How Convert text font in WhatsApp To Monospace

You might be thinking that we shall employ a third-party tool to get this job done. Well, we are going to do this with a simple trick and you just need to follow these simple steps to convert your normal text into a monospace font in WhatsApp. Just follow the following steps:

Use MonoSpace font style in WhatsApp Text

  1. Launch WhatsApp app in your gadget and if you do not have it, get it using this-  link
  2. Now, select a random chat to start a conversation with.
  3. In the chatbox, type your text, and once you are done typing just add three backticks (“`) on both sides of your text.
  4. Your normal text is now converted into a monospace font text.

Use MonoSpace font style in WhatsApp Text min



  • What is WhatsApp?

It is a social media tool with which you can share messages, videos, photos, etc with your contacts.

  • What is meant by a Monospace font?

It refers to the arrangement when each character in a statement of words occupies exactly the same space.

  • Can this process be repeated multiple times?

Yes, you can repeat it as many times as you wish.

  • Is this process paid?

No, it is completely free.




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