How to enable Hibernate option in Windows 11

By default, you will not find Hibernate button in Windows 11’s Power off area. Hence, we need to activate its option manually to get it. Here we’ll show you the steps on how to activate Hibernate via command prompt and control panel.

What does Hibernate option do?

Generally, when our computer is in an idle state, it automatically puts our computer into a sleep mode to save power. And when we turn our system ON, we get the work where we left it. However, there is a catch, in case after sleep, if there is a power cut or someone unplugged the system’s power source you will lose all your work. Moreover, in laptops, even in sleep mode there is power consumption. To overcome all this there is an option called “hibernate“. In this mode, the system will save all our current data that is in RAM to a Hard disk and will shut down the computer completely. Hence, even if there is no power, whenever next time you Turn your PC ON, you will get all your work intact as where you left it.

Hence hibernation mode is very useful to save energy and to continue working immediately after starting. In this article, we show you how to activate it on Windows 11.

Activate hibernation in Windows 11

There are two ways to enable or disable Hibernation in Win 11, one is via control panel GUI and the other using the command line. We have shown both methods. Select the one which suits you.

#1st method using command prompt

Open Command terminal

Click on Windows 11 Search icon and type cmd. When its icon appears click on “Run as Administrator“.

open command prompt as Administrator

Enable or Disable Hibernation

Now, in the command prompt, run the following command as per your choice.

To enable

powercfg.exe /hibernate on

To disable:

powercfg.exe /hibernate off

Command to enable ror disable hibernate option in Windows 11


#2nd method using GUI


Step 1: Open Windows 11 Control Panel

Click on Windows 11 search icon and type “control panel” as its icon appear, click to run it.

Open control panel Win11


Step 2: System and Security

Under the control panel select the “System and Security” option to get Windows 11 Power-related settings.

System and Security to enable Hibernate on Windows 11

Step 3: Power Options

Click on Power Options to perform the settings that will Turn On the Hibernate option in the Start menu’s Power button.

Power Options

Step 4: Choose What the Power buttons do

Now, on the right side, you see a link “Choose what the power buttons do” click that to reveal further options.

Choose What the Power buttons do

Step 5: Turn On Hibernate option in Windows 11

Select “Change Settings that are currently unavailable” to access the “Shutdown” settings.

Change Power Settings on Win 11

Step 6: Shutdown Settings- Turn On Hibernate

Finally, mark the box given for “Hibernate” and after that click the “Save Changes” button.

Enable Hibernate on Windows 11

Now, you can access the Hibernate option under the Power button of Windows 11.

Turn ON Hibernate button on Windows 11


 Closing thoughts

So, these we two methods to turn on Hibernation on Win 11 using graphical interface or command line via command prompt.  In case you are facing any problem in performing this tutorial, let’s know the comment section is all yours.


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