10 Best Linux Ubuntu Terminal Emulator Alternatives

As Terminal emulator is one of the most important elements on a Linux computer, it makes enough sense to use a different Terminal emulator for changing the look and feel of the emulator to suit the needs of an individual user. All Linux systems come with its own Terminal emulator, which might be down a notch if compared to your favourite Terminal emulator. Even though all Linux distros come with its own Terminal emulator, you can always stick to your favourite one. So, here I am with the top 10 alternatives to the default Terminal emulator terminals, which you can install and use on your own Linux system.

Best Linux Ubuntu Terminal Alternatives

Hyper Terminal

First Ubuntu default Gnome terminal alternative in our list is Hyper Terminal. It is a JS/HTML/CSS-based terminal guide, similar to the terminal that comes with macOS, but with higher plasticity and a more aesthetic appearance.  It provides themes and plugin system along with fluid interface.

Hyper Terminal default Linux alternative

Guake terminal as an alternative

Guake terminal is another one of the best Ubuntu terminal alternatives, which is easy to use and comes with multiple features. Has multiple tabs support, multi-display; can use as a text editor, 130 colour palette to customize the feel of the terminal. Guake supports hotkeys, tabs, background transparent, etc. Guake terminal is a drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment, with one key can be hidden and reveal.

Guake terminal as an alternative

XFCE Terminal

If you have used the popular XFCE desktop environment, you might have already experienced using the XFCE Terminal which is is one of the most lightweight Terminal emulators for Linux and is suitable for Linux beginners as well.

XFCE Terminal best linux terminal alternative

Terminology as Ubuntu Terminal

It is one of the best alternative Terminal emulators for Ubuntu with not so good user interface but comes with all the basic functionalities like multi-coloured contextual text, with support for practical file preview and many more.

Terminology lighwieght alterantive Terminal

Tilix Linux Terminal

One of the best alternatives Terminal emulators is Tilix, which has all the basic functionalities besides being beautiful and user-friendly. Based on GTK3, Tilix is one of the most interesting Terminal emulators which has support for all the basic functionalities from drag-and-drop of links and files, the grouping of Terminals, background transparency, hyperlinks to everything else you can think of.

Tilix Linux Terminal alternative

Aminal- Alternative Terminal emulator for Ubuntu

Other best one in our list of the top 10 alternatives for the stock Terminal emulator for Linux is Aminal. Aminal is a modern Terminal emulator which is built by utilizing OpenGL that ensures better graphics performance compared to the other Terminal emulators available.

Aminal- alternative Terminal emulator for Linux


A lot of people install Linux on their old school computers, which are not powerful and rich in hardware resources. When most Terminal emulators consume a lot of memory, Lilyterm is a best lightweight Terminal emulator for Linux, which can be used on an old computer without any kind of problems. Licensed under GPL, Lilyterm is a feature-rich Terminal emulator even after being lightweight.

Lilyterm alternative for Ubuntu Linux


Konsole is the default Terminal emulator for the KDE environment, and that eventually offers integrated support for a number of programs available in the KDE desktop environment. Konsole also allows bookmarking of different local directories and SSH addresses and has support for incremental search, as well.

Konsole Terminal UBUNTU ALTERNATIVE for Linux


QTerminal as Ubuntu Terminal alternative has support for multiple tabs and comes with a transparent background like most other popular Terminal emulators out there. The user can split the Terminal window both horizontally and vertically, which is also something that can be useful in certain situations.

QTerminal- best lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator

Terminator terminal emulator

If you are looking for a great Ubuntu terminal alternative then Terminator terminal Linux emulator is one of the practical options for the GNOME desktop environment and the default GNOME Terminal, Terminator Terminal emulator is the best one for you. Among other features of the Terminator emulator, Terminator solves the problem associated with opening multiple tabs in a single Terminal window.

Terminator terminal emulator

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