5 popular Chinese apps that are yet not banned in Indian

The recent ban on fifty-nine Chinese apps by our government has shocked the entire nation and has been one of the hottest trends that have completely flooded social media. But, something that most of us have not paid much attention to is the fact that there are still some of the Chinese apps that are yet not banned by the Indian government and still available in the Google Play store to play or use. So, let us check out those apps today. Without any further delay, let us start our show.

Below are some of the popular Chinese apps in India

Pubg Mobile – New Map Livik

One of the hottest gaming apps in the entire store, and it needs no separate introduction. This game had set a trend ever since it was launched. This roughly 2 GB size gaming app has a lot to offer to you. It gives you the unique platform where you are dropped into a mysterious island along with one hundred other badass players across the globe, but wait, you must kill all those players virtually as only one guy can remain alive as the sole survivor. The graphics are also tuned and you will enjoy them a lot. A perfect and strong strategy is needed for you to overcome all the hurdles and be the one among all the hundred gaming geeks. Furthermore, it also has some other gaming modes like – four versus four deadly battle combats, etc, and all of them are just killer. Moreover, you will be provided with amazing weapons and machinery to pierce the skin of your opponents. The short duration of gameplay will make you keep glued to it, and the fact that this game has become the cause for addiction of many gamers across the globe is not at all alien. The in-app purchases are of the range 10 to 16300 rupees.


Pubg Mobile Lite

This gaming app had to be designed keeping in mind the craze of the original game. The fact that the main PUBG game required huge storage space and ate up a lot of RAM in your device and ran smoothly only in high-end gaming gadgets led to the rise of this beauty. It is a 600 MB size game, very small compared to the 2 GB PUBG. Furthermore, if your RAM is 2 GB, then you can run it smoothly and with full enjoyment. Here you will be dropped into the mysterious island along with sixty other budding real-time gamers around the globe, and then you will have to showcase all your skills and talent in order to be the last person standing. Moreover, the fact that it supports multiple languages is also a thumbs-up feature. You will be guided with a map and you can make use of all the weapons, missiles, vehicles, and much more that it comes loaded with in order to emerge the sole warrior at the end. It will last for just ten minutes, and yes, it may keep you glued to it. It also features the four versus four battle arenas so that you can have some ass-kicking fun with all your near and dear ones. The graphics are very magnificent and you will have no complaints about the same in most probability. When it comes to in-app purchases, they range from 10 to 8500 rupees.


MV Master – Video Maker

One more Chinese app not banned by India yet. This 42 MB size app can aid you in making videos, editing photos and videos, etc. It also comes backed by a huge collection of templates, over ten thousand templates for you. And this is going to be very useful and helpful for the selfie lovers out there. You can make all your selfie videos using this very app and then use the most relevant template along with it, for instance – Love, Sad, Birthday, and so on related templates. Furthermore, you can also add texts and even customize them to make your pictures and videos just superb. Finally, when you are done with all your stuff, you can simply save your image or video and then proudly flaunt it across various social media platforms. It also comes packed with a lot more features and characteristics that are all set to blow your mind. One of the most awesome things about this app is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.

MV Master Best Video Maker Photo Video Editor

AliExpress – Shopping app

It is an app by Alibaba group, the richest company in Asia, but it is a Chinese app, a shopping app by a Chinese firm in short. The interface is somewhat decent and users did not find it outdated or difficult. You can search for all those products of varied categories that you wish to buy in it. You can even upload the picture of the product or brand and this app will make the best use of AI in order to give you accurate results in less time. The fact that it supports multiple languages is another accolade that it has to its name. Furthermore, it offers time to time discounts and mega sales frequently or on a seasonal basis, and it is again a smart and welcome strategy by this Chinese app. It has a wide range of products, including – fashion, electronics, sports, fitness and health, gym, etc. If you are thinking of the in-app purchases, then let me clear it out that they are nill, and it is completely free.

AliExpress Smarter Shopping Better Living

Turbo VPN – Free Unlimited VPN and Secure Hotspot

It is one of the most used and downloaded VPN apps. This 9 MB small size app has a lot to offer to you. You will be able to connect to the host network in a very less span of time. Even if you happen to be on a slow internet connection, then also, you can enjoy some decent speed of browsing using this VPN. You can highly protect your privacy while accessing the net via this medium. It does not matter whether you are on a 2G, 3G, 4G or Wifi, and much more, but you can make the best use of this very platform almost everywhere. The in-app purchases will make you poor by 65 to 3400 rupees.

Turbo VPN Free VPN Proxy Server Secure Service

Thus, these are the five popular and famous Chinese apps that are yet to be banned by India. Let me make it very clear that I am in no way promoting all these apps nor telling you to download them, but only showcasing to you those apps and their features and characteristics. Well, the reason behind these apps not being banned by the Government is not yet clear, but chances are there that sooner or later they might even vanish. Therefore, this was all for this article, I hope you guys have found it useful, feel free to share your views.

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