How to enable the tab grouping feature on Chrome 80

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With every new major update, Google Chrome has something new for its users. Google Chrome 80 is already out and it comes with some neat improvements. A few of the biggest improvements in Chrome 80 include control over the number of notification requests that you receive from new websites each time to visit one and a lot more. However, there is another feature that isn’t enabled on Chrome 80 but you can enable it right now to increase your productivity and deal with multiple tabs if you have the habit of opening multiple tabs at once. 

I am talking about the tab grouping feature, which should likely be available to all the users of Chrome in the next major version, i.e. Chrome 81. However, you can get hands-on this feature right now from the flags and level up your experience of browsing the web. The ability to group your tabs can come in handy in a number of ways. Even though you can wait for Chrome to finally make the feature available for all the users, but it is working fine even in Chrome 80 and that’s why there is nothing bad in enabling this feature right now.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how you can enable the tab grouping functionality on Chrome 80.

Enabling the tab grouping feature on Chrome 80

Step 1: In the Chrome Omnibox on the Chrome address bar, type in ‘chrome://flags’ and hit the enter key.

Chrome Omnibox on the Chrome address bar
Chrome Omnibox on the Chrome address bar

Step 2: Search for ‘tab groups’ and you can find that the option is set to default in the Chrome Flags menu. Just click on the dropdown menu and change it to enabled.

Step 3: Now, you will be prompted to relaunch or restart Chrome. Just click on the ‘Relaunch Now’ button to launch Chrome and the tab grouping functionality will now be enabled.

Relaunch Now’ button to launch Chrome
Relaunch Now’ button to launch Chrome

Step 4: However, you should know how to use this feature before you can understand that the feature is enabled. Just open multiple tabs as per your requirements. Right-click on one of the tabs, and click on ‘Add to new group’.

Add to new group
Add to a new group

 Step 5: You can find a small coloured circle beside the tab that you have selected.

small coloured circle on Chrome tab
small coloured circle on Chrome tab

Step 6: You can click on the small coloured circle to assign a name to the group or change the colour of the circle as per your requirements for better understanding.

small coloured circle to assign a name to the group or change
small coloured circle to assign a name to the group or change

Step 7: You can now right-click on another tab and click on ‘Add to existing group’ or ‘Add to New group’ to choose the selected tab to one of the existing groups or assign it to a new group as per your requirements.

Add to existing group
Add to an existing group

Step 8: After you have created multiple groups, the tabs area on Google Chrome will look cleaner and it can even become easier to organize or move all your tabs to a new window, which can sometimes be useful in different circumstances.

created multiple groups
created multiple groups

Step 9: Furthermore if you want to move tabs from left to right or two different locations in the tabs bar, doing that might affect your productivity, as all the tabs are placed in an arbitrary way. However, if the tabs are grouped properly you can move a complete group from left to right or vice versa and that will be more useful for most users. You can also close multiple tabs within a group by simply right-clicking on the group, and then by selecting ‘Close group’.

Close group
Close group

As of now, there isn’t any option to switch from one tab group to the other, or essentially moving from one tab to the first tab of the next different group. There is every chance that there will be some kind of shortcut key to accomplish this task once the tab grouping feature is available to all the users finally. Even though the feature is not available for all the users right now, it is worth using if the user interface looks cluttered after opening multiple tabs on your Chrome web browser.

So, that was all about how you can enable the tab grouping feature on Google Chrome version 80. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.

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