How to install Kitematic on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux

Open source Docker container project comes with CLI interface, however, we can install Docker GUI Kitematic software to manage containers graphically.

Kitematic is also an open-source project that makes it easier to start, stop or delete containers by offering a graphical user interface that further makes it relatively easy to select and use containers from the Docker Hub registry. Kitematic also belongs to Docker and available for Linux, macOS and Windows platforms.

If you are on Ubuntu, then here are the steps to install Kitematic Docker GUI.


  • Pre-installed Docker on the Ubuntu 20.04 system where you are installing Kitematic
  • A non-root user with sudo rights

Give Docker group and its users, sudo rights

I am assuming that you already have installed the Docker on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. If not then simply use the command: sudo apt install docker-compose

Now give Docker group and its user some root-like permissions

sudo groupadd docker
sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker
newgrp docker

Download Kitematic

Next, visit Github page of Kitematic and download its latest release for Ubuntu available in the zipped format.

Download Kitematic for Linux

Unzip Kitematic file

By default, the files downloaded from the browser will go to Downloads directory, thus switch to that.

cd Downloads

Now unzip it.

sudo apt install unzip
sudo unzip Kitematic*.zip

Install Kitematic Debian package

The extracted file will be in Debian package format, now let’s run the command to install Kitematic Debian package

sudo dpkg -i Kitematic*.deb

If you get dependencies error then run the below command

sudo apt install -f

Now, again run the installation command:

sudo dpkg -i Kitematic*.deb

Run Kitematic on Ubuntu 20.04

You can run it from the Activities by clicking on its icon, however, if you want to run directly from the terminal then simply type Kitematic.


Running Kitematic Ubuntu 20.04 Install Containers using Kitematic