Top lifestyle apps for Android you should have, to make your life easier and healthier

Nowadays, the smartphones are capable of doing a number of tasks, and if you are one, who depend on the smartphone even for doing the smallest of the tasks, you need some great lifestyle apps to make your life easier. But searching for the most appropriate lifestyle app is not as easy as you can think. Thus, to make your task easier, here are the top lifestyle apps for Android, which you should download today, to get the most out of your smartphone. I have listed all types of apps, so that you don’t feel low, for not getting the category, which you need the most.

Let’s find the list of the top lifestyle apps for Android.

  1. Lifelog
  2. Water Drink Reminder
  3. Alarmy
  4. Lifesum
  5. Daylio
  6. Daily Horoscope
  7. Sleep as Android
  8. Moves

Now, let’s find out the specialties of each of the apps.




Everybody wants to be fit, but most people do not want to invest extra yet another fitness accessory. If you are one of them, Lifelog is the best app, which you should go for. As the name suggests, Lifelog lifestyle app maintain a log of your life, which include the number of steps you have taken, hours you slept, set goals for your day, and many more. It will also help you to track your habits, and Lifelog uses advanced software analytics to improve your day, which will eventually improve your lifestyle.


Water Drink Reminder

waterdrink-top lifestyle apps for Android,

Forgetting to drink water, in the midst of a tight schedule is something, which most people can relate to. If you are one among them, Water Drink Reminder free is the app, which you should download. Just enter your age, height, and weight, and leave the rest to the app. You will get regular notifications to drink water and keep you hydrated all the day long. The app supports Google Fit, and thus, it can sync the data with your Google account. If you are somebody who knows the benefits of drinking water but forgets it often, Water Drink Reminder is worth downloading.



The only thing you should get annoying in your life is an alarm clock. If you have the habit of fighting with the alarm clock, or all the buttons of your smartphone to get rid of the alarm, Alarmy is for you. It will not stop, unless you are awake, in the true sense of the term. Alarmy comes with numerous methods to stop the alarm. With the photo capture mode, you will have to take the photograph of a pre-captured area. Just capture the photo of a place, a little distant from your room, and walking down to take the same photo to stop the alarm, will make you ready for the day. With the paid version of Alarmy, you will get additional methods, which can even ask you to solve a math problem to stop the alarm. Thus, Alarmy is the lifestyle app, which you should obviously have.



Lifesum is the perfect lifestyle app

Lifesum is the perfect lifestyle app, if you want to remain fit, and enjoy some delicious recipes at the same time. Just set your weight loss goals, the rest will be managed by the app itself. You can also track your everyday intake of nutrition and calories, lest you consume extra, and do not get enough scopes to burn the same. Lifesum also comes with a number of beautiful recipes, which can appease the taste buds, and keep you fit at the same time. Oh yes, apart from all the good sides of the app, Lifesum also has support for Google Fit and S Health, to sync your everyday fitness information across devices.



It is always better to stick to one’s own characteristics, but sometimes, you might need to change a few of your habits. If you are one such guy, Daylio is the best app for you. With Daylio, you can keep a track on your mood throughout the day. It can help you to know yourself better than ever. Your mood at different times of the day can also be helpful to create your schedule so that you can become even more productive. With Daylio, you can back up the data to Google Drive and can even save the entries to CSV format, to print the entries. If you want to know yourself better and become more productive, Daylio is for you.


Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope app

If you do not believe in horoscopes, predictions or similar things, you can skip to the next app. But, if you are one, who have belief in all these, Daily Horoscope is something which you should download. With Daily Horoscope, you can get predictions for your day, depending on your zodiac symbol. Apart from getting daily predictions, you can even get monthly and weekly horoscopes with the app. Though I will not recommend you to depend upon the app completely, yes, if you are planning to start something new, and believe in such kind of predictions, Daily Horoscope will surely be handy for you.


Sleep as Android

Sleep is an important one among the everyday activities, and if you suffer from problems with sleeping, or suffer from Insomnia, Sleep as Android is for you. Though, if you consult your doctor for Insomnia, this app is not a replacement for that. But with Sleep as Android, you can get your sleeping and snoring statistics, to find out whether you are suffering from any problems associated with sleeping. Sleep as Android also comes with different pleasing sounds, which can even be helpful for sleeping. Sleep as Android is also compatible with numerous fitness accessories, and can also be used to control certain IoT devices like Philips HUE.



Moves great fitness tracking app

Just like Lifelog, Moves is yet another great fitness tracking app, which you can use, without the need of purchasing any fitness accessory. Moves will automatically track the everyday activities, as long as you carry the smartphone in your pocket or bag. At the end of the day, you can track your everyday activities in form of a timeline, as well. The app also has support for a pedometer, to count the steps, apart from setting different other goals. Moves can also recognize places, visited by you, and if you walk on foot to that place, it will show the amount of calories you have burnt, along with offering a handful of other options.

Hope the small list of top lifestyle apps for Android was informative to you. Do you use any other lifestyle app, which is equally good? Feel free to comment the name of the app below.