How to download and install Ruby on Rails on Windows- Step by step

Most users, who are into web development and development, has surely heard of Ruby on Rails, which is a server-side web application framework, and make the task of the developers, a lot easier by offering a number of features. If you have started learning Ruby, or want to develop server-side web applications, you must install it on your computer, either on Windows or Linux, in order to get started. The installation process is not that complicated, and I will be discussing here, the way to install Ruby on Rails both on Windows. The process given in this step by step tutorial cum article for the installation of Ruby on Rails is same for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.


Install Ruby on Rails on Windows 10,8,7


Check Ruby Version

For Windows installation, the first task would be to ensure, Ruby is not installed on your system, or else, and order to check that just open Command prompt, and type ‘ruby –v’. If you get some error, Ruby is not installed on your system. But, if you can find the version, and the versions is something above 2.2.2, just type ‘get –version’. In case you get an error, you will have to install Ruby, and the process is given here.


Downloading Ruby

Just visit the official website of Ruby here, and download the latest Ruby installer.

Ruby installer for Windows

I will recommend you to go for the version with development kit or DEVKIT, or the one saying ‘Ruby+Devkit 2.5.1-1 (x64)’. If you are having a 32-bit version of Windows, you can go for the version saying x86. You can directly download the ruby windows 64-bit version from here, or ruby windows 32-bit version here.

*If you are already having the Development kit, go for the one, without Development kit, so save some space on your hard drive.


Installing Ruby

Open the installer. You will be asked to accept the license agreement. Click on ‘I accept the License’, and click on ‘Next’.

Installing Ruby


Ruby Install Location

Now, you will have to choose the location, where you want to install ‘Ruby’. I will recommend you to install it in the default location, i.e. ‘C:\Ruby25-x64’. Keep the other settings, as it is, and click on ‘Install’.

Ruby Install Location


Ruby Installation Components

Now, you will have to choose the elements to install, and the Ruby base files installation cannot be stopped. But if you do not want the development kit, you might uncheck that, and click on ‘Next’ to start the process of installation.

Ruby Installation Components


Launch the development kit

Now, uncheck the option to launch the development kit after installation, and click on ‘Finish’. Now running of ruby on windows is possible.

install Ruby on Rails on windows


Installing Rails

  1. The installation of Ruby is complete, and now, it is the time to install Rails.
  2. Just open ‘Command Prompt’, and type ‘gem install rails’. Hit the enter key.
  3. Now navigate to ‘C:\Ruby25-x64\bin\’ within ‘Command Prompt’, and type ‘gem install rails’, followed by hitting the enter key.Installing Rails via command prompt
  4. Now the installation will start. You might get a message from Windows Firewall. Click on ‘Allow Access’ to carry on with the installation process. The installation will take a lot of time, and you will have to be connected to the internet, as long as the process continues.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you will get the following screen on ’Command Prompt’.

Rails installation on Windows using command prompt

The Rails installation on Windows is complete. In order to ensure, everything has been installed, just type ‘rails –v’ and hit the enter key to find the version of Rails installed. You can also use the previous commands to check the version of the Ruby and Gem, to ensure, they are properly installed.

If everything is installed properly, the commands will return the version of Ruby and Rails, without any problems.

Hope the small tutorial on how to install Ruby on Rails on Windows, was helpful for you! Do you have any additional queries in your mind? Feel free to comment it down below.

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  1. Excellent. I installed under Linux Mint 20 and worked fine. This tutorial for Windows 10 is amazing and worked well for me. BR, Mohee from Doha @ 46C


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