How to change Voter Id card address online in India

As we know India has the largest democracy in the world with around 130cr people, thus the handling of there electoral identification is also wouldn’t be easy. However, with government different initiative of making everything digital has made this thing easier than before. Today, whether you want to change the address of your existing Voter ID (EPIC) card; change of electoral constituency, edition or correction of Voter card details such as name, address, age, a photograph can be possible online using the NVSP (National Voter Services portal). Even we can apply for the new Voter online using the same website of the Indian government. The website caters all states and works not only for metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Banglore but for the whole country. This means it doesn’t matter where are you residing in India, you can use it to apply or update EPIC.

Here we will see the steps to change the address of voter card online… 

Online Voter ID card address change form 8 application

  1. To update the Voter card address online, first, we have to visit website
  2. Now on the left side, you will see a Login/Register button.
  3. As we are doing it the first time, so click on it and after that on Link “Don’t have account? Register as a new user.
  4. On the Register page, first, enter your mobile number and just below that there will be two options: I have EPIC number and I don’t have EPIC number.
  5. As we are not applying for some new voter card Id and want to update the address only. Thus, select the first option: I have EPIC number.
  6. Enter Epic number of your existing Voter Card, note- the EPIC number is the same number that is given on your Voter Card ID. In the next column add email address along with a password that you want to set for your NVSP account.
  7. After having the account, click on the login button given on the top right side of the NVSP website, enter the credentials to access the Dashboard.
  8. Click on Correction in Personal detail option given on the left side.
  9. Select between Self or Family, if you want to change the address of your (individual) then choose the Self and otherwise family.
  10. The above step will open the Form 8 online for Voter card details.
  11. Select the Language between English or Hindi, in which you will be comfortable.
  12. Select the details of your existing voter card from the drop-down box such as State, District and Assembly/parliamentary constituency.
  13. Enter your details: Name and surname; Details of registration with the electoral roll: Name of Assembly/ Parliamentary Constituency (Part number of the electoral roll, Serial No. of Electoral Roll, Elector’s Photo Identity Card Number or Voter ID card number). If you don’t know your part and serial number, see this tutorial).
  14. Tick the information which you want to correct from given options those are Name, My Photograph, Elector’s Photo Identity Card Number (if issued), Address, Date of Birth, Age, Name of Relative, Type of Relation (Father, Mother, Husband, Guardian…, and Gender.
  15. As you select the thing which you want to change its corresponding column will be activated to enter the correct information. Here in this article, we are correcting the Address, thus select the same and enter a new updated address in the below columns meant for that.
  16. To ensure that the changing you want to do in your voter card is legitimate, upload supporting documentation for that (Supported formats .jpg,.png,.bmp,.jpeg). The documents for address change accepted by the electoral commission are Indian passport, Driving license, Bank passbook, Income Tax return, Telephone bill, Rent agreement, Gas, water & electricity bill and postal/letter/mail delivered through Indian Postal Department.
  17. Again enter your Email ID, mobile number, and the place from where you are filling the Form 8.
  18. Finally, enter Captcha code and click on Preview & submit button.

That’s it, in this way we can change our Indian voter card Address online…

For a better understanding of the above steps here are the screenshots for the same:

Step 1:  Register on the NVSP website.

Register on NVSP website

Step 2: Click on Register a new user link.

Create a new NVSP account

Step 3: Enter the details:

Note: EPIC number is the number of your Voter ID card.

how to register for Voter Card in India online

Step 4: Click on the Login button, enter the login info to get the Dashboard.

NVSP Voter card Dashboard

Step 5: Select correction in Personal Details

Correct voter card personal details india

Step 6: Select Self option.

Select individual

Step 7: Change the language of Form 8 (See rule 13 (1) and 26) as per your convenience. The default is Hindi.

Change Form 8 Language, if you want

Step 8: Enter your or the person’s existing voter card related information

Application for correction to particulars entered in electoral roll

Step 8: Applicant’s Details

Applicant details

Step 9: Tick the information which you want to correct. Here we are selecting address to change on Voter ID card.

Please tick the entry which is to be corrected

Step 10: The correct particular in entry to be corrected:

Enter the Address needs to be Changed of voter card

Step 11: Upload documents to verify your address or other details.

Upload supported douments

Step 12: Finally, mention place, type Captcha code and click on the Preview and Submit button. 

Decleration and submit the chnages of voter card online

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