How to book train ticket during lockdown via IRCTC (India)

Recently, the Indian government has announced the resume of Train service and the booking of tickets of the same; that can be done online using the IRCTC website/app of Indian Railways. However, there are some limitations during the lockdown, from May 12 the train service will start but only for some key places or stations. Yes, the ministry has decided to run 15 pairs of the train (total 30 up & down) apart from already running Sharmik trains.

As per the notice from the Indian railways, here are the cities to where trains will run during lockdown from Delhi.

Howrah, Patna, Bilaspur, Dibrugarh, Agartala, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, Bengaluru,  Chennai, Jammu Tawi, Thiruvananthapuram, Madgaon, Mumbai Central and  Ahmedabad.

Here are the complete details of the trains running for passengers during the lockdown period in India.  

List of all trains and timing to run during Lockdown in India

List of all trains and timing to run during Lockdown in India

The thing is to be noted as per the circular by the government the tickets will book only online (not from the platform/station), no food will be provided inside the trains including any blankets and other facilities.

Thus, to book train tickets during a lockdown you have to use your smartphone or computer, here are steps need to take for bookings.

Step 1: Register an IRCTC account

If you already have one account then you can move forward, otherwise, visit or download IRCT app (Apple iOS or Android) and create an account.

Register an IRCTC account-min

Enter the asked details for an Individual registration.

IRCTC Individual registration-min

Step 2: Login IRCTC to book a ticket in lockdown

Now, using your username and password login either on website or app of the IRCTC. Then go to book your ticket page.

Login to IRCTC-min

Step 3: Search for Trains

Enter the details of the journey to search available trains, for example, From the station you want to start your journey to the destination including the travel date.

Search for the train-min

Step 4: Select Train

Once the available trains appear, click on the one which is running towards the destination where you want to go during the lockdown, select the class (it will be only AC class because during lockdown sleeper and general classes are not available).

Step 5: Check availability & fare

Once you confirmed the train and coach class, select the “check availability & fare” tab to know the fare per single adult passenger.

Step 6 Book Ticket

Now, simply click on the “Book Now” option to book a ticket on the selected train.

Step 7: Enter Passenger details

Next, you will get the passenger page where you have to fill details such as the name of the passenger, age and preference of berth.

Once you have done that click on the Next button check all the details and hit the  ‘Continue Booking‘ button for the payment process.

Step 8: Make Payment

On IRCTC you will get many different methods to pay for the tickets online you want to book. You can use the Credit cards, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI or other payment service methods.

Select the one which you would be able to use for the payment and fill the required credentials or details, soon you will see the process will redirect you to the bank website, where you can use the required authentication to allow IRCTC deduct the money from your account.

Once done, you will be again redirected to IRCT booking page with a notification that you have successfully booked the TICKET. The same will also apprise you via SMS and email (on that you have entered during IRCTC account registration).

Take out print or just show the Virtual reservation message (VRM) message on mobile or email of the received ticket while entering the station to the respective authorized person of the Railway.

Also, make sure you reached to station 1 hour before the departure time of the train along with face mask and you should not have any COVID-19 symptoms if you want to travel. The Railway will ensure that by screening you before entering the station.

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