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How to create Wechat personal account on Android & iPhone

In this tutorial, we let you know how to create a Wechat personal account and clear the security check on Android and iPhone/iPad smartphones.

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Digital chat is now at its zenith and almost dominated the verbal communication of human being“.  The apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram are few top international apps those used by a lot of people to chat and share the information in their daily routine. However, one more chatting application called Wechat completely has dominated China; also a popular one among the chatting applications in the world. Though it is not that much popular in the rest of the world as it is in China.

As we know in China most of the world social media channels and apps are banned, and because that their own homegrown company Tencent had developed the WeChat; to provide the WhatsApp like features or attributes while following the country’s security protocols. Although the Chinese government banned foreign application, their apps can be access or available for the rest of the world. The Wechat offers two online websites one is mp.weixin.qq.com which is in Chinese language and other Wechat.com for rest of the world to download the Wechat app for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.  If you want to test the Wechat then here is the tutorial to know how to create an account and use it.

Signup Wechat personal account on Android or iPhone

Step 1: Download the Wechat app on Smartphone

To signup the Wechat first we need to download that. If you are Android user then use this link: Google Play store and for iPhone/iPad users here is the App store link. You can also directly open your respective play store on your smartphone and search for Wechat to download and install it.

Step 2: Sign up Wechat

After installing the app, open it. On the first screen of the Wechat you will find two options one is Sign up and other is Log in. If you already have the Wechat account then simply go for the Login button but I am sure you are here because you don’t have the one. That’s why tap on the Signup button.

Wechat sign up

Step 3: Wechat account create

At the step of Wechat account creation, we need to enter our information just like WhatsApp. First, we enter the username, then select the Region of where SIM card or mobile number you are using. For example, I want to sign up WeChat in India because currently, my mobile number is from Indian Telecom. So, I select the Indian region. And next to Region column enter the phone number with which you want to register the Wechat account.

To Secure the Wechat account assigns some password and then finally tap on the Sign-up button.

how to sign up wechat in India

Step 4: Wechat permission

At this step the We chat app will ask for the permission to send the message (SMS) to get the verification code from the We Chat server.

Sign up wechat by phone number

Step 5: Verification Code

In a few seconds, you will receive the Wechat verification code. Although the app automatically grabs the code but in case it not then enter manually.

Wechat verification code

Step 6: Except the Privacy Policy

Check the box given at the front of I have read and agree to the above terms text and tap on the NEXT button.

Wechat account creation terms

Step 7: Wechat Security Verification

After all above steps, Wechat app will start security check verification to confirm the account is created by human only. To pass the security check Tap on the Start button.

Wechat sign up security chrck

Step 8: Wechat sign up security check

The security check of the Wechat might look, new user, a bit complicated. But it is very simple you just need to drag the slider to match the missing piece of the photograph appears on the screen.

Note: The security picture may be different in your case.

Wechat security check for signup

Step 9: WeChat main chatting screen

Now, finally, you will get the WeChat main chatting screen from you can add other contacts those are using the same chatting to communicate.

Wechat login

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