5 Best Android Games Based on Cycles to have a fun of ride

Google Play store’s games section is as deep as the Java Trench of the Indian ocean and it is indeed very hard to even think of exploring it, but now as we are having ample amount of time, let us give it a try. So, today I have come up with this beautiful article, in which I have included some of the best available Cycle games in it.

Yes, I know that most of us love to ride it, whether for burning calories or for just entertainment, or for commuting, and so on. So, now, technology has given you a chance to showcase all that you have when it comes to cycling.

Top Android Cycle Games on Google Play Store

  • Bike Mayhem Free 

Bike Mayhem Free-min

Best Free Games Inc has created this 39 MB size game for you to play. In this very game, you will get the chance of riding down through the narrow and sharp lanes of lofty mountains where one small mistake can cost you your life.

It has over 21 exotic and stunning mountains where you can show off your skills and emerge victorious, though this game might seem simple to you it is indeed very challenging and will definitely push you to your extreme limits, so be ready for some thrilling action which is waiting once you download it. And yes, you are also sure to witness amazing scenery while racing down through these natural mountains, all thanks to the vibrant graphics that it boasts.

You can choose from over 90 items for your bicycle as well as for your own safety. Furthermore, the in-app purchases range from 10 to 200 rupees, and you can decide that after playing it.

Google Play Store

  • Shiva Bicycle Racing 

Shiva Bicycle Racing-min

This 77 MB size game is brought to you by Someshwara Software Pvt Ltd. It is one of the best bicycle-based games available in our store. You can witness 3 worlds having 6 tracks on each world.

The three worlds are namely- Spooky desert, Vedas forest, Vedas city. And also to surprise you, there are 4 new worlds which are all set to come very soon. You can also choose from five awesome characters- Ladoo Singh, Aditya, Reva, Uday, and Shiva. You will feel like riding a real bicycle, and the Indian names of the characters are also set to bring some goosebumps in you.

The sound effects are also mesmerizing and the graphics are stunning and will make you more and more addicted to this game. Furthermore, the level of difficulty will also go on increasing with every passing level, and all these reasons are enough to keep you glued to it for hours. Moreover, the in-app purchase is just 10 rupees and you can buy it if you wish to.

Google Play Store

  • Impossible BMX Bicycle Stunts 

Impossible BMX Bicycle Stunts-min

Tech 3D Games Studios has designed this wonderful game for all of us to enjoy. If you love to perform stunts or have dreamt of performing them on your bicycle then this game is surely for you. You can perform various breathtaking stunts in it, some of them include- air stunt, ramp jump, skater stunts, and much more.

You have to become a real daredevil and always remain ready to push yourself to the extreme limits, as it is the only way to excel in it. In this game, you will have to spend a lot more time in the sky as compared to the road or ramp. The physics of the game, the sound quality and the fantastic graphics are all set to blow your mind, and for some instance, it will give you the feeling of riding a bicycle and performing stunts in real life.

It is your ticket to an unstoppable and action-packed adventure world and you are sure to remain attached to it for hours. The camera angles are also perfectly placed and you will feel like watching a stunt game show in a real stadium. Now, let me shock you with the fact that this game has got no in-app purchases and is completely free.

Google Play Store

  • Bike Race Free- Top Motorcycle Racing Games  

Bike Race – Bike Blast Rush-min

This 36 MB beautiful game has been developed by Top Free Games for you all to enjoy. It is one of the most addictive games of its category and the huge number of downloads are a proof of it, and now it is your turn to become part of this beautiful ever-growing family. A lot of new tournaments are added to it and now you can play them all.

In the online multiplayer mode, you can challenge any real-time player around the globe for a duel and then beat the hell out of them virtually. First of all, you must train yourself very hard in order to advance further in it as you will be facing against some of the very talented and badass fellas out there. The controls of this game are simple, as I mentioned earlier they are very difficult to master and you must practice very hard on them. It comes packed with tons of wonderful tracks for you to showcase your skills.

You must perform the best possible stunts by pushing yourself to your best and the result should be marvellous. The in-app purchases range from 80 to 8300 rupees and you can shell off that much bucks if you love playing it.

Google Play Store

  • Bike Race- Bike Blast Rush 

Bike Race – Bike Blast Rush-min

Ace Viral has designed this cool 50 MB size game for all of us. This endless running beauty is all set to thrill you, so are you ready?

If yes, then grab it and let the fun begin. The graphics are just mesmerizing and you will probably not complain about them. You can fly through the subway, surf through the busy streets, avoid all the busy traffic, pass efficiently through all the tunnels, there are many bridges and buses and you must dodge them safely and properly. You must collect as many coins as possible while rushing through the busy path, and then utilise these coins very wisely in order to make necessary upgrades. You will also get the chance to pass through the rail lines and encounter many trains in your way and then you must dodge them properly or get killed.

So, be very careful and go as far as you can and conquer the leaderboard. The graphics are also very good and the vibrant surroundings and locations are proof of it. Furthermore, the in-app purchases range from 20 to 2000 rupees and you can make those purchases after playing it.

Google Play Store

Thus, these are the five best bicycle racing games available in our store for us to download and enjoy. Therefore, I hope that this article was useful for you and you might have found your perfect game.

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