Play Subway surfers online game on Computer PC

Subway Surfers (also known as “Subway Surf”, ” Metro Surfer “, etc.) is an endless parkour game based on touchscreen running on iOS and Android platforms, developed by Kiloo and Sybo. The game is a comparable Temple Run classic parkour game, the punk on the road constantly run it!

The game’s picture is beautiful and exquisite, the colour is a lot of people feel very comfortable, the operation is very smooth and clean and neat. By simply drawing up, down, and left to right to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains, help the protagonist to avoid the tempered police and his dog’s pursuit. You can also change direction in the air. You can also double-tap the screen to bring up the skateboard, which is equivalent to adding one life in a limited time. The game also contains such as Such as spring shoes and other props, make the game more interesting, and do your best to sprint! Avoid the oncoming train! So here is the subway surfers gameplay online with Keyboard. 

The online subway surfers can be played on any PC  operating system whether it is MacOS, Windows PC, Linux, ChromeOS or any other, just what you need a Browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer etc.

How to play the subway surfer online computer version given below, how to use the keyboard to operate? Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. Wait to load the subway surfers online game it will take a minute; depending upon your internet connection.
  2. After loading click on the game screen to start it.
  3. When the game starts, uses the arrow keys from keyboard to give direction to the Surfer.
  4. To slide use the down arrow key.
  5. While sliding use the arrow keys to give direction to avoid obstacles.
  6. The use of skateboards is to double-click the left mouse button.
  7. To get full-screen mode on the computer while playing click on the expansion icon given below the game screen.

Note: The below game will not work in the mobile browser, so to play it use the PC browser only.

Play subway surfers online free to play on the computer


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