How to get blue light filter for Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

Keep your eyes safe and strain-free by filtering out the blue light from your Windows 10, 7 and 8 screens…

Our computer screens display a wide gamut of colors and it is just because of that, you can see that beautiful Himalayan flower or the cute colorful bird on your screen. But among the huge number of colors the computer screens display, the blue color is the most dangerous one, which has a number of bad effects on our eyes eventually our sleep. The blue screen from our computer screens apply maximum strain on our eyes, and the things get worse for the night owls who spend hours working at night.

But just like the cloud has a silver lining, you can easily filter that blue culprit out of your screen and work on your computer, applying minimum strain on your eyes. Blue light filter for your laptop or computer can be the best way to keep out the blue colors from reaching your eyes. A blue light filter is a software, which even comes pre-installed with numerous Linux distributions and Android devices. So, you do not need to purchase yet another gadget to maintain a healthy eyesight after working for hours on your computer. But yes, you can go for f.lux for Android or f.lux for Ubuntu which is a little complicated.

But here in this article, I will talk about a freeware, which is the one, you will need in most cases.

What Blue Light does?

The screen emits the harmful blue light which not only put a strain on your eyes but also disbalance your biological clock, which can disturb you from sleeping at the scheduled time. Blue light is also emitted by the sun, which makes us active throughout the day, and makes us feel sleepy at night. To prevent us from staying awake at night due to the blue light emitted from the computer screen, blue light filtering is very essential.

As long as you are on Windows 10 you do not need a dedicated blue-screen filter. But on older versions of Windows, you will have to download one. And the Sunset Screen is the best one you can go for.

Blue light filter for Windows 7 / 8 users

Download Sunset Screen on your computer. You can get it here. The setup package was free from any third-party malware at least at the time of writing the article.

Install it. The installation process is similar to other desktop apps. Thus, I am not explaining it.

After you are done installing, open the program. If the program doesn’t show any user interface, open it from the taskbar by double-clicking on it.

You will get the following screen.


Here you will have to configure the different options depending upon your requirements.

  1. You will have to choose the sunrise time when the program will start or stop the reduce blue light on Windows 7.
  2. Now depending upon how long you want to set the blue light filter for PC on Windows 8, you can change the ‘Delay until sunset’ option. By default, it will be set to 12. It means, the program will filter the blue screen for the 12 hours. Though you can always change it.
  3. Just below that, you will find two tabs saying ‘Night Color’ and ‘Day Color’. You will have to move the sliders to choose the most appropriate level of blue-light filter for your Windows 7 or 8 computer.
  4. The Night Color will configure the amount of blue light filtering when the feature is turned on, while the Day Color will help you set the level of blue light when filtering is not working or the feature is turned off.
    • After setting everything, you can close the program to the taskbar.
    • If you want to instantly turn on or off the blue screen on your desktop, you can toggle it on or off by right-clicking on the Sunset Screen icon and turn it on or off.

Sunset Screen is the easiest software to get night mode for PC on Windows 7 free to download. To reduce the strain on your eyes in an even better way, you can reduce the brightness of your screen to a suitable level. Do not reduce the brightness beyond your visibility as that will even produce more strain on your eyes while you try to view things on the screen. So, maintain optimum brightness settings for proper visibility.

*Set the brightness depending upon your ambient lighting.

Blue light filter for PC with Windows 10

There isn’t any doubt, Sunset Screen offers the best eye protection mode for Windows 7, there is a native night mode for Windows 10. That is easier to configure than you think.

Note: To use the native blue light filter on Windows 10, you should have the Windows 10 Creator Update installed. Else you can go for the above method.

  1. Just click on the bottom right corner of the screen, which discloses the quick settings and the notifications.quick settings and the notifications.
  2. Tap on ‘Night light’. This will toggle night light on or off.night light on or off
  3. It is as simple as that. You can even configure the filtering level and set a time to trigger Night Light on Windows 10 automatically.
  4. Just right-click on ‘Night light’ and click on ‘Settings’.                                            Night light
  5. Click on ‘Night light settings’ in the new Settings windows which appear.Night light settings
  6. You can configure the warmth of your display by moving the slider left and right. Warmer means better blue light filtering, while cooler means less blue light filtering.
  7. You can schedule turning on night light during sunset, and turn it off during sunrise, as well, or can set a custom time, as well. Though you can even turn on night light throughout the day if you work in a dark environment or just want to maintain a friendly relationship with your eyes. turning on night light during sunset

On most Android devices, night light or blue light feature comes pre-installed, which can be accessed by going to ‘Display’ in ‘Settings’.

Is it good to turn on blue light filter throughout the day?

If you face any kind of strain in the eyes while working on your computer, it perfectly makes sense to keep blue light filtering on throughout the day. You will just have to compromise on the visibility of the screen, as it will seem yellowish. As long as you are not planning to watch some movies and have some popcorn time, the yellowish screen will not be a big burden of doing your everyday work.

You can reduce the filtering during the day, and increase the level of filtering at night, for the best results, if you have decided to keep blue light filtering on throughout the day.

The above two options for getting night mode for Windows 7 and 10 are the simplest ways to reduce strain on eyes while working on a computer. You can even get dedicated blue light filter glasses, which is great for gamers. Days are gone for computer screen eye protector, which is placed just in front of the monitor. There are even different other night mode download options available to get night mode on Windows 7, but none of them are as good as the Sunset Screen.

Hope the small tutorial on blue light filter on Windows 10 and versions was helpful for you. Do you have any questions on blue light filter and protector? Feel free to comment it down below.


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