Do you want to learn Karate at home? Try out these 5 Android apps

Karate is one of the best forms of martial arts or sport which is very essential nowadays for perhaps all of us. Not only does it helps to keep active and fresh, but it also serves as a very good form of self-defence. We all need to know the basic self-defence mechanisms in today’s world, especially women, and currently, all the headlines of each and every news are proof it. Therefore, karate can be considered as a good form of self-defence, a brilliant way to remain active, and it is also a cool hobby. With so many reasons, we should definitely give it a shot and when we can learn it right from our comfort zones without even stepping out from the house, then I guess nothing should stop us from starting it right now.

Top 5 Free Android Apps to learn Karate

Below are the best apps available in the Google Play store to help you master in Karate art:

1. Karate Training – Offline Videos

Thunder Wolf comes up with this 32 MB sized app for you. You can learn karate punches, hands, kicks and elbows with it. It sets the daily timetable for you and then it is your duty to show up every day and practice regularly to master the sport. You are guided step by step every day so that you can advance towards your goal slowly but stealthily. One of the most striking features of this game is that you can simply watch all these videos offline, so you don’t need to worry about the internet, just download the videos and them watch as per your convenience every day.

Every move is explained with details in videos and you can even watch those videos in slow motion to understand in depth. After you have learned then you can challenge yourself compete for the global leaderboard and step up in the levels. The in-app purchase is 80 rupees and you might end up purchasing it if you are enjoying and learning from the free version.

Karate Training – Offline Videos app for Android phone-min



This is another contender in the list and it is just awesome. The 24 MB sized app from Mapbile is all about karate and karate. Whether you have knowledge of karate or you have little knowledge about it or even if you have no knowledge regarding it, this app is for everyone. It contains demonstrations of each and every karate form. You can watch the videos and animations of almost each and every karate move and master it.

No matter which moves you want to practice either it is hand or elbow or legs, etc. It has got all. It has got everything and that too in rich details. All you need to do is show up every day and practice with full focus, then you are sure to succeed. One of the most astonishing features of this app is that it has no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

Karate WKF to learn on Android smartphone-min


3. Karate training

One of the best apps in the Google Play store for all the beginners who want to learn karate. FreeAppsLaborator has made this tiny 2 MB-sized app. The smaller the size it is off, the bigger the action it offers. Well, first you can learn all the basics of karate from trained and experienced trainers across the globe and practice regularly.

The high-quality videos contain all the details of every move and if you pay strict attention and practice in a determined and regular way then you are all set to master the basics of karate quickly. And after you have learned the basics, you can then learn the different forms of it through a number of videos available in this app.

You can learn different forms of Karate and master them all. It has no in-app purchases and you have to pay nothing for it. Well, you get to learn karate right from your home without even paying a penny, isn’t it a crazy deal? So, now there shouldn’t be anything which should be stopping you from downloading it.

KARATE TRAINING app for Android-min


4. Learn Karate Techniques

The creative content studio is the maker of this 7 MB sized game. This app will ensure that you learn karate easily and in a proper manner. It has many positive features to boost. The small size of the all enables you to load it fast and never worry about the memory or the need to delete other essential apps or files in your smartphone. It is very easy to operate and it even works offline, you simply need to download the videos and then watch it from any place as per your wish every day in a precise manner.

It is compatible with almost each and every device of today and you will get frequent updates as the makers come up with many new things at regular intervals. You can learn different forms of karate with the help of videos which guide you step by step to learn everything about the sport. Again, this app also has no in-app purchases and you don’t need to pay any moolah for it. Now, just go to the Google Play store and grab it, fellas.

Learn Karate Techniques app-min


5. Karate Videos

This is a small 4 MB sized app from Druvaan. You get hand-picked videos from YouTube to understand and practice karate. First, you are taught the basics of the sport and then it is the time for you to practice it as much as you can, as we all know that practice makes a person perfect. You get the step by step tutorial of all the videos and you get all these for free. It is overall a nice app for you to practice and learn karate.

Karate Videos watching app for Android-min


Thus, these are the five best apps available in the Google Play store which can help you to learn karate and most of them are completely free of cost. I hope you have found the best app for you after going through this article, now all you need to do is just download your favourite app and start practising. I hope you found this article useful.