How to delete Whatsapp backup permanently on Android Phone

Most of the cases people are looking for a way to backup Whatsapp chats and media files but in case you won’t need the previous backup of chats and want to delete Whatsapp backup permanently on your Android smartphone then you are at right place. Initially, when the WhatsApp was launched it only backup the database in the local folder of phone’s memory that includes all our chats and its related media information and path. Now, for ensuring the security and availability of our precious and important chats you can take WhatsApp backup on Google Drive storage that associated with your Gmail ID.

On the Google Drive, the WhatsApp not only back up our all chat messages but also the images and videos too. But as we know that it only offers 15Gb space; regular auto backup of Whatsapp chats and media files may eat it and also the data pack. However, its all upon the user what is the reason to delete the Whatsapp backup, our work is just let them know how easily they can delete WhatsApp backup permanently on Android phone from the file manager and Google drive. Let’s have look…

How to Delete WhatsApp backup from phone’s File Manager

  1. Open the File Manager app on your phone. If you don’t have one you can install some third party app from the Google Play store.
  2. Now from the File Manager look for WhatsApp folder
  3. Open the WhatsApp folder and tap on Database folder.
  4. From Database folder; tap and select all database files.
  5. After selecting all files simply delete them all.
  6. In this way, the Whatsapp backup of your chats will delete permanently on your Android Phone.


Delete WhatsApp backup- Tutorial in Detail with screenshots.

Step 1: Find out the File manager app or download it from play store like EFS explorer.

Delete whatspp backup from file manager

Step 2: Open the File manager and scroll down at the end, you will find WhatsApp folder.

locate whatsapp folder

Step 3: Open the WhatsApp and then Database folder

Open the database folder

Step 4: From inside the WhatsApp Database folder tap & hold to select the files.

Step 5: After selecting all the database files just hit the delete option and you are done!!

Select all whatsapp database files to delete backup completley

Delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive Step By step (screenshots)

Steps to delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive is same for all WhatsApp apps installed Android, iPhone or any other Mobile OS.

Step 1: Open the Google Drive app, if you have on your phone. In case you are not using the Google Drive app, you can directly visit the on your desktop PC.

Step 2: After opening the Google drive on the app or desktop PC, you will see a couple of options on the left side of your drive. Those using the Google Drive app need to tap on the budger icon given on the left top side to see the menu options.

Step 3: From menu option select the Backups.

Delete whatspp backup from google Drive


Step 4: Inside the backups option, it will show all the devices and third-party apps those are using the Google drive for backups.

Step 5: Now you will see the WhatsApp backup file that includes your phone number in its name that associated with your Whatsapp account that backup chats and media files you want to delete permanently.

If you are using same Gmail ID with multiple WhatsApp accounts then backups of all accounts will show under your Google Drive.

For example, I am using same Gmail ID for my two WhatsApp accounts running on different SIM numbers. So, to identify which backup belongs to which mobile number, just identify the number given in the WhatsApp backup file name.

Remove Whatsapp backup from google drive

Step 6: Tap on the three dots given at the front of the WhatsApp back up file and you will get two options: Delete backup and Turn off backup.

Delete Backup will delete the WhatsApp backup files permanently for that particular mobile number which associated with your WhatsApp account.

Turn off backup: This turns off the backup permanently for WhatsApp unless and until you turn it ON again.

Delete whatsapp backup chats and media files from the google drive

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I hope this tutorial helps in some way if you have any questions and doubts, the comment box is all yours!!


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