How to batch rename multiple files at once, on Windows, in the easiest possible way

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From time to time, it is necessary to rename multiple files at once, and in such circumstances, renaming the files manually will be a strenuous task. But, with any bulk rename utility, the task can be handled smoothly; you just need to specify the way you to rename the files. Sometimes, the files need to be renamed serially, while in other cases, they should be renamed with date, time or something else.

However, in other scenarios, sometimes we need to rename multiple files at once by inserting or deleting certain characters within the filename. Whatever may your requirement be, you can easily batch rename multiple files with the help of a simple and lightweight software called Ant Renamer.

With Ant Renamer, you can easily rename multiple files at once using a number of multiple options and ways. Though there is an option to rename multiple files in Windows using the command line; but that is bit complicated procedure for most users. On the other hand, the Anr Renamer is easy to use and small in size. So, here is Ant Renamer Tutorial for you to get started with it. You can download Ant Renamer, a free bulk rename utility software from — here.

After downloading follow the below-given steps to batch rename multiple files at once on Windows 10, 8 or 7


Batch Rename multiple files name on windows

Step 1: On opening Ant Renamer, you will find the following screen.

rename multiple files using Antirenamer


Adding Files

Step 2: Adding Files to Ant Renamer to start using the bulk rename utility, is simple. Click on the ‘Add files…’ option, navigate to the directory, where the files are present. After that select the files you want to rename, click on ‘Open’ in the dialogue box, to add the files after selection.

Ant Renamer bulk rename utility

Step 3: You can even add folders to Ant Renamer. Just click on ‘Add folders…’ to open a dialogue box, where you will have to select the folder, which you want to add, and click on ‘OK’. You can either add all the folders, and the subfolders within it, or can just add the files, which are present in the folder, and the subfolders; the choice is yours.

add files and folder to rename


Renaming options

Step 4: Once you are done adding files and folders, you will have to click on ‘Actions’ to configure the method of renaming.

‘Change Extension’ option

With the change extension option, you can change the extension of all the files and folders, which are added to Ant Renamer.

For example, if you are having .jpg files, you can change the extension of the files to .png or something else, all at once. But, whether the file will be readable or not, by an application, is dependent upon the type of file.

choose file extension to bulk rename

With the small checkbox below, you can even configure the renaming process to append the extension to the existing extension, without replacing it.

For example, a .jpg file, in that case, will be renamed to .jpgpng, under the same case.


‘String Replacement’ option

This is an important action, which can be helpful to replace a single string with a different string.

For example, if there is a file with multiple ‘-‘ or dashes, you can easily change the dash to ‘_’ or underscore, with it.

rename multiple files at once with different names

You can even apply the action to the extension of the added files, as well, apart from the names only.

With the ‘Case Sensitive’ option, the strings will be replaced, when the case is matched properly.


‘Multiple String replacement’ option

This is an important action, as well, which can be helpful to replace multiple strings within the filenames and the extensions. It is same as normal string replacement, but the only difference is, it can change multiple strings at once. You can create a grid, where you will have to enter the source string, and the destination string one by one.

Multiple String replacement



‘String insertion’ option

This option can help you to append a string to any position of the filename or extension. For example, if you are having some files, and want to add ‘H2S’, at the beginning of the filename, you can do that with it.

You can also add the string to a desired position within the filename, as well. For example, if you are having a file, with the name ‘Blog_writing’, and you want to add ‘H2S’, after ‘Blog’, and before the ‘_’, you will have to select the position ‘4’ from beginning, or select the position ‘8’, from the end. It will rename the file to ‘BlogH2S_writing’.

Batch String insertion to rename the files



‘Move string’ option

This option can be helpful to move a string from a particular position of the filename to a different position within the filename. You will have to choose the position from where the string will begin, the number of characters, and the position, where it will be moved to.

For example, if there is a file with the name ‘123456789’, and you want to move ‘456’ to the position end, you will have to select the position 3 from the beginning or 7 from the end, and configure number of characters to move, to 3, and the final position to 6 from the beginning or 4 from the end.

Move string option to add character between the name


‘Character deletion’ option

This option can help you to delete characters from a particular position of the filename or extension. You will have to select the number of characters to delete, and the position from the beginning or end of the filename, where the deleting will start.

You can even delete all the characters before or after a particular string within the filename or the extension. This is just the opposite of move string option, where the strings will be deleted instead of being moved.


‘Enumeration’ option

Enumeration is one of the most important options, which is used by many to rename files, before uploading them to the server or do some other activities with it. It is easy on Ant Renamer. Just enter the mask, and the location, where the number will be placed. You can start the numbering process from any number, assign the number of digits, and choose the increment value.

For example, if you want to rename multiple files with the name Article_, Article_2 and so one, you will have to choose the mask as ‘Article_%num%’. Just set the ‘Start at’ value to 1, and set the number of digits to 1. As the number will increase by 1, set the ‘Increment by’ to 1.

rename multiple files with the name

Apart from the actions given here, there are a number of other options, which can help you to edit the filenames and extensions like a pro. You can use mp3 tag info, date and time, random names to rename the files. Ant Renamer is an advanced renamer tool, which comes with a lot of abilities. You can uncover all of them by spending some time playing around with it.

Hope the small ant renamer guide to batch rename multiple files at once, was helpful to you. Have queries? Let me know about it in the comment section below.

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