5 Social Media Apps that your children should avoid

No doubt that social media is a very essential and must-have tool for almost each and every one of us, but still, just like the flip of a coin, it also has its set of pros and cons. And one of the biggest con is that most of the social media apps are not suitable for the children.

Thus, you as a parent, guardian or simply as an elder must make a serious note of it, and ensure that your child is not using any such app. Therefore, without any further delay, let us start this important article.



This is one of the apps that should be on the top of your blacklist, and you should make sure all the time that your kid is not using it. In simple words, it is a dating app, where people search out for partners, and once they find one, then they chat with them to impress and win over them. Once you download it and set your gender, then it will start showing you the profiles of the opposite gender and then you can send requests and even chat with the people you find attractive and suitable for you. The app itself labels itself as the hottest community of singles. So, I guess all these are enough to keep your children away from it. Moreover, the interface of this app, the languages used in chat, and so on will just add fuel to fire and fill many adverse and wrong things in the mindset of your kid.

BIGO LIVE – Live Stream, Live Videro and Live Chat

BIGO LIVE – Live Stream, Live Videro and Live Chat 

One more app that should be on your grey list. Though this app is normal and somewhat good for adults, when it comes to the children, this has to be kept away from their reach. One of the main reasons for the same is that it is a kind of platform, where you get to connect with many people of both the genders and then you can make friends with them, chat with them, start a live video chat with them, so, I think that your children might keep themselves involved in studies and sports rather all these stuff. Albeit, it also includes a lot of other things like – singing, dancing, playing games, and so on, and for little extent, we can concede on the fact that it is okay, but the above-mentioned factors just overshadow it and make this app a complete no for children.



This article just cannot be complete without this app in it. And yes, keeping the ongoing tensions regarding banning of TikTok in India aside, let us figure out why this app is harmful to our children? The answer is pretty simple, all due to the content that is inside it. This thirty seconds of the virtual world is very dangerous for your kid. It is also the fact that the majority of people install it just for entertainment purposes, as they want to entertain themselves by watching more and more charming and tempting videos of opposite genders. The content is full of nudity, slang, objectionable scenes and wordings, and to make things worse, all these take very less time to become a habit, which means your kid might become addicted to this app once he/she starts using it.


Facebook app-min

Some of you might be surprised that what this app is doing in this list? Well, the answer to the same is that it is not at all suitable for kids. All of us are aware of the fact that this beauty has billions of users in it, and when kids get the liberty to use it all on their own, then they might send friend requests to many random people of opposite genders or same gender and even start conversations with them, and no one knows what that conversation is about and what are the various things that they are learning or developing, perhaps it would only lead to sowing in the seeds of something which should be avoided by your offsprings. Apart from that, there are also many objectionable posts, pictures, videos that are being uploaded in this app very frequently, so just try to imagine the impact that all this stuff is going to leave in the brain and mindset of young kids.


Instagram Social media app-min

No doubt that it must be one of the favourites and most popular apps of masses, but all of you must keep in mind that it is not at all good for your child. Once your kid gets the freedom to use it, then things are not going to be good. As this app is all about sharing your pictures, videos, and other stuff and viewing the same stuff of all the other people. Again this stuff is not suitable for small aged children, as a lot of such posts are filled with objectionable and seductive pictures, videos, and most of them are by the people who just wish to get famous by any means with the help of this app. I am not saying that this app is bad, as it comes packed with a ton of useful and creative stuff, but when it comes to your children, it is always better that you take no risk and let them grow in a healthy and good environment. Furthermore, random chats are also a threat for kids and are really harmful in the long run. 

Thus, these are the five apps that your kids must avoid using. Some of the apps like – YouTube contain useful stuff related to study, so it can be used by your kids but only under your strict guidance. And there are more apps, somewhat similar to the abovementioned apps like – Snapchat, Like, and so on. Therefore, as a caring parent or guardian, it is your duty to ensure that your kids are far away from these apps. You are the one who will be shaping the future of your kids, so better start with eliminating such apps from the initial stages of their life. So, it was all for this article, I hope all of you might have found it useful and beneficial.

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