabber tool that can help you download videos and other media files right from the browser once it starts playing. If you frequently download files from websites that require credentials, you can even add the login details to the program for seamless downloads. Download Accelerator Manager also integrates with all the popular web browsers available for Windows making the program capable of capturing downloads once it starts on the browser.

Supported platforms: Windows 10/8/7 only

Download: DAP

So that was the list of top 10 alternatives of Internet Download Manager, which are worth trying out. The list might not contain your favourite download manager, but the list comprises the best download managers with the features that most users search for. Thus, if you are looking for a decent download manager, you can try out any one among those I mentioned in the list. You will hardly be disappointed.

So that was all. Hope the information was useful for you. Do you have anything to say? Feel free to write the same in the comment section down below.

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