Cloudready USB maker: Download to install Cloudready Chromium OS

CloudReady USB maker is simple but nifty software that allows us to create a CloudReady Bootable USB drive for its installation…

The users don’t know about the CloudReady Operating system, it is a cloud-centric OS which is developed by Neverware. If you have ever heard about Google’s Chromebook that runs on Google’s proprietary software called Chrome OS then you are not unfamiliar with CloudReady OS. Actually, the Neverware has used the same open-source Chromium OS to developed CloudReady OS that used by Google. So, that’s another reason why CloudReadyOS is the best alternative for Google Chrome OS.

However, unlike Google’s Chrome OS which is bound only to Chromebook, the CloudReadyOS can be installed on any PC,  MacOS or even on Chromebook too. The beauty of Chrome OS or CloudReadyOS is they allow to use all Chrome web store apps. The thing needs to be noted here that Google Chrome OS also provides a Google Play store option to install Android apps directly on Chromebook while CloudReady doesn’t. Also, Neverware has no plans to bring Android apps in near future.

Now, What is the CloudReady USB Maker? 

So, as I said at the beginning of the article if someone wants to try or install the CloudReady OS, he either can directly download the Bin image of OS or can use Neverware own CloudReady USB Maker. You can use the Etcher or Rufus kind of application to create a CloudReady bootable USB disk too but that would little bit less convenient as compared to CloudReady USB maker. It is because this bootable USB maker is a dedicated application created by Neverware that performs both the tasks: Downloading and making of bootable USB with CloudReadyOS.

Note: CloudReady Chrome os is not available to download in ISO format.

Do you want to test CloudReady OS on VMWARE, here is the tutorial on that: how to run CloudReadyOS on Vmware player

So, let’s see how to install CloudReady using Neverware USB Maker?

CloudReady USB maker for creating a CloudReady USB installer

Step 1: Download CloudReady USB Maker

The first step towards the making of bootable pen drive for this Chromium Os is to download the USB maker. For that visit the official website of Neverware and under the Free download page, you will get this software.

For your convenience here is a link.

Step 2: Run the “Cloudready-USB-maker.exe” file

The downloaded software is meant to run Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 only. So, just double click on the setup file and run it under administrative privileges.

cloudready sub maker executable file

 Step 3: Welcome to the CloudReady USB Creation Utility

The guided wizard of this utility for creating a Chromium-based OS bootable USB drive will open. It will manifest on Wizard that: to create a USB device that can be used to install CloudReady on any Computer we need an 8GB or 16GB USB stick.

So, insert your USB drive having either of the above-mentioned storage capacity and click on NEXT button.

CloudReady USB creation Utility

Step 4: Which version of CloudReady do you need?

The Neverware offers both 64-bit and 32-bit version of its Chromium OS, however, almost all Computer hardware now supports 64-bit version OS, so leave the default option as it is and click on the NEXT button.

Version of CloudReady OS

Step 5: Please insert an 8GB or 16GB USB storage device

At this step, the CloudReady USB installer will ask you to insert the USB drive that you want to make bootable. Also, few instructions will appear such as Sandisk devices are not recommended (not sure why? but might be chances of drive corruption) and above 16GB drive is also not recommended too. However, these are a recommendation, not a hard and fast rule, yet, try to follow for an optimal outcome.

Insert pen drive, the software will recognize that and then click on the Next button.

Sandisk devices are not recommeded


Step 6: USB Device Selection

The connected USB drives list will show here, select the one you want to use. We have only one generic USB drive on a system that’s why that one is showing up in below screenshot.

USB device selection

Step 7: CloudReady image downloading

Wait for some minutes depending upon your internet speed the image of the OS will download and after that, it approximately will take 20 minutes to install the same on the attached pen drive.

Cloudready OS downloading on WIndows

Step 8: CloudReady USB created!

Making of the bootable USB is done. Just insert the Pen drive in your PC and boot it.

CloudReady ready to install

After CloudReady USB maker installation

Note: There is one con of the CloudReady USB maker. After downloading OS and creating the bootable pen drive using it, if you had closed the software and after some time or in future you want to create another bootable pen drive for the same OS; the software will download the CloudReady OS again. Pros of it, updated version to install; no need to search multiple pages to download the right OS image and easy to use setup.

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