How to Restart Web Browser Chrome

There are might be several reasons to restart a Google Chrome web browser on Windows, Linux, or macOS Desktop, Some of them are:

  1. To apply updates a user wants to restart Chrome.
  2. To fix some problems or reset settings
  3. For completing the installation of extensions.
  4. If for some unknown reason the browser consumes more memory

The reason for restarting the chrome web browser could be any, however, the methods of doing that are few and here we have listed them.

Google is not only the search engine, apart from providing search results, the company is also behind the popular Chrome browser.

Their web browser is popular and used by the majority of online users. We can use it to open multiple tabs but many times this also makes things slightly sluggish. There you may need to close some tabs or close & reopen your chrome.

Restart Chrome browser without losing tabs

Chrome restart by the address bar

The given method for Chrome restart by the address bar can be used on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

  • Go to your Chrome browser
  • Click on the Address or Omnibox URL bar
  • Now, type: chrome://restart
  • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard after that.
  • The browser will restart automatically without losing any active opened tabs.

This means your currently opened websites will be as it is where they were.


Reopen Chrome browser on a Mac

We can use the above-given method for macOS but for the traditional way here are the steps to follow.

In this method, the open tabs will not restore again.

  • Go to the Chrome button and click it.
  • A pop-up menu will open
  • Go to the Quit Google Chrome option
  • Click it and the browser will shut down.
  • The keyboard shortcut for this is Command + Q.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the red window close button given in the top left corner, depending upon your theme settings.
  • To reopen it again, click on the Chrome app icon given in All Applications.


Close and Start Chrome on Windows 10 or 11

This method is also for those who don’t want their tabs to reopen or restore themselves after restarting the browser.

  • Visit the Google browser on your Windows
  • On the top-right corner click on the three vertical dots
  • From the opened Chrome menu, go to the end of it.
  • Click on the Exit option to close the browser.
  • Alternatively, we can also use the close shortcut by clicking the X button of Chrome given on the right top side of the browser.

For some settings temporarily, restarting the browser will also help to restore settings to their original default.

Restart chrome in Windows


What does it mean to restart the browser?

For Restarting the Web browser, you close it either by clicking on the X button given on the right top side or by selecting the Exit option from its menu. After that open it again by clicking the browser app icon from the system applications.

How do I restart my browser without closing tabs?

Go to your browser’s address or URL bar and there paste or type chrome://restart after that hit the Enter key. This will restart your browser without closing the open Tabs.

How do I restart the Chrome browser on my phone?

  • Open your smartphone
  • Go to Chrome browser app
  • In the Omnibox or address bar
  • Type- chrome://restart
  • Tap the Go button or Return key on your phone keyboard.


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