How to install pfSense on Virtualbox or Vmware player – tutorial

Step 6:  Start pfSense Virtual machine

Start the virtual machine

Step 7:  pfSense Boot screen

The pfSense will start boot automatically in few seconds to install the firewall on Virtualbox.

Boot screen Pfsense firewall

Step 8: Accept the distribution license for pfSense.

Hit the Enter key to move further

Accept the PFsense terms and conditions

Step 9: Install pfSense

Again leave the default settings and just hit the Enter button to make the install.

Install Pfsense

Step 10: Guided Disk setup

Hit the OK button…

pfsense virtualbox ubuntu

Step 11: Continue with default keymap

If you are using the standard keyboard which generally we all do, then leave the setting as it is and press the Enter button.

Continue with default keymapping

Step 12: Manual configuration: Select No

There is no need to do any manual modifications just select the No option and press the Enter button

manual configuration

Step 13: Eject the attached ISO image of pfSense.

Select the Devices->Optical Drives and then click on pfSense ISO.

You will get a pop-up to force unmount the ISO click on the Force unmount option.

remove the pfsense installation disk from virtualbox

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