How to download and install Mobdro on your Android device securely

Watching videos in the off-time can always rejuvenate your moods, and to some, watching videos is a kind of addiction. But if you’re a little different from others, and is fond of watching things, which is going on right now on the Internet, or is fond of watching television, Modbro is the best avenue for you. Trust me, you will fall in love with it. It shows you exciting live streams from various places across the globe, and each of them is put into different categories, such that you can find the most appropriate one depending upon your moods. In this tutorial, we let you know how to install Mobdro App on your Android.

Though YouTube by Google is a collection of great videos, the slice of live videos is always limited, wherein comes the importance of Mobdro, which is worth trying out, if you are fond of watching live videos. From tech to gaming, animals to travel, music to spirituality, Mobdro has the perfect live streams for all your desires.

Mobdro app is a free video stream for Android and it only available for Android smartphones. But the only problem is that you cannot get it officially from the Google Play Store, and you need to sideload it from the most appropriate place. Searching for Mobdro on the Internet will reveal the same from a number of websites, but it is very imperative that you download Mobdro from the appropriate place so that your device remains safe, and you can enjoy live videos being free from any kind of plights.

Download and Install Mobdro app for Android

Without discussing further, let’s dive into the steps to download and install Mobdro on your smartphone, in the easiest possible steps.

Step 1: To install Mobdro, open your mobile browser and visit directly. Do not search for Mobdro on search engines, as they might show the download links for the app from unauthenticated sources which would not be good for your Android devices.

Install Mobdro Free Video Streams app for Android

Step 2: Tap on the option saying “Download the app”. The download will start immediately after you click on the button.

Wait for some time till the download completes, and the download process is not going to go last long, as the size of the app is just 30MB.

Before proceeding with the process of installation, enable the permission to sideload apps on your Android by going to Settings, and then Security. In the same page, you will have to turn on “Unknown sources”. If it is already switched on, leave it as it is. Do not forget to turn off the same, after installation is complete, to keep your device safe.

Installing Android APK file from Unknown sources

Step 3: Locate the downloaded apk on your Android file manager, and it will typically be present in the Downloads folder. You can also open the “Downloads” app, if it is present on your device, to find mobdro.apk, as the first one on the list.


Step 4: It will ask for some permissions, and you will simply have to click on “Install”, to start installing the app. Mobdro does not ask for any suspicious or unwanted permission, though.

install mobdro

Step 5: Once you get the message “App installed”, Mobdro is installed on your device, and you can find the same on your app drawer, or can even tap on “Open”, to directly open the app.


Getting started with Mobdro

Just accept the terms and conditions, which will appear after opening the app for the first time, in order to get started with watching online videos directly from the app.

open the installed Miobdro app

From the main screen of the Modbro app, you can select the Live videos category such as Channels, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Gaming, Animals, Tech, podcasts, spirituals, and others.

Under the Mobrdo Live TV channels category, you get different TV channels like ABC, CTV, CBC and more…

Mobdro category channels, news, support, shows, live etc

Mobdro settings

From the settings of Mobdro you can do the following settings:

Player: Enable the hardware decoding to accelerate the decoding process

Mobile connection: It enables the app updates over the mobile network data connection.

Select languages: After enabling the Mobdro only show the videos those available in your language so that you can understand them.

Sort Alphabetically: Enable the sorting of videos according to the first letter of the videos name.

Parental Filter: Mobdro will limit the access to age-inappropriate content; it would be useful if you have children in your home those occasionally use your personal phone.

Settings Mobdro Live app


Issues you might face with Mobdro installation

If you are getting the message “You are using an unsupported version on an unsupported device”, unfortunately, you cannot use Mobdro on the device, as that is not currently supported by the app. Don’t lose hope, as the tomorrow can be yours.

You need a minimum of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, in order to use or install Mobdro, and in case, you are using an old device, you’re out of luck.

A final note for installing Mobdro for Android

The process of installation is a slice of pie, and you will hardly face any kind of troubles with the process of installation, if you follow the steps, as they are given above. The reason for the nonexistence of the app on Google Play Store is not known, but always download the app from the official Mobdro website, as the same app from other websites can be harmful for your device, and it can also come with payloads, which can open a backdoor for the hackers to steal your data or put your device at risk.

Mobdro app channel list

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