How to install Webmin on Ubuntu 18.04 /16.04 LTS server

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Know the installation of free and open source Webmin on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian based Linux Operating system via this tutorial guide.

Webmin is the open source web management software which is web-based. It has GUI interface to manage the server for different web applications. You can consider it as an alternative to Cpanel and Plesk those are premium web and hosting management software. The Webmin can manage the storage of the server for implementing different web services such as WordPress. And to make it perform for hosting management you just need to install the Virtualmin hots management plugin. It can be installed on RedHat, Centos, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian and other Unix based systems including Windows and MacOS. Read more about Webmin. 

Here we let you know how to install the Webmin on Ubuntu 18.04, 17.04, 16.04, 15.04, 14.04 server… Along with how to set up and use Webmin.

Step 1: Login Ubuntu server

Open the Ubuntu Server command terminal. You can use the CTRL+ALT+T if you are on the Graphical version. Login as root use the below command and enter the password for it.


Step 2: Add the Webmin APT repository to Ubuntu

To install the Webmin on Ubuntu using the command line Add the Webmin APT repository to Ubuntu source lits. For that use the below command:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Once the repository source list opened, add the following line somewhere inside it without altering any other code or repo source.

deb sarge contrib

See in the below screenshot to get an idea how to do it.

Add webmin repository on Ubuntu server

After adding the piece of code line mentioned above, press CTRL+X and then press Y from the keyboard and then Enter key two times to save the file…

Step 3: Fetch and install my GPG key for Webmin repo

Installing Webmin key

After the above step, first of all, get back to the root directory using the below command:

cd /root

Then use the wget command along with the link given to import the key


Add the GPG key with which the repository is signed

apt-key add jcameron-key.asc

Run the Update command:

apt-get update

Step 4: Install the Webmin on Ubuntu or Debian Linux

To install the Webmin use the below single command

apt-get install webmin

Step 5: Use Webmin

After installing the Webmin, open your browser and enter your server IP address along with the Webmin port number 10000, so Webmin URL will be: http://localhost:10000 or  http://ipaddress:10000

If you are installing it for some domain with https compatibility then run one more command to make it work with that:

apt-get install apt-transport-https

Step 6: Login Webmin using the default password

Once the Webmin login page opens use the default Ubuntu or Debian root password of your system where you have installed it. Username set to root and the password to your current root password.

login webmin

Step 8: Change Password.

After login, if you want to change the root password of the Webmin then click on the root icon given at the left side bottom and then in Password section select the set to option from the drop-down box and type your latest password. For changing the username type a new one in the Username section.

Webmin change root password

Step 7: How to Use the Webmin

The Webmin has a vast range of funtions and it is not possible to explain each and every feature usage here, however, to configure the Webmin core you need to visit the Webmin configuration section. From here you can change the language, User interface, theme, IP access control, Ports Authentication and lot more.

Note: If you need to any particular feature’s function then let us know using the command section and we will give the solution immediately.

Webmin configuration Ubuntu

Step 8: Install Apache web server using Webmin configuration

From the Webmin-configuration select the Webmin modules.

webin modules

To install the Module using Webmin select the Standard module from option and in the box apache and then click on the Install module button.

Note: If you not sure which module you want to install then simply click on the Globe icon given on the right side of the box and select the module you want to install.

Install Apache module webmin

To check your installed Apache server open the browser and type your server IP with or without port number 80.

Apache web server webmin server

Installing on Debian/Using Deb file: 2nd method

Although the above method is sufficient, still, if you want to install the Webmin using DEB version of Webmin the for to and download Debian package given for Debian, Ubuntu or other derived Linux. Or just copy the link package link and it with wget command in terminal


After downloading the Debian package use the below command to install the Webmin

dpkg --install webmin_1.900_all.deb

Note: Remeber while writing this article the Webmin version was 1.9 which might be changed in your case.

Now open the browser and access the Webmin at the URL http://localhost:10000 or http://ipadress:10000

If  you get an error while installing the Webmin such as missing dependencies then run the below command :

apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl apt-show-versions python
install webmin ubuntu 18.04 16.04 17.04 server

Other Useful Resources:

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