Easy Steps to Learn cooking with the help of the 5 best apps on Google Play store

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Every one of us loves to eat, I can bet with you that the smell of your favourite dish can always distract you from whatever work you might be indulged with. But, have you ever tried to cook your favourite recipe? I know cooking is also a hobby of quite a few people nowadays and it is indeed a cool hobby but still, plenty of us struggle when it comes to cooking no matter whether you are a male or female all of us should know how to cook. So I have come up this article in which I have included the best apps available in the Google Play store which will teach you to master your cooking skills and maybe who knows you can end up falling in love with cooking just like you love eating. Therefore, without any further delay, let us start.

Below are the free best apps to learn how to cook:

Tasty App to Learn cooking

Just as the name suggests, be ready to cook some great meals after following this app. Well this 12 MB sized app from BuzzFeed claims to be the world’s largest food network when it comes to the online cooking tutorial, and perhaps it is correct to a large extent. Over 3000 delicious recipes are waiting for you. Yes, you heard me correct and you can master them all if you really want. With this app as your tutor, you get step by step instructions of every simple to difficult recipe it teaches you as you are completely illiterate when it comes to cooking.

Tasty App to Learn cooking

There are plenty of videos available in this app which not only teaches you about the variety of recipes but also motivates you from inside. The most astonishing feature about this app is that everything is free of cost. Thus, all these make this app worthy of being in your smartphone. What are you waiting for? Just go and grab it and start cooking.

Download for Android

All Indian Food Recipes Free – Offline Cook Book

Edutainment Ventures – Making games people play has come up with this delicious yet compact 11 MB sized app for you. If you like Indian food then you just cannot avoid it. This all comes packed with a sea of almost all Indian recipes. Baked Paneer in Spinach with Tomato Gravy, Chicken Tikka Masala, Keema Samosa, Rogan Josh, Cheese Mushroom Omelette, Chum Chum, Karmi kebab, Curry-veppilai Dosai, etc. You name it and it has got it. You get all the relevant nutritional information if all the dishes that you are willing to learn.

All Indian Food Recipes Free – Offline Cook Book

This app is free but you can make the in-app purchases ranging from 62 to 186 rupees if you are willing to. Then you can get further in-depth coaching which also includes step by step tutorial by experienced chefs through videos. So, this is definitely a superb app which all of us should have.

Download for Android

Cookpad – Make easy and simple homemade recipes

Cookpad cooking app to learn new recipes on Android is just 7 MB in size, a small app. In India, this app is available in four languages, namely – English, Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati. The most awesome and a bit shocking feature that this app so proudly boosts is that you can learn from a crazy 3 million free recipes, yes fellas you heard me right that sounds like travelling to Andromeda galaxy and returning back in our lifetime. With such a vast gigantic variety of dishes, you are sure to find your favourite dish and as well as all the dishes you know and also many of those you might have never heard of.

Cookpad – Make easy and simple homemade recipes

This app is also free but you can make the in-app purchases ranging from 55 to 1500 rupees for more in-depth and detailed tutorials of all your favourite dishes and if you happen to be a true foodie then you can definitely make those purchases. It is no doubt one of the best apps in this category and you should not think twice before downloading it.

Get it from Play store

Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking

This app to learn cooking comes straight away from the kitchen of Kitchen Stories, the maker of this 24 MB sized app. You get the step by step tutorial of your favourite dishes along with animations and videos to help you understand better before you can practically try it. It is also the winner of Google’s play design award, therefore you can figure out that this app is not at all just a normal app.

The special thing about this app is that after you have learnt then you can also try your hand in cooking and post your recipes along with videos in this app which will then be published on its various platforms and by doing all this you will feel more and more encouraged to cook and eventually fall in love with it along with mastering it. All these make this app just flawless and amazing. So, the play store is not that far.

Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking

Download for Android

All Recipes Free – Food Recipes App

This 44 MB sized app from OmniDroid is also a tough contender in the list. One of the great advantages that this app boost is that it is completely free and it is also praiseworthy but beware of ads which may limit some body’s experience of using it. You get detailed step by step instructions of all your favourite recipes. One more lovely feature of this app is that it has tried to keep all the ingredients simple so you can get all of them easily from the market and prepare your favourite meals.

All Recipes Free – Food Recipes App

Ingredients and directions are the two main options available, so that first you go through the ingredients and arrange them and then learn how to cook properly using all of them. Believe me, you fall in love with it, just download it and enjoy cooking.

Get it from Play Store.

Thus, these are the five best apps available in the Google Play store which can teach you cooking. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or have no idea at all about cooking, it doesn’t matter, you can learn it, master it and finally fall in love with it with the help of all these apps. I hope you find this article useful and after reading it all your fingers will lead to Google Play store.

Other Apps to ponder:

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